ACHD To Install New Style Left Turn Signal

The Ada County Highway District (ACHD) is installing the first of several new-design signals with flashing yellow, left-turn arrows at State Street/Bloom Drive/Plantation River Drive Tuesday morning. They replace the traditional green ball with a flashing arrow to tell drivers they can turn left if it is safe to do so with no oncoming traffic. Both the yellow arrow and green ball indicators reduce traffic delays, but research has shown the arrows reduce accidents.

“The flashing yellow arrow is more clearly understood, which helps make it a safer signal,” said ACHD Traffic Engineering Supervisor Ross Oyen. “The solid green sends a message of ‘I can go’ versus a yellow arrow that sends the message that ‘I better be cautious.’”

Arrow-signals will also be installed at State Street’s intersections with Willow Lane, Ellens Ferry Drive, Collister Drive and possibly Pierce Park Lane in coming weeks.

If the new signals perform as expected, increasing safety while reducing delay, ACHD will install the flashing arrows throughout the county. In late 2009, the federal government approved the signals for wide use after several years of testing.

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  1. How about a signal the says “get out of the right turn lane if you are not turning”

  2. Yeah, they probably will work OK in a few years when people finally figure out what they mean. They’ve installed a similar one on Idaho 16 (the Emmett highway) at Substation Road.
    It has reduced accidents (but increased stress) as many cars just sit there at the blinking yellow arrow when there’s no oncoming traffic, wondering what they’re supposed to do. So those of us who do know what it means sit behind them and wait for the signal to go through its cycles and get to a green arrow.
    Given time, and enough publicity, I guess maybe perhaps possibly someday all drivers will be aware of the meaning (and then the road officials can change it to something else).

  3. I don’t mind this one at all. I’ve always disliked that 5 light monstrosity. And (if it happens) it’d be nice to have a yield light on the left into Pierce Park.

  4. How about a signal to tell bike riders in spandex underwear that they need to ride “INSIDE” the bike lane. And not bee-line the white stripe next to my vehicle.
    These wannabe Lance Armstrongs think they own the road. Yet, I’ve never seen a property tax bill where they share the costs of roadway usage.

  5. Artanis- Your post is abeit off topic, but there are many reasons for cyclist to ride the white line- substandard width, excessively dirty from road sanding, avoiding dooring by parked cars etc….

    As for the tax issue, most cyclist pay their fair share including a line item for ACHD on my property tax bill. Here is the breakdown from ACHD:
    40.3% Property taxes
    25.7% Highway user funds (gas taxes mainly)
    10.2% Vehicle registration fees
    7.6% Development impact fees
    4.6% Federal grants

    Back on topic, the lights look like they will be a great addition to safety on State Street.

  6. dave zarkin
    Feb 9, 2010, 11:09 am

    AP in Sunday St. Paul paper travel section had 2 graph story on Tourism Dept. in Idhao making online virtual tours of scenic Idaho available (like Salmon River) but no mention of Craters of the Moon. Wonder why?

  7. I agree with Gordon–

  8. We have a few of them in Canyon County in and around the Nampa retail complexes. They work great! People can now turn left on that yellow light and it is a boon to keeping cars moving in that left hand turn lane.

    They need to be everywhere.

  9. Do they make a signal that will incinerate the 3rd., 4th., and 5th. car that runs the yellow after it turns full red? That would be a signal worth paying for!

  10. So blinking yellow means speed up and then solid yellow means go super fast?

  11. What do these flashy new monsters cost? After purchase, and labor to install probably around 10-20k or more each to install… Great use of taxpayer money at a time like this!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!!

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