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Dwight Magnison
Code Enforcement: I have called a person in Planning & Zoning a half a dozen times since August, about a fence sitting in the front yard, a new house that’s at 30th and Gavin. This fence is over 6’ high, it’s dangerous, it violates the city code of not more than a 3’ fence and I’m just being stalled. I nearly got hit about 2 weeks ago; it’s dangerous. It’s 2019 30th St. Like I said I have called a half a dozen times to Planning & Zoning and apparently she’s not doing a thing about this. Thanks.

Jim Bertolini
2203 Amy Ave.
Boise, ID 83706
Allied Waste: I’m calling about the sporadic trash pickup that we seem to have with these new sort of drive-by machines of yours which I didn’t ask for. This is the second time in the last month that my trash hasn’t been picked up. I don’t consider it optional and if you folks are not going to actually picking up the trash each and every week regardless of where the trash can is, I’m going to start paying for the trash service that I’m actually getting as opposed to just responding automatically to the bills that you send every other month. I say again, “Pick up the trash every month; it’s not optional!”

Addie Haas
1285 N. Astor Pl.
Boise, ID 83704
Cart Placement: This morning about 6:20 I had to call an officer; there was a car parked the wrong way, facing the wrong way on my street where we usually put our trash out, my neighbor and I. Officer O’Kane responded, Car 034. I asked if he would find out who the car belonged to and he did run the registration, but all he would do was write a note, “Please do not park in this space.” He did not get out of the car although there was a fellow from the transition house across the street standing there and heard some of the conversation I was having with him; he did not ask him if the car belonged over there. We are having parking problems with this new administration or whatever is moving in over there. My concern this morning was we put our trash out on Tuesday; I probably would not have even noticed the inconvenience, but we are denied services if someone is parked in the space where we put our trash out. Thank you very much for listening.
Action Taken: contacted

Pauline Robbins
2114 W. Bannock St.
Credit Check: I wanted to discuss something about job hunting. Now in Idaho when you go to apply for a job they check your credit. I know someone who has been unemployed for 2 years and cannot find a job, so he owes back taxes because he couldn’t afford to pay his taxes last year. Now they won’t hire him because he owes taxes. So, maybe something ought to be looked into. These people are never going to get jobs because they’ll never be able to pay their taxes because they’ll never get a job. So, maybe look into that, would you?

Randall Holtz
2467 N. Ballantyne Ln.
Eagle, ID 83616
Graffiti: I own a commercial building at the corner of 15th and Front in Boise. We have been attacked with graffiti so many times that I have lost count. A while back a consultant who has space in my building was contacted because his name and phone numbers are in the window and I guess it was the Ada County Prosecutor’s office that called because this case I’m going to refer to is a felony. We were told that there are photos on file of our building covered with graffiti that was done by the individuals arrested; I don’t have a case number yet, but that we would be included on a restitution list. Evidently my consultant dropped the ball and I’m having a little trouble finding who I need to talk to. I’ve got a call in to the prosecutor’s office; I believe I’m on the right track, but I just wanted to let you know that it’s really difficult in a situation like this to find the right people to get the right work done to receive this restitution. There is a restitution fund and if anybody should be included I believe I should because we’ve had so many instances. I’m good about eliminating the graffiti, but at this point my building looks awful because every time I patch it my paint doesn’t match even though it’s the same code paint on the building, it’s faded. It’s just a mess and I’m hoping to get some help to take care of that. If you’ve got any input on that I’d sure appreciate hearing from you. Thank you very much.
Action Taken: contacted

Jean Virginia McGuirk
2021 S. Penninger Dr.
Boise, ID
F-35’s: I would like to give a message to Mayor Bieter to give to Governor Otter concerning these jets that are in this state, may they please have another place like Mountain Home to be in. When they come by my place, I’m in the route for the airplanes to come into Gowen Field, and somehow when those jets slow down to get onto the field they just vibrate the earth and scare the animals. I’m in a trailer house and it’s horrible the awful concussion of the noise. Would you please have them train at Mountain Home instead of Gowen Field. Thank you so much.
Action Taken: left msj

William Toomey
1165 N. Shreveport Ave.
Meridian, ID 83642
Occupancy: I am actually no longer a resident of the City of Boise, however I work in the City of Boise. I am calling because I have a concern. I went to a concert last night at the now called the Knitting Factory which is down there at 8th St. They had about 1,200 people in this place and I’m pretty sure that’s well over the eating capacity by law and it kind of reminded me of the situation that happened on the east coast several years back where there was a concert and the club caught on fire and there were several hundred people killed. As far as I know everything went fine last night but these companies need to stay within the law and stop being so greedy and selling too many tickets. It makes the show more enjoyable when the crowds are in control and obviously there’s the safety factor. Anyway, I’m leaving this message and I don’t know if there’s another department I need to talk to within the Mayor’s office, but I thought I would leave this information as a concerned citizen. Thank you very much.
Action Taken: attempted contact

School Zone: Good morning. There is no need to provide my name, address, and phone number because you should be well aware by now of who I am. This is regarding the intersection of 10th Street and Franklin behind Boise High. Over the last 10 years I have personally sworn out I’m conservatively guessing 50 summons against teachers, staffers and students of Boise High School who treat the 20 mile an hour speed limit here as a suggestion, and very often completely ignore it. We’re not talking about a rolling California stop here; we’re talking about completely ignoring the four-way stop here. Now despite all of this and despite repeated calls, and despite the fact that on the few times you have deemed it appropriate to send an officer out here and they’ve written tickets by the bushel, you don’t seem to feel it necessary to have any kind of on-going police presence here. The SRO evidently feels no obligation whatsoever to do much about this, other than suggest that it be posted in the school newsletter, and all of this despite the fact that 50 yards away a woman was struck and killed, sent right through the windshield. I resent the ever-living f%@+ out of the fact that I, as a citizen, am forced to go out there and do the police’s job in order to try to keep this neighborhood safe.

Teresa McGill
Vets Thrift Shop: I keep trying to shop at this one thrift store and it benefits the veterans in Idaho, which I think is the best charity out there, and I can’t go in and shop because somebody has put some red kind of stickers on the windows and I don’t understand that. Could you please check into that so I can start shopping at the store, because I want to help our Vets? Thank you.

School Zone: Hello, this is the bore who left the rant and rave regarding 10th and Franklin a little earlier in the day. I suppose I should apologize to the poor soul who gets stuck transcribing these things and you’re welcome to strike it from the record if you so choose. If your rules require you to publish it along with the rest then of course that’s what you’ll have to do. My sentiment regarding the matter though certainly stands and any additional help would be greatly appreciated. Have a great weekend.

Archie Sanchez
1042 Clover
Boise, ID
Vets Thrift Shop: I’m a veteran and they have a store, Veterans for Success, a thrift store over there on Franklin Road, and I went in there over the past few months and they keep on saying you guys are stalling them from opening up. You know, I’ve talked to them and they’ve let me in there before and they have really, you know people could afford to buy stuff there. It’s actually cheaper than the thrift stores. When I was there, there were other people who came up there and they had to tell them the same thing and turn them away. I think it would be a good thing for them to open up, not just for public but for the Vets too. I wish you would get on the ball and get something going here. I’d like to know what’s going on and when you’re going to let them open. I would appreciate a response.

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