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F-35 Fighter By Unanimous Consent

Congressman Mike Simpson apparently doesn’t care what people think about locating the F-35 in Idaho.

He recently used his free mail privilege to send folks a colorful mailer with a return post card. He said, “If you support bringing this mission to Idaho, please fill out the attached postcard and return it to me. I will make sure the Pentagon sees the overwhelming support Idahoans have…..”

There was no provision for those who may oppose the noise, feel it unsafe to mix fighters and passenger airliners in the most crowded airspace of the state, or simply don’t favor the expenditure for whatever reason. So much for seeking to hear what constituents think. Perhaps he can take some of the $3,000 Lockheed paid him to offset the costs of the one sided mailer.

No doubt Simpson will be able to show OVERWHELMING SUPPORT since he didn’t even offer a half hearted gesture to any other view. We doubt they will look at all the identical cards and tally any nasty remarks liberal constituents may pen on them.

EDITOR NOTE– To send your unfiltered thoughts, the Air Force says you can e-mail Gen. C.D. Moore at That is the Joint Strike Force office and it may be like calling the “mayor’s hotline, but that is the best we can offer in lieu of the Simpson card.

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  1. It’s interesting .. I saw a big billboard on the connector and an ad in the airport for the F-35 project. I think it’s one more case of someone spending tax money that I pay to convince me of something. I doubt if the selection committee drives the Connector very often. BTW.. I think it would be good project for us.

  2. Perhaps like the Trolley-groveling, the DC movers-n-shakers will say, “We have looked over your F-35 request and we are VERY impressed!!” (nudge-nudge, wink-wink) “But we’re sending the F-35s to a place with more senior congressmen and more voters. But… we were very impressed nonetheless.”

    Personally, I’m not opposed to bringing some of that bacon back to Idaho.

    However, I have reservations about the need for another multi-billion-dollar air superiority jet. I can’t help but feel that by 25 years from now, the combat skies will be filled with airplanes being piloted from the ground. Israel just unveiled their new R/C bomber – bigger than a 737! Buck Rogers – sitting in a cubicle in Bethesda!

  3. Steve Edgar
    Feb 23, 2010, 7:50 pm

    bikeboy, It’s already here! The pilot in the cubicle — but…as you point out “25 years from now”….(about the time the F-35 & F-22 are obsolete), until then we do need to maintain air superiority. It is the only way to protect the troops on the ground and, ultimately, they are the ones that determine the outcome of any conflict…of course that assumes that we all agree on the degree of National Security required in today’s world….way too lengthy/complex for this forum. On the odds of Idaho convincing Congress to base the jets here…I totally agree with your first paragraph.

  4. Can Guardian post a link for people to contact the USAF and others in charge of picking the bases? Then we can give feedback without the stuffed-suit speaking for us.

    EDITOR NOTE–Good idea! We will get on it for you.

  5. Just a Thought
    Feb 23, 2010, 11:35 pm

    Bring em here…I am happy that we have the opportunity. I can’t think of a better place to have them…..Go MHAFB!!!

  6. I want SIMPSON OUT. Typical R.H.I.N.O.
    He’s been there to long.

  7. I hope they go somewhere else to keep the noise away and most importantly limit the growth of Idaho so it keeps its unique character and doesn’t turn into another California.

    EDITOR NOTE– Spoken like a true GROWTHOPHOBE!

  8. Well no doubt he wants this bacon. He was supremely unsuccessful in bringing any TIGER money to Idaho. Good thing Idaho has a Democratic congressman. 😉

  9. sam the sham
    Feb 25, 2010, 10:59 pm

    I love the sound of the F-35 taking off in the morning. One does wonder if that lovely racket were to take place over the foothills and the North End (genuflect) or if our congress people actually lived on the Boise Bench the F-35 would be as welcome by them.
    Oh, you all know that answer is NO!

  10. Grumpy ole guy
    Feb 26, 2010, 2:06 am

    They brought in the “test” last summer and it was nothing but noise. The claims in favor are that Gowen already exists (that’s where the training wing would be, the established would be MHAFB). They claim it would bring a lot of money into this area. But, the cost would be in the quality of life I have come to value in my 34+ years here in Boise, the noise pollution alone would degrade our quality of life. Yes, it would bring about some “improved” economic conditions, and create the need for more schools, more fire and police protection, more water demand which is a scary thought with our regular drought cycle, sewer, irrigation, electricity, gas, more cars on (the same number?) or roads.

    It’s an opportunity that I believe we can not afford.

    I was privileged to participate in Rep. Simpson’s telephone town-meeting last evening. Boy, it made me aware of how much more D.C he is now, than he was when he lived in Idaho full-time. Every question asked was, according to him, a good one; however I did notice that each of the pre-screened calls taken were opportunities for the Congressman to re-enforce a stance he’s already expressed. Amusing in a way, to have a “lifer” in D.C. running against the Federal government in this election centered town meeting. But, we’re probably all too hickish to understand.

  11. John Q Publique
    Feb 26, 2010, 4:41 pm

    Another way of sending your unfiltered thoughts is by using the links below.

    Based on the links below it appears all these meetings are part of a scoping process to identify community and environmental concerns as a precursor to the preparation of a draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

    Your comments become part of an official record. For those concerned about noise, or any other aspect for that matter, this is a good way to express your thoughts.

    There are two SEPARATE proposals going on here.

    One is placement of an F-35 training unit at Gowen Field.

    The other is placement of an F-35 operational unit at Mountain Home.

    Comments for Mountain Home close Monday, March 1, 2010 (Monday).

    A comment card for the Mountain Home basing option can be found at:

    Comments for Gowen Field close April 5, 2010

    A comment card link is included in the above link.

    Make some noise!

  12. Hey, isn’t getting the F35’s here in Idaho the same as “more government” with bonus decibel levels?

    Why do the anti-government politicians, anti-government governor and anti-government citizens want more government in Idaho?
    What part of the F35 program is NOT government?
    Don’t we have enough government in Idaho?

  13. Folks may not remember this, but Boise was once home to one of the noiseist fighter aircraft the US ever operated…the F-4. F-4 operations were conducted out of Gowen Field for over 2 decades before the A-10’s came in. If you’ve lived here long enough you remember, and it was no issue with noise then. Too many cry babies nowadays.
    Most people complaining about the potential noise probably didn’t even live here in the early 90’s.

  14. Larry Fortensky
    Feb 27, 2010, 3:00 am

    Shows you how phony Simpson, Crapo and Risch are. They decry bloated government and “big spenders.” But they’ll take some of that F-35 money. Communities overrun by the military are shitholes.

  15. BD, F-35 will be twice as noisy. Twice! The USAF has said so and done studies. They are worried about their own people on their own bases it is so bad. See previous articles on this topic for facts and info. The F-4 was an issue too, as was airline training at night.

    If they must have it, base it at MHAFB. It’s a great place to put the plane but looks bad for recruitment and retintion of people, thus the Boise air-guard base is considered. But they failed to talk about the noise

  16. BD, I remember the F4 operations. I worked near Cole and Victory in those days operating a forklift. I NEVER got used to the noise. I guess those planes were screaming for freedom. I enjoy that freedom I guess, just like my neighbor down the street dying from cancer. He has no money left to pay for the best medical healthcare in the world unless he sells his house. Like that’s going to happen in todays market. Soon, he will enjoy some of that tax and deficit funded freedom people like you like to remind us about. Go figure.

  17. As Gomer Pyle would say, “Sa-prize, sa-prize, sa-prize!”

    Air Force: “The high-profile F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program will be delayed by two years and will be significantly over cost, Air Force Secretary Michael Donley said on Tuesday.”

    (Article HERE.)

  18. kelly christensen
    May 30, 2010, 10:27 pm

    This fighter is a Cold War relic. The Air Farce needs more Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to fight the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, not $113 million airplanes. Al-Quida and the Taliban have no air forces. But Lockheed-Martin has spent millions lobbying Congess to get this white elephant built at any cost to the tax payer. Isin’t democracy and capitalism a wonderful combination?

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