F&G Director Subject of Sheriff’s Investigation

The following press release from Idaho Fish and Game probably qualifies as “damage control.”

“Idaho Fish and Game Director Cal Groen has notified the Fish and Game Department that he and hunting companions have been questioned regarding a reported trespass incident in the Elk City area.

The incident involves Groen in his personal, and not his official capacity.
Fish and Game officials have not been involved in the investigation of the incident. The Idaho County Sheriff and Idaho County Prosecutor are in charge of investigation and reviewing the matter.

Fish and Game reminds all hunters of the importance of knowing their hunting ground and to ask first before each hunting season to ensure they have appropriate permission to hunt on any private property.”

Meanwhile, an Idaho State Police trooper is under investigation in connection with a moose poaching case in the Coeur d’Alene area. Seems he may have taken a moose into a North Idaho taxidermist a day before the season opened…OOPS!

We also recall a long ago incident–also in Idaho County–which saw two hunters charged with illegally shooting from a public highway at a stuffed robotic deer (perhaps it was an elk) in a F&G sting. One of the hunters was an Idaho State trooper and the other was an Idaho County sheriff’s deputy. The trooper was told to hit the road–and not in a police cruiser. The deputy kept his job and paid a fine if memory serves.

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  1. Hunting blows the mind
    Oct 13, 2010, 8:19 pm

    I’m pro 2nd ammendment and very pro-outdoor sports. I’m okay with hunting as long as you eat what you kill. I’ve been hunting several times for both big and small game. I have witnessed first hand that even normally respectable people seem to lose all sense of propriety while in pursuit of their game. I’m not sure what it is, but something primal switches in their brains. Maybe that’s why hunters like hunting…just like people like to drink alcohol…you let go of the world and your cares. Little things like private property no longer matter. Shooting the wrong gender of elk and leaving it to suffer doesn’t matter. Shooting over other hunters heads doesn’t matter. Racing your ATV around another hunter’s blind and scaring off the game because he is on your sacred hunting ground…its all part of the fun right? And it is not just “the few” that give hunters a bad name…it is the majority that I have seen. Those that claim to be the “honorable” hunters seem to be the worst, especially since they feel they have to wear their honor on their sleeve.

  2. Remember how on The Andy Griffith Show they took the bullets out of Barney’s gun so he couldn’t hurt anyone… or himself

  3. That trooper involved in shooting from a highway is actually still employed with the state police. In fact, he was recently promoted.

  4. I am so glad we found a locally grown meat market. If I had to shoot, gut and skin my own meat I would become a vegetarian and how fun is that?

    Our kids like to hunt and I think they should be able to continue.

  5. he groen should be setting an example, now if I did this on closed puplic land his idf&g closed they would fine me $5,000.00 & up to six months in jail, so his example should be $5,000.00 & 6 months in jail then fire his butt mfrb he is a disgrace to this fine state he makes the rules & HE KNOWS BETTER

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