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F&G Director Cited in Trespass Case

In a case of “do as I say,” Idaho Fish and Game Director Cal Groen notified Fish and Game commishes Friday, October 15, that he was served with a citation in connection with a trespass incident in the Elk City area.

Earlier this week, Groen and hunting companions were questioned regarding the incident that occurred Sunday, October 10. Groen’s companions also were cited, he said. While the charge is nothing more than a “ticket,” Groen has no doubt come under scrutiny of the commishes. Based on the circumstances as previously explained, it sounds like his job is probably not in jeopardy, but if convicted it will be a lingering embarrassment.

The Idaho County Sheriff and Idaho County Prosecutor are handling the case.

Fish and Game reminds all hunters of the importance of knowing their hunting ground and to ask first before each hunting season to ensure they have appropriate permission to hunt on any private property.

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  1. I am not making excuses for this guy but I can say it it not always easy to figure out where you are without a GPS and coordinates along with a map to enable you to know with any certainty.

    F&G uses names of local places on a lot of their stuff and if you are not tuned int these names it can be problematic.

  2. danny THE NEW W.D.
    Oct 22, 2010, 9:08 pm

    this is the head of Idaho fish & game, ho ho ho its Christmas. these a@#%* are the ones responsible for most of the public land closeures in Idaho this hunting season, well he is now a common criminal fine him $5,000.00 & fire his ass he is a disgrace to the good state of idaho. if we trespassed on closed public land the fine is up to $5,000.00 & up to six months in jail so he should be beyond reproch throw the book at him & get the max & fire his disgraceful ass. the M.F.R.B.

    were the new watchdog on the block and there is a new s— storm headding to the idf&g stay tuned for details comming soon to all medea outlets. the new W.D.

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