Rincover Blasts Ada Commish

Larry Rincover is a candidate for Ada Commish against incumbent Rick Yzaguirre. He blasted Yzaguirre for not coming out against the State of Idaho running a commercial self storage business.

Rincover quotes the STATESMAN, but the GUARDIAN first ran the story three days ago. We offered the Ada Commishes a chance to respond and got only this terse reply, “Thank you for bringing your concerns regarding the ownership of a storage facility to our attention. The matter to which you are referring is between the people of Idaho and the Land Board.”

Here is the press release issued by Rincover:
The Idaho Statesman reported this morning that the State is purchasing banks,
parking garages and storage facilities. Why aren’t the Ada County Commissioners
objecting strenuously? Who in Ada County government is watching out for the
people’s interests?

Not Rick Yzaquirre. It’s a fact; Every property owned by the State is taken off the
property tax roles, and who do you think makes up the difference? The embattled
home owners in Ada County. Not only do we have to suffer through the most difficult
economy in 70 years, we have to endure State government increasing our property
taxes by removing prime commercial property from the property tax roles.

As if that isn’t enough; The State, which doesn’t have the burden of property
taxes, is acquiring banks, storage facilities and parking garages in direct
competition with the private sector, who aren’t subsidized.

Shouldn’t Commission Yzaquirre object? Shouldn’t he be asking; By what
authority can the State justify removing millions of dollars of prime commercial
property from the tax roles? Shouldn’t he ask: How can the State justify going
into competition with private enterprise, with the unfair advantages provided to
State government. Where’s the fairness in State government operating private
enterprise, at the expense of the private sector ?

So……….where is Rick Yzaguirre? I guess you learn to ‘go along, and get along’ when
you’re a career politician. Shame on State government and shame on Rick Yzaquirre
for letting it take advantage of Ada County.

I think that November 2nd will be a surprise. The citizens of Ada County will take
action at the polls and elect Larry Rincover. We need a County Commissioner who
will be responsible to the citizens rather than special interests.

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  1. While I agree with Rincover’s disdain for the actions of the state officers that bought the property , I have to wonder what he thinks Yzaguire whining about it would accomplish. I get that the dead media is ignoring his race, that the dead media doesn’t really do their jobs anymore (headline in statesman ripped from the guardian for example,) and that Rincover needs to get his name out, but seriously there’s got to be real stuff Yzaguire’s done that he can disagree with rather than a dog that didn’t bark type thing.

    So the county whines. You think the state cares about that? We need to hold Otter, Wasden and the other one accountable.

  2. Rincover has come out for remodeling the baseball stadium.. keeping it off the tax roles as well.

  3. While slightly off topic, in terms of the State having an unfair tax advantage over the private sector which is in a Deep Funk, what about Buy Idaho?

    Yeah, like Idaho Power. Ever notice all the Power Bills are sent from !!! Seattle, Washington!?! Why doesn’t Idaho Power locate their bill payment center in Idaho??? Perhaps they could lease some ‘cheap’ commercial space from their ‘friends’ in State Government, that are conveniently positioned in the Commercial Real Estate Leasing Business. Hmmm … State owned Businesses … sounds so very Soviet, Nyet? Idaho – the only State named after a Power Company.

  4. It really is time to get past the party tags and start voting for people with original thoughts and ideas about how best to conduct city can county business in the best manner possible.

    I am old enough to remember when elections were over people closed ranks and really did try to get stuff done. Now all we have is the two extreme ends of political parties stonewalling, stalling, and wasting time, money and resources at the expense of taxpayers.

    I for one am getting more than a little bit tired this MO. I am going to support Kemp for Gov. and Tom Sullivan for Senate.

  5. DeterminedVoter
    Oct 23, 2010, 6:03 pm

    Thanks to The Guardian for actually guarding the citizens of Idaho by researching and presenting facts we need to know.
    Ada County Commissioners are simply a knockoff of the State House, poorly ran and corrupt.
    Get a map of Boise and Canyon counties, look at the major city blocks that are Government owned or have received tax exempt status.
    There is no benefit for taxpayers in the spread out, prime locations that produce no payback to the cities that provide services to them.
    Vote and make sure your family and friends vote.
    I have chosen Larry Rincover for County Commissioner, Keith Allred for Gov. and Tom Sullivan for Senate. And a NO on HJR0004!
    Thanks again Mr. Frazier for all you do for Boise.

  6. I have read DV’s post and approve of his/her message and endorsements.
    To hear more from Larry Rincover for Ada County Commissioner, go to:

    Time for a PEOPLE’S VOICE at Ada County and elsewhere.

    Thank you.


  7. So if you really want to have some fun… why don’t you look to see who might be getting a sweet deal on their unit’s rent at the government owned storage facility.

  8. There are 3 inherent problems with Commissioner/Mayor-Council govt.
    1. This form of govt. by its structrue is inherently weak management.

    2. Poor management of growth

    3. Diminished administrative capacity to directly oversee day to day municipal and county operations.

    We are moving closer to govt paralysis with each passing day. Elected officials draw their power from the electorate, conversely office management is vocation based on training and examination and should be administered by people with capacities derived through special learning.

    Cited from “Classics of Public Adminsitration” by Shafritz and Hyde 2003

  9. Veritas Aequitas
    Oct 24, 2010, 11:49 am

    Sorry BG and friends, Rincover’s statement seems a little too high and mighty, a little too self serving, and well…not very genuine.

    In short, political grandstanding on what ever topic happens to present itself.

    In short, I really agree with nan emouse on this one. I would have been much more receptive to Rincovers message if he had been criticizing those actually responsible, instead of just roasting a person who happens to be his opponent in the upcoming.

    My 0.2 cents worth.

    Not saying what the state did was right or wrong. Just commenting on Rincover.

    EDITOR NOTE–We do not endorse any candidates. We do provide the forum for debate and offered space to the Commishes and the issue of state in retail business. Rincover’s remarks were unsolicited.

  10. Every time I see a Nan Emouse comment I think of a time in the 4th grade when we were required to memorize a poem and recite it in front of the class. David stood up and announced his poem. The nun asked who wrote it. “Annnie Muss,” he announced. She was pretty unhappy when she figured out what he meant.

  11. Mr. Rincover is a candidate for the Board of Ada County Commissioners. This is an election year. He has every right to express his oppositional views to those of his opponent and to use his freedom of speech rights, same as the rest of us. Should he be elected, he would then have the standing to question the state’s land grab that has removed taxable property from the county. Although funds for Allumbaugh House have been restored, the reverse was most likely due to the public and media outcry, plus Mr. Rincover’s chastisement of the county’s poor sportsmanship on this issue. The reversal came within days of Mr. Rincover’s published response.

    For those of you who believe in term limits, here’s your opportunity to make good!



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