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Mayor Hotline November 27 to December 3

Joe Records
Ellis Ave.
Boise, ID 83702
ISSUE: The two handicapped spaces in front of city hall are a mess from the snow. They need to be cleaned so those who have to use them don’t end up ankle deep in water/slush when they get out of the car.
Action Taken: Emailed ACHD

John Weber
COMMENT: Hats off to the people who are cleaning the bike path. They are doing an incredible job, especially the spur from Idaho Camera to the Main Greenbelt. It’s plowed regularly and it’s a lifesaver the year-around bike commuters.

Dale Bendixen
ISSUE: City’s campaign to stop people from giving money to the homeless is insane, just another way to funnel money to religious organizations to keep people from getting the help that they need. This needs to be reconsidered.
Mayor’s Office

Partha Inderson
President of Taxi Drivers Assoc.
ISSUE: He also has a taxi company. He has picked up people from the airport more than four years. The last two years have been horrible. It started with punishment of 35-45 days that they can’t come to the airport. Yesterday four taxi drivers got parking tickets; it’s an unbelievable price. They charged $65-$70 and the drivers can’t get more than $10-$15 on a run. We are paying the city more than a half-million dollars a year. He would like the Mayor’s help.
Mayor’s Office

Lewis Overhelman
Seaferry Lane
Boise, ID 83704
ISSUE: He took a taxi cab from the airport and noticed that the fare had increased versus the same fare that he took to the airport. After he called several cab companies he realized he had been ripped off. The company he took was All American Cab Company and he couldn’t find information on them. Can the fare rates be standardized for all cab companies?
Finance & Administration

Janet Stone
Boise, ID 83714
ISSUE: Last year her son’s garage, along with several neighbors’ garages, was broken into and several expensive items were stolen. He gave a list of stolen items to the police, and this year he saw his bike on Craig’s List, so he called the police dept. and they said they were too busy doing other things and couldn’t do anything about it. Although the detective said he would try to connect with the thief who had the bike, he was never able to meet with him and it ended up going nowhere. Her son wanted to buy the bike back on Craig’s List but the detective told him he couldn’t.

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  1. Rod in SE Boise
    Dec 7, 2010, 8:25 pm

    The BPD is too busy to investigate theft? They also appear to be too busy to stop red light runners, who IMO kill more people than speeders. It’s all about priorities. They need civilian control to direct them to stop wasting their time with people who have a bong or a pipe in their car, or people who have an open container in the park. They need to focus their criminal enforcement energies on burglary and theft, and their traffic enforcement energy on red light runners.

  2. The comment about clearing the greenbelt … was that really forwarded to ACHD? Does the transcriber know that the greenbelt is maintained by Boise Parks and Rec? Or maybe the transcriber’s job is outsourced to India.

    EDITOR NOTE–We wondered the same. Also, wouldn’t it have been more logical to just have the guys who clear the plaza at City Hall fix the problem with the handicap parking spots?

  3. On the day of the “big snow,” I emailed Parks & Rec directly, and gave ’em a pat on the back for the nice job they’re doing with the Greenbelt. (The very same stretch as mentioned in the hotline call.)

    They were appreciative, and said they’d identify the folks who are actually out there in the cold doing the work, and pass the compliment on.

    Photos of that morning, on the greenbelt – HERE
    (I’m too old, and the ground is too hard, for me to be doing the ol’ full-body slam into the pavement any more.)

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