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Mayor Hotline December 18 to 24

Charles Bogue
ISSUE: The light in front of the Library at Ustick and Cole needs to be changed to a regular light, solid green, yellow, and red, because he and his family have almost gotten hit five times. Today somebody ran the red light and almost hit his daughter and him as they were walking across the street.
Action Taken: Emailed to ACHD

Mieke Holloway
W. DeMeyer St.
Boise, ID 83713
ISSUE: Something has to be done about the traffic on Eagle Road. She just sat through five traffic lights and that’s too long.
Action taken: Emailed to ACHD

Partha Inderson
ISSUE: Thanks for the opportunity to meet with the Mayor. Every day taxi drivers at the airport are getting 5 to 6 tickets from the cops. The drivers pay the money and get the punishment. They are struggling and it never ends.

12/23/10 @ 12:41 am
ISSUE: She wants to know if the Mayor has ever had any business experience in his life because some of the things he has done are so incredible. She can’t believe the amount of taxes that she is paying on an empty lot.

ISSUE: Yesterday there was a notice on one bus stating that there will be a limited schedule on December 24. That is only 1-2 days notice; some people depend on buses for transportation and may need them on Friday, so changes should be posted sooner than 1-2 days before.
Action Taken: Emailed ValleyRide

Jay Roberts
ISSUE: The citywide campaign to not give to the homeless concerns him because most of these people just want to eat. There are 2.5 million empty units in the community, and the agencies
are not working together to get homeless off the street. If everybody would get together and put all the homeless in the housing that is available, then there wouldn’t be any homeless in the city. He has started a petition against the Idaho Cares campaign.
Mayor’s Office

Jay Roberts
Coalition of Community
Coalition of the Homeless
ISSUE: He is very concerned about the pamphlets that are going around the city. A lot of the homeless are going to end up in jail because they want a sandwich. These pamphlets need to be stopped.
Mayor’s Office
Action Taken: Contacted

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  1. Rod in Boise
    Dec 29, 2010, 3:40 pm

    To those who want to do something about traffic on Eagle Road: Stop having babies!!!

  2. Rod in Boise
    Dec 29, 2010, 8:25 pm

    Someone named “Anonymous” questions the Mayor’s lack of business experience because they think property taxes on a vacant lot are too high. There are no dots to connect those two ideas together. He has no experience as an astronaut, either, so I guess the city should sell the airport to Barbara Morgan so she can manage it properly. Don’t they teach thinking skills in school anymore?

  3. 2 1/2 MILLION empty units in the community?????

  4. Poor Mr Bogue. As if changing the signal at the library at cole and ustick to a green, yellow, red would prevent red light running.

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