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Crapo Caters To Special Interests, Reduces Revenue

The bold face is a current press release from Idaho Senior Senator Mike Crapo: Idaho Senator Mike Crapo said the spending reductions outlined by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) provide ideas on immediate steps to reduce the nation’s dangerously unsustainable federal debt.    Elements of the House proposal have already been a part […]

Mayor Hotline March 26 to April 1

3/29/11 Ford Northcut E Aphrodite Drive Boise, ID 83716 ISSUE: Concerned about police car 188 which has been sitting in front of his place of residence (in Columbia Village) for the last four plus weeks. He feels this is a waste of funds. Police 3/27/11 Jared ISSUE: In the past few years there have been […]

How About Testimony Under Oath At Legislature?

After 40 plus years of watching the Idaho Legislature and seeing how much influence (control) the lobbyists have over legislators and ultimately the laws they pass, we think it is time that all testimony–written or oral–given to a legislative committee should be taken under oath with the penalty of perjury for offering false information. Jurors […]

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