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Beth Doan
N Turret Drive
Boise, ID 83703
ISSUE: A badger has taken up residence near her property, the back of which borders Farmer’s Union canal. She’s worried about the canal flooding and the extra damage the badger hole could cause.
No action – badger is now deceased
EDITOR NOTE–The GUARDIAN talked to Ms Doan who related a tale of calls to Fish & Game, ditch riders, Boise police and the mayor’s office. She said it appears the badger was “bombed” by the ditch rider. She heard a noise, looked out the window and saw a cloud of dust as a truck sped away. The badger holes were covered with plywood. As George Bush would have said, “The world is a better place without that badger.”
No word if Navy SEALS were in the truck or just a lone terrorist with some sort of IED.

Diane Ayres
S Garden Place
Boise, ID 83705
ISSUE: Two employees were spraying chemicals in Cassia Park. She asked what type of chemical they were using and if it was dangerous to dogs. She doesn’t understand why it takes two guys to spray the park. She was also concerned that there were no signs letting people know about the chemicals.

Cathy Barney
Horizon Drive
ISSUE: She was walking by a city building on Capitol and Idaho Streets and there were eight containers of papers waiting for the shredders to come pick them up. She does not believe this is a very safe procedure.

ISSUE: Bathroom by the skate park near Fort Boise is full of kids smoking pot at lunchtime. He thinks that sending an undercover policeman to observe the bathroom is a possible solution.

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  1. A porn-stash was later recovered from the badger’s hole.

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