Payette County P&Z Commishes Have Gas Deals

We all know that much of government fails to pass the “smell test.” In Payette County they appear to have passed gas, at least in a meeting approving a gas fired dehydration plant.

Normally these things don’t get our attention, but this sentence from the BOISE WEEKLY left us shaking our head.

“Last night’s meeting began with a bit of a shock. Three P&Z commissioners publicly announced that they had signed personal leases with Bridge Resources, the company that has been drilling for gas across Payette County for over a year and now wants to build the dehydration plant. The three recused themselves. Two more commissioners also announced that they, too, had signed leases with Bridge but would not recuse themselves from voting.”

Did Bridge Resources actually do private lease deals with ALL FIVE Planning and Zoning commishes? Nice that at least three of them saw a conflict, but shame on the two who missed the point. It looks like nearly half the 12 member commission was co-opted.

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  1. skooker reid
    Aug 21, 2011, 9:26 am

    could you cite the date it appeared in BW. Don’t see it in latest edition or online.

    EDEITOR NOTE– It was posted Friday 8/19 by George Prentice. Click on the blue hyperlink.

  2. skooker reid
    Aug 21, 2011, 11:47 am

    thanks, guess I missed the link

  3. I guess you have a quorum in that county with two. I am trying to figure out just who does the governing there when the entire P and Z board have a conflict of interest.

    I suppose anything having to do with Bridge Resources gets a green light. Wouldn’t want P and Z people to do with out lease money or royalties.

    I am not surprised mind you- just completely baffled by this whole story.

  4. Good on the gas company! Get them all co-opted so there is assurance of passage. Gotta love it!!

  5. Would be nice if those leases were public documents, we would then know who was the better negotiator, and if one by chance was significantly higher than the market would bear, we would know who sold their vote….if any…

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