Serious Attitude On Speeding In Canada

The day job took the GUARDIAN editor on a lengthy road trip during the past couple of weeks, including a spin around the North Shore of Lke Superior in Canada.

The 90 kph speed limit translates to 55 mph. These big blue and yellow signs were an intimidating factor when it came to passing someone doing about 50 mph. For conversion, use .60 times 50 kph and you get a mere 30 mph. Imagine how easy it is to pass a slow mover and punch it to 80 mph downhill.

Our final thought on traffic laws in Ontario was, “do they use anesthetic for the surgery if you get caught with a DUI?”

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  1. Eye on Numbers
    Aug 22, 2011, 9:25 pm

    What a great way to get clunkers off the highway. I would think most cops would have a more than a little moral dilemma citing anyone for this. It is just over the top.

    Things are bad enough here in the States. A $75 speeding ticket amounts to more than a days pay after taxes for most working people in Idaho.

  2. A leftover problem from the good ol’ days on the King’s hiway when the speed limit was basically how much your tires could take… now with more traffic and cops it looks like they may even have radar?

  3. In Australia, if you get a DUI, they take your car to the dumpster and smash it to smithereens! One way to think about drinking and driving.

  4. Is that fine in REAL dollars, or in American dollars?

    EDITOR NOTE–The Canadian and US dollars are just about par at present. Any way you cut it, $10,000 is, well $10,000!

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