GBAD Ponies Up Cash To BCVB

The GBAD boys were able to get around the GBAD girls Wednesday and pony up $24,500 to the Boise Convention and Visitor’s Bureau for promotional services. No other agency was asked to bid.

The Greater Boise Auditorium District treasurer refused to sign a check to BCVP, citing a Pocatello court ruling that prevented using auditorium taxes for anything other than auditorium district projects. Stephanie Astorquia had asked repeatedly for outside legal counsel, but the boys refused her request.

Rather than fight, they just switched–the rules. Only the treasurer was previously authorized to sign checks in excess of $5,000. Chairman Hy Kloc, a BCVP advocate, finally signed the check which was kept below the $25,000 threshold that required a bid. BCVP needs the cash to keep its doors open to receive state travel council funds which cannot be used for salaries.

Meanwhile the Ada prosecutor is investigating allegations filed by board member Judy Peavey-Derr regarding meetings violations, bid splitting, and ethic violations.

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  1. Power is a catalyst for corruption and greed. Clearly the power of office has gotten to several GBAD members and unfortunately it will only continue to negatively affect Boise citizens. True public servants take office with the understanding that their actions represent the will of the people. In what way does side stepping the decisions of an elected official and simply utilizing the power of office instill confidence in the Boise community? Considering Stephanie was voted in by fellow members of the board as Treasurer and yet somehow, her actions, aimed at protecting the needs of Boise citizens, are disregarded and simply overruled. So how exactly does this represent a politically accountable institution? A member of the board, holding a legitimate position to secure funds coming from Boise tax dollars cannot effectively do her job if her professional judgement is simply dismissed by a more powerful position. Absolutely zero ethics in such political actions. Politics is a slow process by design, created so as to protect the citizens of a community. Yet several members of the board are silencing the voices of reason to fulfill their own desires and destroy any legitimacy of this institution.

  2. After living in this city for 35 years I have learned 3 very hard lessons
    1. Never take the under on the Broncos at Home
    2. There will never be another Ice Cream Palace (old Westgate mall)
    3. No body cares if laws are broken….The guardian has reported on it, the weekly has reported on it and even the silly daily paper has reported it…..and nothing.

    I wonder how Mike and Gail are feeling knowing that they got hamstring-ed by 2 of their own Schmader and Sully…

  3. What a bunch of clowns! One lives in Idaho Falls, one lied to get elected, and one is an old re-cycled democrat drunk on power!
    Just who voted for these idiots??

    EDITOR NOTE–Cyclops (AND other commenters) please be a bit more creative in your disdain. Cyclops once went to “time out” for comparing a politico to the monkeys in the zoo and we felt that was dissing the monkeys. Seriously, please try to be more creative and less spiteful.

  4. Rod in SE Boise
    Aug 26, 2011, 11:55 am

    We still need to abolish both of those organizations.

  5. The truly sad part of this story is the fact that the only serious talking point around town is how dysfunctional this board is. There is no depth to the fact that Judy and Stephanie are the only ones trying to follow the laws of Idaho. Meanwhile the other three continue to break laws and violate numerous State of Idaho code of ethics. The three lawyers involved are partnered in this absurdity. Gayle Mays lawyer said that even though she is an owner of the Owyhee Plaza Hotel where the BCVB is renting, it isn’t a conflict of interest if she votes to give the BCVB money. Hy Kloc has decided that only he, Gayle, and Mike need a lawyer to help their side so they came up with Nick Miller. Another online degree achiever. Nick has determined as long as Mike’s car is registered in Ada County he is a resident. It must be true since he sits in the board meetings going through his law books.

    Cyclops….thanks for taking one for the team. Why would someone want to be a politician when no one cares?

  6. GBAD is holding a special meeting on Sept. 7 and will go into Executive Session so they can talk about records exempt from disclosure:

    Why can’t this group conduct business in a professional and transparent way?

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