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Boise Airport Director Shown The Departure Gate

Richard McConnell, Boise’s Airport Director for the past four years, took off on an unknown heading Friday when it was announced he has left his job. No reason for his unscheduled flight was announced.

Word has it he hit turbulence with Team Dave and they effectively “canceled his ticket.” No word about whether or not his ticket is refundable or who will pay the baggage charges for his sudden on-time departure the day after the election. In short, “thanks for flying with us, but don’t let the cabin door hit you as you de-plane.”

We just love the disingenuous platitudes when the big guys get grounded. Here are the “official” statements released by Team Dave.

“Richard’s tenure will be remembered as a time of significant advancement for the Boise Airport,” Mayor Bieter said. “The passage of the recent constitutional amendment improving airport financing (HJR5), the retention of the TRACON landing system, the installation of the new customs office, the beautiful new airport entranceway and the upcoming parking expansion — all were successfully managed under Richard’s leadership.”

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my four plus years in Boise,” Director McConnell said. “I’m proud to say I leave the airport in better position than when I came in 2007. I have complete faith that the wonderful staff I leave behind will keep the airport on its same positive trajectory.”

Garry Beaty, the City’s current Director of Information Technology, will serve as interim airport director while the City conducts a search for new director.

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  1. Boise has an Airport? What for? When did this happen? I thought it was an old Army base turned truck stop. I’ll need to look closer next time to see if there’s any airliners to see. I can’t imagine very many, considering all those empty parking spaces.

    And what the heck are they thinking building that huge water tower so close if that really is an airport? Oh wait? that’s the new solar collector tower maybe?

    When does Air China arrive?

  2. I am actually amazed Boise has the airport it has. Very few cities the size of Boise have an airport the size of the current airport.

    You would think the departure of Albertson’s, Ore-Ida, M-K and others would have serious negative impact on the Boise Airport.

  3. Paul it is because the Boise budget is recklessly growing 8 times faster than the population (see related link next to the article above). Also, they want to base 75 noisy, fuel sucking, smog making jets here to train pilots from all over the world. Non-stop fighter-jet flights day and night. Did you know with that many aircraft based here we don’t have enough fuel supply from our one little old low pressure pipeline? And air quality will be made so much worse by burning all that jet fuel in the valley. I’m thinking on bad air days we should restrict fight activity to need to fly and the airlines only. Next time Team Dave talks about the evils of gas power lawn mowers, be sure to remind him of the jet engine beasts that burn hundreds of gallons a minute.

  4. Steve Edgar
    Nov 13, 2011, 8:41 pm

    My guess is an outgoing local politico will be appointed, bets?

  5. Politicians are famous for canning people and waxing poetic about their advancements. Whenever I read BS statements like Bieters I wanna puke.

  6. Warren Tyler
    Nov 15, 2011, 1:34 pm

    I think it is interesting that the Director of “information technology” is going to oversee the airport operations on an interim basis. How does IT have ANYTHING to do with airport operations? Its like one of those Netflix commericials…”Q. If Jack and Jill went up the hill, then where is Fred? A. Milwaukee?” Lets see, who is most able and experienced to manage airport operations… oh yea, a computer geek!

  7. The airport does not need anyone to run it. It could be run by the night watchman. The same thing happens there day after day. Everyone knows what to do and when to do it.

  8. Maybe someone should ask about the security system software fiasco that has been going on at the airport over the past several months.

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