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Coppers Ask For Equal Treatment On Texting Ban While Driving

Idaho coppers including the State Police, Sheriff’s Association and Chiefs of Police offered testimony today before the Idaho House during a hearing on the proposed texting ban while driving. ALL THREE GROUPS ASKED THE LAWMAKERS TO REMOVE THE EXEMPTION FOR COPPERS.

The House agreed and sent the bill back for amendments to remove the law enforcement exemption. Good for the goose is good for the gander. Kudos to all concerned.

The GUARDIAN and readers had come down hard several years ago on the issue, prompting Boise PD chief Mike Masterson to make it a department policy to ban texting while driving. That policy is well on its way to becoming state law.

Today Masterson said the department still uses mobile computers in their patrol cars, but they are exploring various hands free devices. While the GUARDIAN still has problems with coppers reading and typing on a computer while a vehicle is in motion, it is clear the copper community understands the dangers involved and have moved in the right direction.

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  1. I dont know this Masterson guy, but I knida like him. Seems he’s useing som common sense, are you related to Bat? He was a pretty good cop too.

  2. Keep Me Safe
    Feb 28, 2012, 8:07 pm

    I do NOT want any law enforcement officer texting and driving – NO EXCEPTIONS!

    Keep me safe and do not let them text!

    EDITOR NOTE–The amendment REMOVED the exemption for coppers at their own request.

  3. How many people have to die before this becomes a law. We had a young man on his way to Caldwell High die in a head-on collision with a fully loaded school bus. Another young lady lost her life by driving her car into the rear of a big truck on I-84 recently. I’m not going to believe it will stop texting totally if it becomes a law but it will give most people pause to think about their actions. I don’t care if the person texting is killed or maimed but innocent people are in the mix here. Cell phones are a great tool but there is a time a place for all things and text messaging while driving is not a good idea with or without a law banning this activity.

  4. Rod in SE Boise
    Feb 29, 2012, 11:26 am

    The coppers need to abide by the same laws as we do.

  5. Parked cop car got rearended on the freeway today. Wonder if the driver was texting in the snow storm?

  6. Texting? Who cares about that. What are those big computer screens I see in the cars they drive that they always seem to be looking at? Eliminate those things first. In fact, from what I have seen in this town, why is there a need for cops at all? All I ever read about is DUIs and sex crimes by perverted 19 year olds and their 17 year old girlfriend. It sounds like the average citizen here doesn’t want a police dept anyway so save us the money and get rid of them. Boise you can count your lucky stars in one respect: for those of us from other large cities with gang and race problems, this is the biggest milk toast town I have ever seen. When the life expectancy of a 7-11 clerk is 90seconds, it’s kind of hard to take these comments too seriously. Texting? Who cares? Get a life. Or a job.

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