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Nampa Mayor Taps City Coffers For Lunch Money


Nampa City Councilman Bob Henry has raised concerns about spending $1,500.00 for 102 city employees to have lunch with the mayor at Nampa taxpayer expense.

The City of Caldwell used to host a Christmas dinner party for Caldwell City employees to the tune of $10,000.00 until THE GUARDIAN pointed out Idaho Attorney General Opinion 78-44 which states:

“Question Presented:
You asked if it was proper for public employees to use public funds for expendatures for Christmas parties

Without express authority, a municipal corporation may not appropriate the public revenue for celebrations, entertainments, sports and games, etc. Such power cannot be implied, McQuillin on Municipal Corporations, Vol. 18, ss39.22, p55.”

The City of Caldwell has wisely ceased spending pubic monies for Christmas parties and other functions like the State of the City Address by Mayor Nancolas when AG Opinion 78-44 was pointed out to city officials. Meanwhile Mayor Dale has ignored advice on file with the Idaho Attorney General Opinion on use of public tax dollars for parties. Dale and Company didn’t get the message when the Supremes ruled against Lewiston’s attempt to create a tax on surface runoff without proper legal authority either.

Nampa Councilman Bob Henry’s instincts are correct in this matter as well as his observations about funding city employees lunch at taxpayer expense is just plain wrong. THE GUARDIAN would like to applaud Councilman Henry’s observation on a free lunch for Nampa City employees is simply not the right thing to do nor is it the right message to be sending to taxpayers.

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  1. Mayor Tom can make this right by writing a check to the city of Nampa for this obvious blunder. Wonder what the odds of this happening are?

  2. No wonder the judicial system has to keep destroying the lives of our states citizens, and push the cops to write more tickets than a city with 2 million inhabitants, they need to buy lunch for each other on our dime. this is just freakin awesome.

  3. chicago sam
    Mar 11, 2012, 9:04 pm

    Only 102 showed up!!–Nampa has 600 employees–Look how much we saved

  4. I wrote a couple of letters voicing my displeasure at the mayor and his band of merry cronies.Only to acquire $250.00 in tickets without even having to leave my home! Coruption at its finest.

    EDITOR NOTE–Please share the details.

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