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We seem to have temporarily run out of material for the GUARDIAN. Without the legislature churning out new laws or the city council spending our cash for a Sun Valley Junket, we don’t have much to discuss.

The GUARDIAN was three weeks ahead of the DAILY PAPER on the GBAD election, so nothing new there. They refuse to cover the Sun Valley junket, so not much on that topic either. We predicted the city would cave on the state parking garage, so again no news to be shared.

Another prediction: The new $200,000 public art at city hall will not be popular with citizens since only out of staters made the final cut. Look for it to get re-bid, especially after TIM WOODWARD panned the process in a recent column.

We welcome any tips or suggestions. Remember the entire staff is a single part time old guy, so be prepared to do some leg work and provide facts.


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  1. Seems the BOCC has decided that would be developers get unending time extensions. Dry Creek planned community got another two year extension last month. June sees a two year extension for some place along Front Street. Perhaps real estate is not really roaring back? Does it ever end?

  2. How about some coverage regarding the improvements to the Simplot Sports Complex (SE BOISE). it is the largest sports facility in the valley…soccer and baseball. there is a major “issue” over parking when the 2 organizations (soccer/baseball) have games going on at the same time. parks & rec oversee the grounds but is situated on county land. seems the city could at least put some $$ in the mix to help build a suitable parking lot…add some amenities…heard the RUSH soccer organization and EAST BOISE BASEBALL organization have to raise funds for improvements. too bad its out of gbad territory-could use some of those funds on creating a really, REALLY nice sports complex.

    EDITOR NOTE–Ivan, it is a financial nightmare out there. The place is not located within the city limits and there is a move afoot to annex it into the city. The “park” is privately owned by Columbia Village, but operated and maintained by Boise Parks, but only for soccer and little league baseball games–no practice. City pays a resident caretaker, etc. New Parks guy is working to clean it up and perhaps by the end of the year he can “get ‘er done.” City drilled irrigation wells when “salts” from Micron settling ponds clogged sprinkler heads. The place has heretofore operated below the radar, but hopefully it will soon be done right.

  3. Mr. Guardian… My recollection from way back when is that the Simplot Sports Complex was built on the “old” city dump. I remember it being on fire most of the time when I was a Porcupette.

    Could the “salts” have some thing to do with the dump?

    EDITOR NOTE–You got your history correct. The “salts” came from a nearby manufacturing facility’s settling ponds. The “land application” was the effluent from their waste water which had various heavy metals. That’s why they drilled new wells on the private property at city expense.

  4. Irrigation. People have paid for irrigation for years but can’t have access to it. It’s across the street, but denied access to it. If you don’t pay the yearly bill, they put a lien on your property. Why do we have to pay for something we don’t have? Some don’t want it, some do, but everybody pays for it in certain areas of the city. Why and how do they use the money? Weather is greast but still havin a crabby day! Thanks!

  5. Grumpy ole guy
    Apr 23, 2013, 7:48 pm

    Is there any way to get some updates on “old” news, such as the ice rink, or the updates on ongoing such as the ball stadium, the proposed new convention center, etc. Or, I’m always up for being amused by a good round of news on goose poop.

    EDITOR NOTE–Grump, as luck would have it we are working with state parks people tomorrow on a major GOOSE POOP story!! Stay tuned for results of this scientific experiment organized by the GUARDIAN. Honest.

  6. The Shadow Knows
    Apr 23, 2013, 9:06 pm

    Could the Fire Dept. be closing Fire Station 2 in the Highlands? Inquiring minds want to know.

    EDITOR NOTE–Shadow, here is official word from Perry Oldenburg Deputy Chief of Operations BFD: “There are no current plans to close a fire station.”

  7. On a positive note, there is a statewide day of fundraising coming up on May 2. It is called Idaho Gives and this type of event has had great results in other states. It not only gets some money for non-profits but raises awareness to their causes. Maybe this is something that BG might lend an article or two too. This only works with lots of PR and I have not seen it at the Daily yet.

  8. Water….. Canal company’s and republicans rule in this State. You didn’t know that?

  9. Diane Sower
    Apr 24, 2013, 4:52 am

    How about the fact that our legislature, because of the number of rich ranchers in it, refuses to pass legislation with teeth concerning animals, or, farm animals. I’ve watched a neighbor’s horse for years live in conditions that remind me of abuse, even torture at times. Another neighbor’s goat was yanked out of his house, yes, he had his own house on their property, by three pit bulls who got in there, pulled him to the street, and slaughtered him. One hour later, the owners returned home from The Humane Society, having paid $120.00, and acted like nothing happened. Every time I’ve called the HS, they tell me we don’t have laws to cover green drainage falling to the ground from the horse’s eyes, and worse. Anyone out there as sick of this as me? Or, you just not going to post this?

  10. To Water: There is a way to opt out of the irrigation district. Just contact them and ask for the form to fill out and pay one last time and be rid of them.

  11. BG-practices are allowed and are in full force every afternoon. You would think the residents that surround the area would demand better parking facilities to get the parked cars off their streets. Went to google earth and you can see “non-used” areas that would remedy the parking issue. What is sad is the complex is only really used a few months a year (sports seasons) and the quagmire is just those few months.
    Would love to see some real improvements…both baseball and soccer need a place on this side of town…and if I am correct the talent level from both soccer and baseball is huge…I think the baseball teams have supported a showing in the Cal Ripken and Little League World Series year after year. Be a win-win for the city to show support for youth sports. Maybe even make Simplot Sports Complex the premier facility in the entire Northwest.

  12. Looking for something to write about? This is bizarre. You know of the city’s poet. Called upon to write 3 poems on the Boise 150 themes of environment, enterprise and community. please, Please, PLEASE read her first poem and tell me if it has ANYTHING to do with the Boise River, foothills, trees, sagebrush. What a waste. Please read it.

  13. Idaho is so desperate in retrieving taxes, garnishing individuals tax returns for traffic ticket, wasting time sending to collections in Arizon whom can get their records right is a problem.
    Then the News indicates they are working harder on incorporating the USE Tax (Form 850) for business, bookkeeping for a magazine I may purchase in Holland for $72 needs to be taxed at 6.5%.
    They are going after the hospitals for not paying on their assets (non-profit nonsense). But what really blew me away as you were covering the IDOC SunValley ventures and McKenzie Group – The Private Prison of CCA/ICC in Kuna may very well be considered a Non-Profit establishment due to the IRS ruling. This is hard to digest being aware of the stockholders in this area.
    There is something very wrong with this picture. This will affect each and everyone of us and our families in so many ways as the mission is to keep the Private Prison full at all cost and even create more. This is a Private not state Run Maintain facility which many do not understand.
    Something to think on.

  14. Tell me the Boise Poet is not a paid position.

  15. How did the daily paper choose their new editorial page editor? Today’s letters to the editor give a clue to how clueless he is. Jean McNeil’s comment are particularly on point.

  16. interested Citizen
    Apr 24, 2013, 1:04 pm

    1. More about corruption, incompetence, misguidedness, abuse of position abuse of discretion and immunities, and so forth by the Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney, both before Bujak and continuing.

    This is an extremely Target rich environment!!!

    2. How police depts and prosecutors, as well as judges, have become revenue machines for broke municipalities such as Nampa and others, rather than safeguarding pulic safety, and so forth.

  17. Sarah Caldwell and Lindsey & Josh Rinehart have been working very hard to push our medical marijuana initiative through Compassionate Idaho. Recently, CPS & BPD raided the Rinehart home and took custody of Lindsey & Josh’s children because of Marijuana. Sarah’s children were also removed because they were staying at the residence when the raid occurred, while their mother was with Lindsey & Josh on a small trip to the mountains. Please help us raise attorney funds for the costly court battles that are to come for these strong Cannabis Warriors. Learn more here – MOMS CALL TO ACTION!!

    EDITOR NOTE– DISCLAIMER: We will post your comment because we solicited story ideas and make no endorsement of the content.

  18. Interested Citizen
    Apr 24, 2013, 2:46 pm

    Unlike in Idaho, the economy is booming in another rural and small state named North Dakota. And, the state and local governments work much better than in my beloved “Gem of the Mountains”!!

    Fewer cops writing tickets, better service from State and local govt. employees, fewer taxes, fees, and other assessments, less corruption, and so forth.

    So, why is Idaho so non citizen friendly, I would like to know.

    EDITOR NOTE–Citizen you left out massive traffic jams, huge spike in crime high rent for “man camps,” all brought about by the OIL BOOM.

  19. grumpy ole man
    Apr 24, 2013, 3:39 pm

    InRe the Daily Paper’s new Editorial Page editor. I was deeply disturbed that in his “here I am” presentation piece on Sunday he seemed to think that he had to go out of his way to assume the readers that he is straight and had worked for a Republican congressman so he is a good fit for us. (Because we are all straight male Republicans ?) So much for hope for objectivity from that quarter.

  20. BG’s “Poet Paul” does a much better job of capturing the moments! What the heck was the city’s poet writing about? I agree…no pay for her!

    I’d like to learn more about Idaho’s infamous “vexatious litigator” — a Malad woman Idaho courts and some federal courts have said files too many frivolous or nuisance actions that clog the courts. Idaho Supremes just upheld a lower court’s decision to stick the woman with the “noxious weed”- sounding moniker. Does this mean she can no longer file any actions? Sounds inherently unconstitutional to me. I thought this country had gotten past “labeling” and “profiling” of people.

    EDITOR NOTE–I believe future filings had to be approved by a judge–not unlike the U.S. Supremes choosing whether or not to hear a case.

    Something positive:

    Idaho native, three-time Kentucky Derby winner and Hall of Famer Gary Stevens has come out of retirement and will saddle up on Oxbow for the 139th running of the Kentucky Derby May 4. Go Gary! Giddyup Oxbow!

    BTW, what’s happening at Ada Conty’s Les Bois on Derby Day and beyond? Any changes out there? Did 2013 Legislature pass the “historical horseracing” measure that would allow Les Bois and two other Idaho racing facilities to offer betting on previously recorded races? Passed the House, but not sure what happened after that.

    These are the kinds of things that interest me.

  21. “…betting on previously recorded races?”

    Now, there’s a foolproof idea for the digital age!

  22. I recently was driving on chinden through garden city and noticed that the quarter barrel had shuttered its doors. Not long ago there was quite an uproar about a smoking ban in Boise bars. Many Boise bar owners were convinced that all their business would seek smoky refuge in our inland neighbor’s establishments. I don’t imbibe in such libations so I haven’t paid attention to the impact of the ban in Boise bars. However, I would be interested to receive an update of the economic impact of such a controversial piece of legislature. I myself am grateful for similar smoking bans in Boise. Activities such as bowling and enjoying a scone at Merritts have vastly improved without the haze.

  23. EDITOR NOTE– DISCLAIMER: We will post your comment because we solicited story ideas and make no endorsement of the content.

    Thank You!!!

  24. Clippityclop
    Apr 25, 2013, 12:06 pm

    I agree with XACE. The push for time extensions for planned communities in the rural tier (where adequate infrastructure does not exist) is tiresome. They were a bad idea in the first place and should be allowed to die a natural death at the expiration of their entitlement. This could be such a wonderful opportunity to avoid burdensome development that will never meet the requirements of sustainability laid out in the planned community ordinance. Commissioners, please, reread that ordinance before you help create more stalled out Avimors by allowing endless time extensions…

  25. Stories on wasting taxes, spending on stupid stuff, etc are always entertaining

  26. Guardian readers – The Guardian may be able to shrug off comments and angry words from other readers but I can guarantee you he can not dodge the bullet this time! Whilst reading “Got Any Story Ideas” I could NOT help but notice his self-description -” We welcome any tips or suggestions. Remember the entire staff is a SINGLE part time old guy, so be prepared to do some leg work and provide facts.” SINGLE? REALLY? I shall be interested in reading this story.
    Mrs. Guardian

    EDITOR NOTE–Granted, I should have said: “LONE part time old guy.”

  27. Dixieland Delight
    Apr 27, 2013, 6:53 pm

    @Mr. G Mrs. G just called you onto the carpet man!! lol

    @Benj-If you and your friends want to smoke dope move to a state where it is legal to do so. In Idaho we want better for our children so H&W had good right to take away the children.

  28. I see the Governors in Washington and Oregon (and many of their constituents) are fighting the shipment of coal by rail from Montana and Wyoming due to concerns about coal dust and pollution generated by its use. Seems like the route from loading to unloading must pass through Idaho and, perhaps, UPRR main lines through the Treasure Valley. Has Butch said anything about taking a stand on the increase in rail traffic and environmental concerns that are being cited by his neighboring states?

    EDITOR NOTE–As we noted in 2011, there are multiple issues at play on this one.

  29. Interested Citizen
    Apr 29, 2013, 1:18 pm

    The Attorneys General of most states near Idaho, including Utah, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and others, have been quite proactive in going head to head with the banks who cratered the U.S. economy with mortgage deals, fraud, corruption, and misguidedness. However, where has Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden been hiding his head???? Under his desk??

    This is a pathetic reaction to the crisis created and proliferated by the banks and others.

  30. Now that the new Brew Pub 10 Barrel has opened downtown, I assume the recent legislature made changes to our law, thus permitting the establishment to open in a State owned building. If I recall, last August the Guardian had an article about the delay and changes to the state law was necessary to permit their opening. What changes were made and our the tax payers footing the costs again?

    EDITOR NOTE–The taxpayers paid for the “Tenant Improvements.” Not sure if 10 barrel got around the importing issue (from Oregon) by going through a distributor or if the law was changed.

  31. grumpy ole man
    Apr 29, 2013, 11:23 pm

    I would like to say hello to Mrs. G. and add that the expression “long-suffering” often comes to my mind. You, dear lady, are one very special person and cherished by many more than you could even begin to suspect, and admired by all.

  32. I know the Daily recently ran a piece about the humble boise mayor playing creator with the Greater Boise Auditorium District, but seriously … what the heck is going on here? In my many years as a registered voter, I’ve never received a GOTV call for GBAD candidates. Yesterday, I got a voice message left by a boy who couldn’t have been old enough to vote. Can’t remember the group he said he represented, but sure tried hard to convince me that the mayor’s three hand-selected candidates would work miracles for Boise and its economy.

    How deep does this rabbit hole go, an why??? Feels like all this effort is a little much for a baseball field of dreams.

  33. The Bend Oregon brewed beer goes through an Oregon distributor and 10 barrel buys it back in Idaho. Whacked. yes but they did find a workaround an arcane law.

  34. I haven’t been to Seaman’s gulch to dump any trash for about 4 years. Recently I found the fees to dump up there have roughly doubled.
    Is this due to the Dynamis debacle?
    Or did I just miss this and it is old news?

    May 2, 2013, 5:00 pm

    Stinker Got Grounded…
    Post a story about how the Sinker Station next to the 36th street Albertsons sold Alcohol to a minor and part of the punishment was that they “got grounded” and could not sell any alcohol for a week. I know it’s not a big stort but it is funny. I was there the other day to get gas and the coolers were empty, and all neon signs were shut off. I asked it if not being allowed to sell alcohol was killing there sales and the manager just sighed. He said that they are having a rough week and sales are way down. Also, 3 different times during this conversation individuals would walk in wanting to buy alcohol and left empty handed and irritated. The poor manager had to explain why they couldn’t sell alcohol each time this happened. I got a good laugh about it. By the way, the people at this Stinker are always very nice and friendly.

  36. Interested Citizen
    May 4, 2013, 2:00 pm

    You seem to be quite eager to skirt and dismiss readily substantive issues with the cops, with unethical prosecutors, with broke and mismanaged munis like Nampa, cops writing tickets for jaywalking or a few mph over, etc. What gives?

    Don’t care, don’t agree, or don’t you give a pinch???

    EDITOR NOTE–Actually there are those who think we are too harsh on coppers. We try not to get into “cop bashing,” but we have exposed crooked coppers who have been fired, detailed legal settlements ($150,000 to the Taser up the butt cop), and others. We are expecting some Federal action in the future, but no time frame yet available.

  37. hey hey now wait…. do bash the cops… I was running late yesterday and was lucky enough to have AC327 come up behind me on the highway… he went buy I fell in behind him and off we went at between 75 and 80…no lights no siren… he was on a transport… had a guy in orange in the back seat…from nampa all the way to eagle rd…zipatty do and everyone got out of the way… it was kinda fun knowing if he wanted to give me a ticket he could hand me the book and I would write him one too

  38. Interested Citizen
    May 4, 2013, 9:32 pm

    Well, Editor:

    Let me say this: hats off to those who nailed the creep already in the Idaho pen who killed the young woman under the Americana bridge in 1998!!! Nice work and well done!!

  39. Ground Breaking of Avimor’s Community Center

    Avimor has recently announced the ground-breaking event for its brand new Community Center.

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