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Explanation of Incomplete Vote Tally

The Ada elections office under the command of Phil McGrane got the votes tallied for the entire county prior to midnight Tuesday, but the official results were a few points shy of 100%.

McGrane told the GUARDIAN the reason was a couple of precincts had no votes! Two were on the fringes of Meridian with only a few potential voters actually within the city, one was near the Boise Airport again with few potential voters, and the fourth was south of Kuna encompassing mostly BLM land.

Here is his media advisory:
The Unofficial Results listed on the Ada County Elections website are final. All precincts have been received and processed. However, the results on the web are displaying that four precincts still remain to be counted. This is due to four precincts having received no votes during the election. Because there are no votes in these precincts we do not have ballots to count, which would let our tabulation system know that these precincts have been received. Without ballots to count our system will not update the number of precincts counted. As we canvas the official results this will be updated.

The LINK to county results prior to official canvassing.

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