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Lawmakers Claim Deception On Horse Racing

Amid claims of “duping” among some members, the Idaho Legislature could put slot machine betting on horse races near the finish line. In a story posted by the DAILY PAPER, Rep. Gayle Batt of Wilder told the House State Affairs Committee some members felt duped by advocates of the so-called “video terminals displaying historical horse […]

Idaho Weather Always Changes, Just Wait A Few Months

Saturday it was either sit home, kick the dog and beat the wife or find some SUN!! It didn’t take long to get above the 5,000 elev. line on Bogus Basin Road and sure enough, the sun still exists. We didn’t exactly overdose on vitamin D, but we shared a few hits with fellow valley […]

Ada Has App To Track “Fugitive Emissions”

Its happened to all of us: FUGITIVE EMMISSIONS. Now its official. Something stinks at Ada County–the landfill to be exact, but the odor is just like the fugitive emissions we all know after eating a big burrito. But wait, there’s more! Ada County government has created an app for your mobile device to track those […]

Florida Signs Worthy Of Late Night TV

The day job took us to Florida and we just couldn’t resist gathering some shots worthy of sharing with GUARDIAN readers. All images are of the entire sign and haven’t been altered or cropped. We were left wondering if the clothing store sells fig leaves, why would anyone park in a gift shop, and finally […]

Desire Named Street Car Rears Its Ugly Head Yet Again

Thousands of tax dollars later, Team Dave’s desire named street car has resurfaced. This time around instead of hiring a PR outfit to creat public support for Mayor Dave Bieter’s dream of a “downtown circulator,” City officials are aiming for a Jan. 29 meeting to seek “input” on what type of circulator in the downtown […]

Eagle Snow Park Deal Still Has Opposition

Eagle City and Ada County have recently agreed on a deal which will get the county out of the equation on a proposed Winter Terrain Park on the eastern edge of Eagle. Ada Commishes previously balked at a deal presented by Eagle which would allow private operator Ryan Neptune a 20 year exclusive lease on […]

Ombudsman Job Description Conflicts With Code

Boise City is taking apps for an ombudsman six months after the first and only one, Pierce Murphy, left to clean up the Seattle PD. The job pays up to $95K, but there may be problems for the guy or gal who take the post. In a casual read it appears the job description doesn’t […]

City Seeking Staffer For Team Dave

If you are one who, “Develops, implements, and facilitates project teams to meet organizational goals” you could earn up to $95,000 working for BOISE CITY as a Strategic Initiatives Manager. God only knows how we have done without one–or if there was a previous SIM. No doubt future strategic initiatives could include trolleys, bond elections, […]

Fed Court Backs McLean,GUARDIAN God Bless

U.S. District Judge Edward Lodge ruled Thursday on a civil rights action filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and two individuals. His order essentially puts enforcement of Boise’s panhandling law on “hold.” In September we noted the lonely position of Councilor Lauren McLean for “Being the voice for democracy, fair play, and equal rights” […]

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