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Air Force To Target Boise For Training

The U.S. Air Force has rescheduled scoping meetings throughout communities surrounding Mountain Home Air Force Base beginning Apr. 12.

The meetings will cover the description of the proposed action and alternatives of a proposed establishment of air and ground training spaces in support of urban close air support proficiency for F-15 Strike Eagle aircrews.

Training in urban centers is critical to the Gunfighter mission as they provide an environment with the same tactical challenges encountered during operations in a deployed environment. During the meetings, a board will be present to clarify any uncertainties of the training. The board will also take down any questions or concerns the public may have at this time and will address those said questions when the environmental assessment is conducted at a later time.

April 12, 6-7:45 p.m. — Meridian Library (Main Branch), 1326 W Cherry Ln, Meridian, ID
April 13, 4-6 p.m. — Boise Main Library, Marion Bingham Rm, 715 S. Capitol Blvd, Boise

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  1. A meeting on Ari Force Training over Boise schedule;ed for a Friday late afternoon, 4:00 to 6:00 pm is an indication just how serious they are of getting input from the community! Sounds as if this is already a done deal and this meeting is merely a show and tell.

  2. Friday the 13th, to boot! I wonder if they will answer questions about what all these military planes increasingly flying over Boise in late morning, mid afternoon and early evening are dong.

  3. NoBody Cares
    Apr 13, 2018, 4:14 pm

    Face it people, the gen-pop just don’t give a crap about anything beyond their kid’s soccer schedule and their beer slurping Netflix viewing. Literally fat dumb and miserable with zero ambition to look past next week. Have you ever seen the liquor sales numbers for this valley? 1:6 is alcoholic. Finding interest in something so esoteric is just not going to happen.

  4. Dan buerstetta
    Apr 13, 2018, 6:18 pm

    Nobody i spoke to knew about this,and therefore didnt attend the meeting. Will this be like the F35 again.Mayor and govenor willing to sacfifice our quality of life,no democratic vote on the matter, just “public input” with no veto power. My home will be worth 60 to 90k less if F35 comes here,urban training might have a lesser negative impact, but i dont want to find out! Compensate us if you are going to conscript our town. Ive already served,now i want peace and quiet.

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