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Boise Manifesto Worthy Of Discussion

We were honored to receive a copy of Boise’s “Final Transition Team Report for Mayor Lauren McLean” Friday and it is safe to say there are enough issues highlighted to keep conservatives fuming all weekend.

The 12 page manifesto entitled “A MORE EQUITABLE CITY FOR EVERYONE” is a fast read and has more goals than an NBA basketball game.

We will tick off a few of the more explosive points and suggest everyone go to the link at the Boise City site to see what McLean’s citizen committee suggests for the next year and four years as “recommendations centered on what we want for our future.”

–Commit the City of Boise to an ongoing and robust efforts to interrupt white dominant/white supremacist culture with a multi-layered strategy and designate a full-time City of Boise staff person to serve as Director of Equitable, Safer and Thriving City.

–Collaborate with Ada County to close down juvenile detention facilities and move youth issues into a public health approach and staying with family approach rather than a punishment confinement approach to young people.

–Establish an Office of Immigrant Affairs with at least one full time dedicated staff person. Responsibilities should include leading a revolving immigration bond fund and access to free, guaranteed access to counsel in deportation proceedings.

–End coordination and collaboration of localities (police, all city government) with ICE and end local practices of inquiring about immigration status, collect immigration data or share immigration data with any person

–The Boise City Attorney monitors compliance with its newly established policy to its Prosecution Team to consider the immigration consequences of convictions when making charging decisions, engaging in plea bargaining, and making sentence recommendations, and receives quarterly training on the immigration consequences of criminal convictions.

–Increase minimum wage to a livable wage that aligns with the local
housing market.

–A 30 percent increase in women in leadership positions and an 30 percent increase in leadership of people from communities impacted by marginalization.

–Increase lower paying positions so there is no more than four times difference in salaries between the highest and lowest positions in City of Boise government.

–Publicly fund municipal campaigns.

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  1. What we all feared, we’ve unleashed a pack of SJWs and Marxist revolutionaries to remake Boise in Berkeley.

  2. Michael Tomlin
    May 22, 2020, 2:50 pm

    The headline should read “Boise Manifesto Worthy of Rejection.”

    This has been coming. It was no secret, and the good people of Boise City have allowed it to happen. While the Ada County Republican Party has been asleep at the wheel, a blue wave has flooded the road ahead of them. We are reorganizing and fighting back.

    I am running for (GOP) Precinct Committeeman in 1409, one of 150 voter precincts in Ada County and I am part of a movement called Republicans United to Make Ada County Great Again, and of course Red Again. We have over 100 Republican precinct candidates on our team and our intent is to unite and energize the Ada GOP. To wake it up from its malaise. The primary race is ongoing and we will reorganize in June.

    You can read our “Manifesto” for Ada County – actually titled “Contract With Ada”, just go to our website at, or visit our FB page.

    The Ada GOP is our only firewall against the extreme Socialist movement within the once proud Democrat Party. We pledge to “wake up” the Ada GOP, and bring Idaho conservative values back into Ada County, and Boise.

  3. At first I thought it was April first!
    I would be interested to know how long the committee members have lived in Boise? And what constituents of the city are being represented by them and our PUBLIC SERVANTS. Especially our ELECTED PUBLIC SERVANTS

  4. Winston Mitchell
    May 22, 2020, 2:56 pm


    If I was ten years younger I’d be outa here!

  5. SJWs?

  6. Who are these citizen committee members and why are they so bent on destroying the rule of law?
    So much for Boise being a low crime area.

    EDITOR NOTE–Members listed on the manifesto:
    Kelly Miller, Co-Chair
    Francisco Salinas, Co-Chair
    Lana Graybeal, City of Boise
    Chloe Ross, City of Boise
    Maria Andrade
    Nivea Castaneda, PhD
    Andrea Christopher, MD, MPH
    Rama Deen
    Melanie Fillmore
    Tecle Gebremicheal
    Crispin Gravatt
    Halima Hamud
    Leta Harris Neustaedter, LCSW
    Emilie Jackson Edney
    Mel Leviton
    Jennifer Martinez
    Jax Perez
    Tai Simpson

  7. Megan Landen
    May 22, 2020, 4:35 pm

    This is “how to do the Lord’s work in the Devil’s way”.

    Boise, we have to wake up and take a stand or we won’t have anything left to stand for.

    Visit and find out how you can get involved.

    And pray!

  8. Concerned Neighbor
    May 22, 2020, 5:05 pm

    Only Marxists create Manifestos. The question is if they are Socialists or Communists.

    A position opened to assist law breakers (illegal aliens). Can that be sued because tax money is going to assisting criminal actions? Maybe as an accomplice?

    The rest looks both racist and sexist.

    Who can start a recall petition? The only thing Boise politicians needs to be doing right now is cutting the budget by half.

  9. Sick and Tired
    May 22, 2020, 5:58 pm


    Utterly whackadoo.

    Boise residents need to start a recall, and NOW. Boise City leadership just went from CORRUPT to CRAZY at warp speed.

    No time for napping. Start the recall immediately and send the message that marxists are NOT welcome on Idaho. If you don’t, Boise will be ANTIFA infected, like Portland, before four years of this kind of insanity is concluded.

  10. “Worthy of discussion” What an understatement. This should keep the pot stirring for the rest of the summer or longer. I can’t wait to follow your column for the next several months and see the reactions. This is going to be better than following old badger eyes tweets.

  11. budget buster
    May 22, 2020, 9:14 pm

    I’m going to apply for the lawnmower job with the city because it will pay more than Luke’s pays a nurse.

    I think this means she’s gonna keep raising taxes in spite of the crumbling economy and 20% unemployment.

  12. Democrat Manifesto – – –

    NEVER, NEVER, NEVER let a good crisis go to waste.

    Use it to push your liberal agenda!

  13. Jim Boetjer
    May 23, 2020, 7:57 am

    I am a refugee from the Left Coast. I lived there for the majority of my life. This is EXACTLY what destroyed California. I am now proud to say that Idaho is my new home State. I came here for a better life. I came here to embrace the historical culture of Conservatism and decency as did my family. We are here to contribute to that culture and embrace it !
    I warn all Idahoans to take ACTION and be active in this States politics. Stop this invasion of Political Correctness and Progressive Liberalism that will destroy this State. I have seen it happen and it is gaining momentum. Stand your ground and don’t run. Fight back at the ballot box. We can turn this pernicious tide back but we cannot wait or think that it will go away !!

  14. When are democratic voters going to get it? Democratic mayor’s and governors have constantly dangled the carrot of promising higher minimum wages. What the audience doesn’t think about is with increased wages come higher prices at the restaurant, at the store, at the movie theater, at the you name it. It’s a complete shell game that continues to be a knife in the middle classes back. Also this is essentially due valuing the hard work of our college students or even tradesman who are putting in the effort and education to better their skills and value. What a sham of a mayor.

  15. Our mayor is violating the oath she took when assuming her office: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm, as the case may be) that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of Idaho…”.

  16. Aaaaand that’s how you end a long run of moderate, slightly left of center city government and invite Amon Buddy and Co to run a huge campaign next election.

  17. Does the City owe us any explanation as to how the panelists were selected, what their backgrounds are (including the amount of time living in our fair city), and their underlying political philosophy? Because it sounds like the Boise Progressive Socialist Party!


    “Healthcare as a basic human right.” We hear that a lot nowadays. It will work – if those greedy hospitals and doctors will start providing facilities and services for free! (Otherwise SOMEBODY has to pay – either the recipients of the care, or participants, either voluntary or involuntary, in a collective.)

    Lots of “freebies” listed!
    See comment above. Do the authors understand that goods and services are NOT free? SOMEBODY has to pay. (And Boise’s taxpayers are already pretty well-burdened. But wait! No more mortgage payments!)

    “Increase lower paying positions so there is no more than four times difference in salaries between the highest and lowest positions in City of Boise government.”
    There’s a better way! LOWER the wages of the highest positions, until the same objective is accomplished! Can I get a second?

    (Mr. Guardian – THANKS for emerging from hibernation! I feel better, knowing you’re out there with your ear to the ground!)

  18. This seems to be centered on diversity and equality. I’m a little confused on how this is being interpreted as negative.

  19. Can’t wait for people to start crapping on the sidewalks and the ANTIFA stormtroopers to start bashing skulls in the streets!

  20. So, does this mean we can now poop on the sidewalks? I mean, if we’re going to try to out San Francisco, San Francisco the only thing left is the crap… Might as well put a scent to the ideas coming out of the mayor’s head.

  21. I am a conservative. My elderly mother, who lives with me, is a liberal. We BOTH found MUCH to object to in this mess. Yeesh!

  22. Anti-Liberal
    May 23, 2020, 2:59 pm

    This is the crap you get when you vote in a liberal. Seriously, if we wanted to be California we would have moved there, and we figured since you moved here, this sort of trash “white dominant/supremacist” mindset should not be brought here. We WERE doing just fine.

    Idaho is one of the last bastions of rational conservatism, and dying quickly thanks to this sort of thinking. Stuff your inclusion, PC talk, safe spaces and socialistic equitability.

  23. Eamonn Harter
    May 23, 2020, 3:19 pm

    Lauren fiddles while Boise burns.

    One would think that there are many more important issues for the city to discuss at this time than another liberal feel-good circle jerk. I knew something was up when Lauren jet setted off to Hahvahd for re-education immediately after the election. The bull shift in this document is so thick, they had to lay it on with a trowel. If they start trying to rename city streets from Washington, Madison, Jefferson, Franklin, etc. (evil white men!) to Angela Davis or whatever, I expect the state legislature will convene to prevent this from happening. Enjoy your one term Lauren.

    P.S.: “…establish sex education at pre-k level…” WTF? The SJWs have officially jumped the Prius.

  24. Wow. And she is selecting the next Police Chief to be voted on. One candidate is from Portland Oregon which allows the annual nude bicyclists to roam the streets of Portland with no enforcement action. I don’t know anything about the department the other candidate is coming from, but since he made it to the final round of consideration he must of said something she liked. So much for Boise being a livable city in a few years.

  25. western guy
    May 23, 2020, 4:45 pm

    This isn’t for real. Can’t be. Seriously.

  26. Eamonn Harter
    May 23, 2020, 5:16 pm

    One more comment: In that document there was not a single mention of the library, growth or listening to the will of the voters about city spending and urban renewal. However, it did mention ‘immigrant’ 13 times, ‘deportation’ 3 times, ‘racial’ 4 times, ‘inclusion’ 9 times, “human rights” 3 times, ‘indigenous’ 7 times, ‘marginalization’ 10 times… You get the picture. I’m starting to think Lisa Sanchez* wrote the whole thing.

    *Pardon me, on my keyboard I couldn’t find the accent for the letter A in Ms. Sanchez’s last name. I hope that wasn’t an act of marginalization. And I truly hope she/he/they/zir identifies as female. Otherwise, I really stepped over the line.

  27. Native Idahoan
    May 23, 2020, 5:17 pm

    This is nuts and obviously McLauren is from the Swamp. Perhaps she should be Impeached before it gets crazier. Many Individuals immigrating to Idaho come with really strange ideas. If they came to Idaho because they liked what it is, leave there craziness behind.

  28. Could the transition team report be herronner’s attempted redemption for an Economic Recovery Task Force full of corporate MBAs with no working stiffs or small-business owners?

  29. Timothy Vilgiate
    May 23, 2020, 7:06 pm

    Unbelievable, reads like a socialist communist manifesto or how to tear apart a civilization. I once lived in California which was a beautiful state with opportunity for all. It was torn apart by just such mentality. Just pay a little more and give up some of your freedom and we can all live better. The end result is always the same ……. Venezuela or something like it.

  30. So, rabula, are you suggesting the Mayor is abusing the tax paying citizenry in some game of get even gotcha?

  31. I am a third-generation Idahoan, and some of my pioneer relatives walked to Idaho on the Oregon Trail. They worked hard to establish farms, raise families, and support their communities. They did not expect or demand handouts. This manifesto’s progressive liberalism and politically correct garbage destroyed California and will ruin our great state. I’ve lived in Idaho for almost 70 years and in the Boise area for 40 years, and I do not know one person on this power-hungry, Tooth Fairy committee. I can’t vote in the Boise election but I will contribute resources to a recall campaign for the misguided mayor.

  32. Let’s give it a try. We all want the same things in the end…a prosperous city. If it doesn’t work, regroup. No need to freak out. It’s not the end of the world.

  33. My wish for anyone posting on any board anywhere, is that they have a minimum requirement of 2 years working in a human services capacity before formulating an opinion. People should see the reality of the world. The precious, the valiant, and the profoundly intelligent who exist facing barriers or lack of support that blocks them from fitting into the culture and systems we have set up as “normal.” It hurts my heart to read posts that spring from ignorance.

  34. You get what you vote for!

    I saw this coming from the moment that Her Highness took the victory stage on the night of the Runoff election. I personally know two of the people listed on this committee and can attest that this agenda has been in the works for years. Now that Dave (Bieter) is out of the way, the opportunity to turn Boise into San Francisco is endless at least until the citizenry rises up and says enough is enough.

    “Miss me yet?” -Dave

  35. To “My Wish:” For you to allude that anyone with a position different than yours arrived there from ignorance is a bit insulting. Are you suggesting that a proper period of indoctrination will certainly put someone in lockstep with your views?

  36. Linley Stanger
    May 24, 2020, 9:48 am

    I disagree with this entire Boise Manifesto!!!!

  37. Educate yourselves
    May 24, 2020, 11:04 am

    To most of you, progress just makes you less relevant vs. making more people relevant. Anybody here done something to help the community?

  38. one term mayor in the making. Giving everyone who voted Dave out a reason to bring him back.

  39. Don’t do it
    May 24, 2020, 12:32 pm

    Don’t do it Boise. Thinking like this will ruin your city like Seattle has been ruined. Law and order is pertinent for public safety. Social justice is not justice.

  40. BoiseCitizen
    May 24, 2020, 7:32 pm

    Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha, what a bunch of whiney little b*****s. Elections have consequences. The left found out when trump won in 2016. Now, they are large and in charge, using their electoral win to advance policies that are important to them. Your reaction is priceless. Recalls?, socialism, communism, wow. If you think you and yours can do better, run for office. Present a plan get the vote out and see what happens. That is how democracy works. Participate, go to the council and let them know how you feel. Bitching and moaning on the internet accomplishes nothing.

  41. Marianne Robinson
    May 24, 2020, 8:36 pm

    Henry- Why give it a try? Back about 20+ years ago they decided to raise our sales tax from 4% to 6% which was only supposed to last 2 years. Well 20 some years later we’re still at 6%. Give them a foot hold and it’s like prying them from concrete. Send the Liberal Democrat back from where she came. Also don’t turn our great city and state into a “SANCTUARY” hiding place for immigrants here illegally. Raising the minimum wage higher will only create higher cost of living overall. Sure let’s keep letting the government take care of us and give us funds to live on. What the hell is happening to this country as a whole? I for one am not looking forward to what’s coming down the road if it’s not STOPPED SOON!!!!!!!!

  42. Gloria Urwin
    May 24, 2020, 11:25 pm

    I am the current 2nd Vice Chair of IDAHOS TRUE Grass Roots Constitutional Ada County Republicans.
    I am running for Dist 20/Meridian Precinct Committeemen.
    I have been involved with the Ada County Republicans for several years. Idaho needs to break up Special Interest Groups forming all over a idaho & defeating Liberal Democrats.
    I condemn the Manifesto, it is not what Idaho represents!
    Boise Mayor Must be recalled!

  43. Clearly, those of you who are so upset did not vote for Lauren. Unfortunately, you must be the minority because she won the election. These are summary recommendations from citizen groups and do not reflect any actual actions taken by her administration. If you feel so strongly, then rally to elect your next mayor. As I recall, the rundown was between two left-sided candidates; there were no ‘right-wing’ runners in consideration. You could have elected to continue the ‘ole boys club for another four years but where has that gotten us for equality? Nowhere.

  44. Also to Henry: The experiment is complete. As mentioned by many, these policies have had an adverse effect on life quality in numerous other places. Why repeat them? If your friend hits his thumb while driving a nail, do you strike yourself with a hammer to see if it hurts? Accept the obvious results and try a new and different solution. Avoid the pain and drive the nail some other way.

  45. @Boise Citizen.. you realize you are bitching on-line about people who bitch on-line, just though I would point the obvious hypocrisy.

  46. I wish that the editor would fact check. Also, when did this become a campaign forum for the ADA Republicans, et al?

    Risch (R) raised the sales tax.

    I’m not reading regularly anymore. Once every two weeks. It is beginning to sound like a grade school playground.

    EDITOR NOTE–Facts are facts. Every point was “cut and paste” from the manifesto and we posted a link to the document on the city of Boise site. As for comments, we don’t alter them. That is your job on the blog and we won’t check your opinion either.

  47. Those who are complaining miss some of the better points.

    Did you really get out and vote? Are you just complaining (Bitching) because you can?

    Using the word conservative is usually a lie.

    Using the word liberal like you do is just evil. Why? Because it doesn’t fit your agenda? What is your agenda? Will you write your own manifesto? Do you even understand the word liberal?

    Not standing up for the weak or the poor (impoverished) is morally and ethically wrong, yet when the mayor makes a proposal to stand up for these people she is seen as evil.

    Using the word communist while not having an actual understanding of communism is wrong.

    Same goes for socialism.

    Saying things (like oath of office) is a violation of the constitution is usually said by those who have never read the constitution, the constitution of Idaho, or even the Declaration of Independence.

    Do you have a copy of the state Constitution? Do you know what the Idaho Blue Book is?

    Boise City, Ada County are governed by Ordinances. The state of Idaho by state statutes. All 3 are also under Idaho Court rules and laws. Do you know where to find these?

    If you worry about people crapping on the sidewalks, or turning Boise into San Francisco you haven’t really been around the homeless areas or even to tree fort. Why else would the city try to ban campers on the old Ada County Courthouse lawn?

    On the subject of San Francisco have you tried living on an Idaho’s minimum wage and in a $1200/month apartment? Those who worry about prices going up haven’t seen how both Washington and Oregon have fared with a minimum wage increase.

    Once again thanks goes to the Editor for the facts and your due diligence.

  48. Bonnie Krupp
    May 25, 2020, 12:26 pm

    Found the comments fascinating. The comments about “giving back” to our community were shortsighted. Who do you think supports the refugees, affordable housing, etc.. It is the TAXPAYER. What about the people that donate heavily to nonprofits that help people in need? The names alone showed arrogance such as My Wish, Anonymous Equality, Educate Yourselves and may I suggest that we should sit down and really discuss this with you/

  49. May the Lord rebuke laurie and her entire cabal!

  50. Branden Durst
    May 26, 2020, 8:37 pm

    This was regrettably predictable. I tried to warn everyone I could that this would happen if Lauren won. It is absolutely grotesque.

  51. Deep Midnight
    May 26, 2020, 8:57 pm

    Told you so! Should have listened. Deep Midnight out!

  52. Haven’t posted in years but this ode to socialism has brought me out of retirement. This is not Boise, this is not Idaho, this is California at its greatest. I hope this is a wake up call to those in Boise to wake up and finally make their way to the booths and quit letting the north end dictate to the rest of the city. This makes me sick.

  53. Now the Mayor wants to RaiseTAXES
    May 27, 2020, 9:06 am

    And now the Mayor and City Council wants to RAISE OUR TAXES!!

    Socialism COSTS YOU!!

  54. I WARNED YOU!!!

    I have spent much time with these types when I was on the Left. It all starts out with grand ideals and benign intentions, but look at California. It morphs into chaos and total disaster.

    They are masters of using identitarian swords to imply that anyone who opposes their progressive agenda are “racists” and “right wing thugs.”

    Occupy Boise was the last straw for me. They didn’t care about economic equality, the real pushers running the assemblies wanted absolute loyalty to their wild gender bender hierarchies of oppression.

    If you wanted to speak at an assembly meeting, you were stacked according to your place in their oppression index. White guys always spoke LAST. Well, I got tired of waiting and so I bugged out. Later on I began to see just how messed up the entire Left ideology was and decided that libertarian values were the best thing going.

    It’s a huge pill to swallow to have to face up to the reality of your own concepts that prove to be flawed and dangerous.

    There’s not going to be anything about this stuff that is going to solve any problems. In prison, everyone is equal, except the guards and the warden and the prisoners who form alliances to help themselves to YOUR “equality.”

    Mayor Trotsky is going to take away your freedoms with a smile and promises.

    We better find good candidates to run for mayor and city council. It begins with talking to your neighbors about just what they really want from life is about. Find out if they understand real freedom or are thy willing participants with this charade of progressive promises.

    Get going!!!

  55. Broken System, Ice Ahead
    May 27, 2020, 11:28 am

    Our politicians, with very few exceptions, completely sucked at what they used to do. So they get elected and are now in charge of the most important aspects of our society. Secondly, they really believe they are something special. They pursue their personal agendas. The concept of representative government is dismissed. I can’t think of a single one of these people I’d want to be captain of my cruise ship. Yet here we are steaming full speed into the ice flows.

  56. Sgt. Joe Friday
    May 27, 2020, 11:39 am

    I haven’t been here in Boise long enough to know what McLean actually thinks, i.e. if this manifesto is a statement of her genuine goals or if this is just a wish list that is the result of a faculty lounge-style bull session. She probably senses that she’s risen about as high as a left leaning politician can in Idaho politics, so she may already be reaching out to the DNC, where these sort of ideas have a receptive audience.

    I’ll say this: I left California to escape this kind of stuff. This document is at odds with human nature as it exists in the real world, and if any of this were actually implemented Boise will become just as dysfunctional as any other big city in a blue state. The people who advocate this stuff don’t ever expect to have to live with the consequences of their political choices. It’s textbook top-and-bottom-against-the-middle.

  57. Several comments above crying about local taxes- while flying the MAGA flag.

    The US budget deficit increased from $585 billion (3.2% GDP) in 2016 to $984 billion (4.7% GDP) in 2019

    2017 deficit-665B
    2018 deficit-804B
    2019 deficit-981B
    2020 deficit-1.008 TRILLION PER YEAR

    The budget DEFICITS 2016 to 2021 roughly DOUBLE, due to the Trump tax cuts and other spending legislation.

    INCREASING deficit spending from your trickle-down, friends in the Trump Administration. With no end in sight.

    Looks like capitalism COSTS YOUR GRANDCHILDREN!!!

  58. This is old news. Bloomington, MN has a statement on racial equality online with a pandemic update. Also the city hired a Racial Equity Coordinator.
    No one is raising a fuss over this. Check out the city’s website:

  59. Wow! I can’t believe what they are talking about in that document. “White Fragility”? I had to look it up. Glad I moved out of Boise years ago. Good luck!

  60. The Boise Boy
    May 27, 2020, 3:18 pm

    I did not see this coming during the election period. People were tired of Mayor Dave, But, if this was published prior to the election, would he still have the title?

    KBOI radio this morning said the Mayor refuses to come on the radio to discuss this. Hmmmmmmmm.

  61. Ed McLuskie
    May 27, 2020, 5:13 pm

    Please stop the click-baiting, especially the BS re: any “manifesto.” That’s the right-wing’s click-baiting label, which, if anything, celebrates the 4-decade long, repressive “Reagan manifesto”: less government replaced by “personal responsibility,” which is bringing us to the next COVID wave.

    The Mayor’s report — still not policy, BTW — is refreshing on the social-cultural front. I see no objections here to the opportunism in another report, “A Home for Everyone,” because it clearly supports higher densities by p. 34 that will continue to keep housing out of reach. Instead of rezoning to greater densities, especially at the city core, other recommendations in this report provide support through government programs that should be championed, not demonized with that tired click-baiting. Still, the profiteers weigh in, including in “A Home for Everyone.” Otherwise important trajectories that rightly argue for everyone deserving a home thus fall into the marketplace quagmire, supporting crowding that, we already know, quite literally kills.

    While many comments here celebrate escape from the coast, at least we know why: refusals to pay for a society worth having and seriously argue and vote for wages that offer livability. This matter is not really about socialism, which already is thoroughly accepted by many capitalists who just won’t say so. It’s about whose socialism matters as tax breaks favor the privileged. And that’s the thread that runs through this faux libertarianism.

    I say let the Mayor keep on keepin’ on. It’s about time that we address these issues, and we’ll all, now, have a real chance to say that we disagree with the prospect of actually making a difference. Elections matter, yes, but they still might matter with this administration for us.

    EDITOR NOTE–OXFORD DICTIONARY…noun ( pl. manifestos )
    a public declaration of policy and aims, esp. one issued before an election by a political party or candidate.

  62. So, I just caught part of the Mayor’s interview on channel 7. It was one of the most non committal commitments I have ever seen from a spin specialist politician. If you don’t like the document, it’s just a report from a committee with no clout. If you like the manifesto, remember who appointed the group and gave them their charge. The explanation was wishy-washy, mealy-mouthed, blather and bovine scat. But, it was delivered very professionally by a seasoned political hack.

  63. M Dollahite
    May 27, 2020, 7:00 pm

    It’s very sad for me that I left Portland Oregon to get away from the liberals interfering with every aspect of people’s lives. And I guess I was wrong to think other from California, Portland and Seattle were coming here to have the freedom away from governments overreaching hand. I really hope the Boise residents push back on this crazy thinking. This in years to come will destroy the very fabric of the Idaho way. Progressive Liberals are always out to interfere with the life so many here in Idaho hold dear, family, religion and our 2nd amendment.

  64. I am encouraged about the way she ended up with members on her committee. NOT people she knows. She let others choose someone to bring in. This is exactly what I wanted Bieter to do all those years. Everyone should have the chance to have a say. A couple of other things: 1) This is NOT policy. This is the beginning of a committee and a “dream” is where these things usually start. It will be shaped and pared and made more realistic. 2) I don’t think anyone should be able to run for office (or maybe even vote) until they have worked in some kind of human services for a couple of years. And that includes you, even if you “worked your tail off” all you life. Working with those who are less fortunate opens your eyes and gives you the opportunity to take an honest look back in your own life to see why you were able to succeed and they are struggling. 3) If you happen to be religious, try to act the way Jesus desires you act to the point of modeling it for you.

  65. BoiseFornia
    May 27, 2020, 8:52 pm

    Welcome to BoiseFornia.

  66. JaniiBop, now you like “My Wish”. Calling for a period of indoctrination before you are allowed to participate in society. When you can prove you have been trained in the proper way of thought then you can have an opinion. Otherwise just pay your taxes and keep quiet. We enlightened will make the decisions for you.

  67. Robin Ratterree
    May 28, 2020, 11:59 am

    Why is it that people are moving to Idaho in record numbers, from California & Washington? Because of the left wing wacko laws, sanctuary for illegal aliens, provide freeloader services like the murder of unborn infants, & sky high taxes burdening tax payers. I don’t get it, these BUFFOONS are trying to turn Idaho into what they all moved away from!

  68. I mostly like how Concerned Neighbor says, “Only Marxists create Manifestos.”
    and at the same time,
    Michael Tomlin [a ‘Republican’ ] says, “You can read our “Manifesto” for Ada County–” MAGA [republican Teabaggers]

    MAGA Marxists? That’s hilarious!

    Hey CN, please note someone thinks one piece of writing by the great revolutionary patriot Thomas Paine would be labeled as a manifesto: Here’s your sign, CN!

    And even the Declaration of Independence could be a manifesto:

    But, I agree with Ed above.
    The use of the word is inappropriate and simply bias journalism.

    The referenced REPORT is just one of six REPORTS:

    In typical IFF fashion, they want to sensationalize things in order to stimulate their radical fans and get more donors. And this post is merely a repeat of IFF’s May 22nd piece- including a LACK of the whole story. (Notice this post likely has more comments than all BG’s posts combined for the past 2 months). Looks like successful clickbaiting. Well done Editor!

    Dictionary- Clickbait “a sensationalized HEADLINE or piece of text on the Internet designed to entice people to follow a link to an article”(or to continue reading).

    Like or dislike the report. For all, at least use correct words. Words still have value; unless, one wants to be ignorant and also use terms like ‘Chinese-virus’.

    And for all you noncompliant transplants, “Go back to where you came from!” 🙂 .i..

    EDITOR NOTE–OXFORD DICTIONARY…noun ( pl. manifestos )
    “a public declaration of policy and aims, esp. one issued before an election by a political party or candidate.”

  69. Very disturbing to say the least! Sanctuary City??? apparently who ever wrote that has never experienced the effects of a sanctuary city! Safe place for everyone will go right out the door the second a sanctuary city becomes reality! Sex ED for small kids….my GOD! Please help us! Illegals should not be here at all! Legal immigrants are fine. they followed the rules!

    Free abortions never! free birth control is definitely cheaper!!

    I would like to know the ages of those people who wrote those reports. Maybe they haven’t lived long enough to remember what we have gone through as a nation.

    I realize we have issues in Idaho but this is just too much.

    Interrupt white culture/white supremacist culture?? What is that??? I have been around in this city 68 years. Most people I know are very respectful and don’t consider themselves superior. I did notice that most of the contributing authors are Latino or other nationalities. Apparently they weren’t regarded as inferior since they all have jobs that put them in a position to write for the mayor. It is discrimination against white people!! ALL PEOPLE MATTER! I AM REALLY TIRED OF BLACK LIVES MATTER OR LATINOS PUTTING LABELS ON WHITE PEOPLE!

    Hard work and A strong work and values with net you a decent job. I am a prime example along with several of my friends who were single mothers who started College and worked our butts off to make a decent life for OURSELVES and our children. I earned my masters degree and became a teacher. Worked for Boise School district and Boise State.

    A hand up is good a hand out is not! If money is constantly given away with no incentive to strive for anything other than a handout why would people want to work??

    People who come here should learn English… period! I had so many parents come to school conferences that the kids had to interpret for them. Then we got a paper with some phrases to be able to tell the parents. Interpreters cost the school district a lot of money. Adapt to the culture.

  70. Teresa, in nice terms, you need to look in a mirror and have some self-reflection.
    In more clear terms your statement of “[they] ARE Latino or other nationalities” –based solely on their name, is 110% racist.
    It goes nicely with Eamonn’s racist comment above about Councilwoman Sanchez. Same as “a judge can’t be impartial because of their ‘Mexican heritage'”.

    And that is exactly what the Mayor is trying to fight back against.

  71. Some tidbits from wiki:

    -Religious, faith-based groups in the US Southwest initially drove the movement of the 1980s, with eight CHURCHES publicly declaring to be sanctuaries in March 1982.

    -John Fife, a minister and movement leader, famously wrote in a letter to Attorney General William Smith; “the South-side United Presbyterian Church will publicly violate the Immigration and Nationality Act by allowing sanctuary in its church”

    So, compassion-when appropriate.

    As of 2018 more than 560 cities, states and counties considered themselves sanctuaries, including places in CO, FL, MS, and AL.

    561 jurisdictions!

    And someone is scared Boise will make it 561?

    Also, the strong right are ALWAYS miffed when the feds want the state/local to enforce federal law without being provided funding to do so. Is ICE providing MONEY for Boise/Ada police to enforce FEDERAL immigration documentation? to PAY for additional time in jail while ICE does their thing?

    “Where are your papers?”
    sounds a lot like Russia!

  72. Eamonn Harter
    May 28, 2020, 7:53 pm

    “It goes nicely with Eamonn’s racist comment above…”

    This article is about a fundamentally racist document (the Manifesto), we have a racist on the Boise city council (Ms. Sanchez), and some people like Mr. Easterner only see racism in one ethnicity. If that isn’t the definition of a racist view point, I don’t know what is.

    Pigs like to wrestle in the mud, and I have work to do, so I will leave it at that.

  73. Our hypocrite of a mayor is telling two half truths:

    1) She released the report out of transparency but won’t be transparent in what recommendations she supports or not.

    2) She is posturing the document as not policy, but also said the report was inspiring and would help guide her priorities and public investment. When a document sets priorities and public investment, it sounds a lot like policy.

  74. They should call the department they want to create by its real name – “The Anti White Male (and now and then female) Department”

  75. This is absolutely outrageous. This does not reflect the values of the people here and will destroy this beautiful state. Can we start a petition with signatures to stop this already?

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