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City Workers Coming And Going

This cryptic note came in Monday and got us to thinking. “Please start a thread on Guardian regarding where are the City dept heads. Yes, the Police Chief has problems, but what about Fire Chief? Did he ever move into the city? Earn a bachelor’s degree? These were the posted requirements, but?” We noticed on […]

Is City Council Seat A Conflict With Legislature?

Guest Opinion By DAVID KLINGER Unless you’re a first-time homebuyer in the “New Boise”, trying to scrape together a down payment for that $500,000 “starter home” in “America’s Most Livable City”, the notion of working two jobs to make ends meet probably doesn’t carry very much appeal. That is, however, unless you’re an elected City […]

Honor Or Country At Grad March?

Christy Little, who bills herself as a “Proud Army Mom” has shared with GUARDIAN readers her request for graduation ceremony procedures for her son who is about to become a Borah High alumni and a U.S. Army basic trainee. In a written message she claims to have been denied any satisfaction from school administrators. She […]

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