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Bourgeau Responds To 7/17 Critics

GUEST OPINION BY GUY BOURGEAU Ben— I’m not quite sure how to respond to that comment. Obviously one best left alone. For the defense, unions are beneficial for police departments. I can’t disagree that what you say isn’t true in some cases, but not here. We are able to set hiring standards and offer competitive […]

Progress To Some, Ruination To Others

Photo Essay by DAVID R. FRAZIER, editor We took a little tour of our downtown area recently and sadly realized it is nearly impossible to see the foothills or much of any horizon thanks to the big city apartments and other structures. The state capitol used to be the centerpiece of the Boise skyline, but […]

Coppers Unhappy With Mayor

Guest Opinion By GUY BOURGEAU Boise Police Union president I am compelled to offer a public statement regarding the recent “investigation” of the Boise Police Department. To think that 500k dollars at a rate of $800 per hour plus expenses was going to go very far was simply foolish. Money that could’ve gone much further […]

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