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Is City Council Seat A Conflict With Legislature?

Guest Opinion By DAVID KLINGER Unless you’re a first-time homebuyer in the “New Boise”, trying to scrape together a down payment for that $500,000 “starter home” in “America’s Most Livable City”, the notion of working two jobs to make ends meet probably doesn’t carry very much appeal. That is, however, unless you’re an elected City […]

No Unemployment Concerns For Eagle Mayor

Nice work of you can get it! Eagle Mayor Phil Bandy has a full time job with his city and another 30 hour gig with BSU, prompting at least one Eagle citizen to call for a rollback in his city salary by city councilors. THE GUARDIAN WILL GLADLY POST AN UNEDITED RESPONSE FROM THE EAGLE […]

Sources and Attribution–A Discussion

While the GUARDIAN works hard at offering up good factual information within the posts we make, it is difficult to verify the comments made by readers–most of whom use an alias. This past week we allowed a lengthy comment regarding Valley Regional Transit and its managers. It was less than complimentary and one reader felt […]

Technology Changes Workplace Ethics

Comments at both the GUARDIAN and the Daily paper about the moonlighting poop plant personnel tell us technology has changed the face of the USA workplace in ways we never envisioned just a few years ago. If Boise officials do a sincere investigation and review of the case, they will probably come up with more […]

Potential Poop Practice Conflict

Potential conflict of interest at Boise’s poop plants and the poop plants at Avimor and Hidden Springs are subject of a newly opened probe by Boise officials–thanks to a story in the Daily Paper. Statesman reporter Kathleen Kreller did some digging into the poop business and came up with documentation showing the operators of Boise’s […]

Two More Planners Exit Ada County

The GUARDIAN has it on good authority two more employees of the Ada County Development Services have left. They are dropping like flies. The sudden departure Monday of veterans Mike McClenahan, who ran the “support services” and Scott Cook, a planner, have tongues wagging in the courthouse. Some speculate the departure of these two highly […]

Growth Pays (off) For County Officials

If you are a developer and want to profit from selling houses in Ada County it makes sense to hire people who know the business and have contacts in local government. Hubbell Homes has done some pretty sharp hiring in the past few months. First they picked up former County Commish Judy Peavey-Derr after she […]

Rip Van Winkle Story

Another Z-Gram from former Statesman reporter David Zarkin who made a return visit after a 38 year absence. “Where’s Boise?” my friend Floyd asked as I gushed on about my triumphant return to the Capital City after leaving my job as local government reporter at The Statesman from 1964 to 1969. “It’s in the same […]

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

Tuesday the GUARDIAN received copies of the Boise Public Works newsletter from three sources. All three were probably employees of the department and expressed concernes about a message from the PW director. People are so spooked that one copy was FAXED from KINKOS, one came from a blind e-mail account (they actually retyped the text […]

Poop Plant Perks Popped

Should Boise Public Works Department employees be allowed to use city-owned tools and equipment for their own personal and business projects? Is it ethical for city department supervisors to HIRE subordinates to work in off duty moonlighting jobs? The practice has the potential of subordinates being “favored” at their city job or “intimidated” into helping […]

More Poop On Sewer Plant

Insiders tell us there have been some “come to Jesus” meetings with about half of Boise’s employees, including those at the Public Works Department’s sewage treatment facilities. These group ethics training sessions were prompted by the scandals during the previous city administration which saw several leaders go to jail. To his credit, Mayor Dave Bieter […]

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