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Idaho Power Adopts Growthophobe Philosophy

It reads like a chapter from the GROWHOPHOBE handbook. Idaho Power is happy to expand its transmission lines to take care of growth, but wants those who benefit and create the demand to pay for it, according to a new filing before the Idaho Public Utilities Commission. Under the proposal, Idaho Power seeks to charge […]

Boise Attorney Opposed To Dynamis Deal

Boise attorney Jon Steele has released comments critical of the proposed Ada County “waste to energy” currently before the Idaho Public Utilities Commission. Steele, in a press release was critical of the proposed rate schedule between Idaho Power and Dynamis Energy, the outfit that already has $2 million from Ada taxpayers for the project. PRESS […]

Chinese Communists Pony Up Cash For Hoku Power Bill

The troubled Hoku solar panel plant in Pocatello got a $10 million infusion of cash from its Chinese Communist parent company this week which should allow them to pay their Idaho Power bill before the plug is pulled. In action before the Idaho Public Utilities Commission, Hoku has sought to amend a contract with Idaho […]

Eastern Idaho Energy Dreams Slowly Crumbling

Eastern Idaho’s grandiose efforts to attract business with “incentives” taken out of the pockets of taxpayers are slowly crumbling despite feeble attempts at life support. First it was the Hoku solar panel plant in Pocatello falling on hard times with plummeting stock prices and Idaho Power ready to pull the plug on its electricity. Now […]

Dark Days Ahead For Hoku?

Idaho Power still has its finger on the power switch at the Hoku solar panel plant under construction at Pocatello, but the Idaho Public Utilities Commision is telling the utility to wait awhile before cutting electricity. Idaho Power Co. had threatened to shut off electricity after the Honolulu-based polysilicon maker missed a $1.9 million November […]

“Buying” New Business Not Worth The Price

We’ve all heard of the husband who purchased a new boat the couple couldn’t afford so the wife gets even by remodeling the kitchen and installing new carpet they also couldn’t afford. That same silly fiscal policy is being advocated by government and editorial writers from Idaho Falls to Boise–if a business isn’t financially sound […]

Idaho Power May Pull Plug To Hoku Plant

The Hoku solar panel plant struggling to get itself up and running in Pocatello can’t even pay its agreed upon electric bill to Idaho Power, it was revealed in a filing before the Idaho Public Utilities Commission Thursday. The Chinese backed company has been the beneficiary of all kinds of public largess including local urban […]

Priming the News Pump–Choose Your Topic

With many of our readers gone and much of the legacy media not reporting any news, we are left to fend for ourselves with some “make news” topics of discussion. The GUARDIAN has been reporting from Hawaii the past week where we shared top visitor billing with the Obama family, hence little in the way […]

Consumer Advocates Need Voice At IPUC

By HUBERT OSBORNE GUARDIAN Reader A recent examination of rate cases before the Idaho Public Utility’s commission on three separate rate cases all involving renewable energy show some startling differences in the electricity rates that have been agreed to between small power producers and the Utility’s involved. A case in North Idaho involving the burning […]

Will Politicos Squelch China Demo Bus?

It will be interesting to see if Idaho politicos are as adamant about enforcing the “Buy America Act” when it comes to a demonstration electric bus for Camarillo, California as they were when Boston sought a waiver of the federal rules to get a demo locomotive in 2008. Zonda USA–which sounds a lot more like […]

Communist China Learns Capitalism From USA Government Subsidies

In this modern day of Communist China leading the world in capitalist business ventures funded by U.S. Government taxpayers, we are not surprised to learn of Chinese plans to seek cheap labor in Idaho. The latest scheme is an electric BUS FACTORY to be built in the Treasure Valley. GUARDIAN GROWTHOPHOBES caution the enthusiastic Chamber […]

PUC Plugs Into Dynamis-Idaho Power Deal

The Idaho PUC is now on the punch list for the “trash to electricity” deal proposed for the Ada County landfill. Idaho Power agreed to buy power from Dynamis’ project at the Ada County landfill for $92.35 per megawatt-hour. The proposal was submitted Tuesday to the Idaho Public Utilities Commission. Regulators will evaluate it for […]

Geezer Group Talks Turkey Over Raising Rates

Taking advantage of the paucity of news during the holiday week, the oldtimers at AARP have issued a press release aimed at the electricity and water providers who want more cash for their current. With Thanksgiving just days away, AARP Idaho has released the hotly anticipated winners of its first annual Gem State Turkey Award […]

GUARDIAN Reader Plugs Into Dynamis Deal

The following came into the GUARDIAN as a comment on the DYNAMIS story posted recently. We contacted Commish Vern Bisterfeldt and shared the details of the comment. Bisterfeldt told us, “This is all news to me. I have asked for much of that information for over a year and was unable to get it–that’s why […]

Dynamis Inks Deal With Ada Commishes

Dynamis Energy, the outfit that got $2,000,000 of taxpayer cash to design a “trash to electricity” generating plant signed a five year agreement with Ada County Tuesday. Commish Vern Bisterfeldt voted against the project, citing “serial meetings,” lack of a bid, no performance bond, improper loans (of public funds) and no payback as Commish Sharon […]

Payette County P&Z Commishes Have Gas Deals

We all know that much of government fails to pass the “smell test.” In Payette County they appear to have passed gas, at least in a meeting approving a gas fired dehydration plant. Normally these things don’t get our attention, but this sentence from the BOISE WEEKLY left us shaking our head. “Last night’s meeting […]

Idle Thought: So What’s New?

We certainly agree with the latest campaign by Boise’s Team Dave to cut down on emissions by turning off automobile engines while at drive up windows and the like. But there is nothing new here. The GUARDIAN outed idle copper cars long ago and even got an official POLICY implemented to curtail the practice. We […]

Thoughts From The Road Summer 2011

The day job has the GUARDIAN editor on the road gathering photos for the LIBRARY. As always, we have thoughts to share. –Don’t panic when you hear a loud explosion within the car while negotiating the 8000 foot plus summit between Victor, Idaho and Jackson Hole…especially if it is followed by the aroma of fresh […]

Boise County Bankruptcy Is Historic

While Boise County is set to file for bankruptcy in federal court, there probably won’t be any auctions for snowplows and road graders in the near future. Since the developers who won the $4 million judgement against the county are themselves delinquent in paying their property taxes to the tune of $368,182, we expect a […]

Landfill Energy Project May Be Just Garbage

After getting some negative comments as well as talking with an engineer, the GUARDIAN’s red flag began to wave over the electric generation project with Dynamis and Lloyd Mahaffey at the Ada Landfill. Last week the DAILY PAPER ran a big page one story which clearly said the firm operates a trash-to-electricity project at Barrow, […]

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