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G-BAD Convention Center Take IV

The bungling efforts of the Greater Boise Auditorium District have reached epic proportions as they announced Wednesday at least their fourth try to build a convention center in downtown Boise. –Voters have turned them down twice. On the first go around they couldn’t even get 50% of the required 67% majority required by law. –Round […]

Why Ruin Our Nice Town

The local politicos are at it again trying to make Boise a big city by filling in every square foot of space they can fill to include that ill advised convention center plan. Narrow streets and limited space are not conducive to massive public buildings. We don’t have the broad avenues of Paris or Buenos […]

Boise Citizens Poorly Served

Boise Mayor Dave Bieter has joined forces with those wishing to go around the will of the voters who have twice turned down a convention center. Like his pals at G-BAD Bieter will not take “no” for an answer. After Judge Cheri Copsey declared it was up to voters to approve long term debt(for a […]

Convention Center Lure

The Pyramid Arena in Memphis was built as the “mother of all convention centers” to attract sports teams, national exhibitions, and lure visitors to the Blues City. Apparently it isn’t hooking enough visitors and the silver pyramid is about to become a garish super store the likes of which has never been seen– a BASS […]

G-BAD Needs to B-Gone

The latest round of ineptitude on the part of the Greater Boise Auditorium District should be the last straw. It is time to dissolve G-BAD. The board recently voted 4-1 to engage in some wild plan of “creative financing” to fund the convention center voters have turned down twice and a local developer declined to […]

Open Space Lesson

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA– This city of several million people (97% European)seems to have a clear understanding or urban planning and open space. Not only is 9th of July Avenue the widest street in the world, it is lined with shade trees and has “frontage roads” on both sides of the main drag. The GUARDIAN editor […]

They’re b a a a ck!

Teenage boys are taught that “no means no,” but the Greater Boise Auditorium District G-BAD boys are at least a generation too old to understand that message. Voters told them “NO” at the polls on two occasions when they wanted to build a new convention center in downtown Boise. Developer Gary Christensen briefly considered doing […]

G-BAD Fails Again

Message for the Greater Boise Auditorium District: “Give it up. Three strikes, you’re out. Let it Go, Forget about it.” The citizens have twice voted down your plan to build a convention center and now your hand picked private sector developer has also shown disinterest and failed to meet an October 31 deadline. We don’t […]

G-BAD Losing Streak Continues

The Greater Boise Auditorium District has lost two elections and now an Idaho Supreme Court Decision in its efforts to build a convention center the public clearly does not support. Thursday the high court ruled the G-BAD could not use public moneys for the purposes of influencing the outcome of an election. The suit was […]

Screw the Public!

After voters twice denied the Greater Boise Auditorium District bonding authority for a new convention center, the board agreed Friday to take a lesson from Boise City and do an end run around those pesky voters. The deal calls for developer Gary Christensen to pay one dollar to lease valuable public land at 13th and […]

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