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G-BAD Boy Gets Testy With G-Bad Girls

G-BAD politics has turned out downright nasty.

We have been following the antics of the Greater Boise Auditorium District and the saga of the $24,500 check possibly destined to the Boise Convention and Visitor Bureau as matching funds for a state promotional grant. The board selected the figure to avoid the $25,000 threshold that requires a bid.

G-BAD Treasurer Stephanie Astorquia has not signed a check which the board authorized at a recent meeting. She is apparently of the opinion the expenditure is not legal. She has asked for “outside legal counsel,” which prompted a sharp response from board member Michael Fitzgerald. Here is a document obtained by the GUARDIAN sent to G-BAD board members and officials Wednesday.

So….you want your own lawyer. I guess the other treasurers that have served on the Board were idiots that needlessly exposed themselves to the wrath of an undereducated and hopelessly trusting voter. If you need legal advise to sign a check that was authorized by a majority vote of the board I am led to believe you are just not up to the task of being treasurer. Perhaps resignation is in order because you don,t seem to be able to separate your personal views from the duties of the office. Judy…why aren’t you wanting to know if this is in the budget and how much an hour a lawyer that agrees with Stephanie will cost the District? I am so sick of you putting yourself before the good of the citizens of Boise, I could puke….and don’ t give me your compliance BS.
Hope this helps,
Michael D. Fitzgerald

Our guess is Fitzgerald will not support the idea of a lawyer for Astorquia.

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  1. Publius:

    Fitzgerald has already left! I heard he works for Johnny Carino’s in Idaho Falls. Wonder how he will keep his job as Bobbie’s biggest cheerleader and fund raiser?

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