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G-BAD Boy Gets Testy With G-Bad Girls

G-BAD politics has turned out downright nasty.

We have been following the antics of the Greater Boise Auditorium District and the saga of the $24,500 check possibly destined to the Boise Convention and Visitor Bureau as matching funds for a state promotional grant. The board selected the figure to avoid the $25,000 threshold that requires a bid.

G-BAD Treasurer Stephanie Astorquia has not signed a check which the board authorized at a recent meeting. She is apparently of the opinion the expenditure is not legal. She has asked for “outside legal counsel,” which prompted a sharp response from board member Michael Fitzgerald. Here is a document obtained by the GUARDIAN sent to G-BAD board members and officials Wednesday.

So….you want your own lawyer. I guess the other treasurers that have served on the Board were idiots that needlessly exposed themselves to the wrath of an undereducated and hopelessly trusting voter. If you need legal advise to sign a check that was authorized by a majority vote of the board I am led to believe you are just not up to the task of being treasurer. Perhaps resignation is in order because you don,t seem to be able to separate your personal views from the duties of the office. Judy…why aren’t you wanting to know if this is in the budget and how much an hour a lawyer that agrees with Stephanie will cost the District? I am so sick of you putting yourself before the good of the citizens of Boise, I could puke….and don’ t give me your compliance BS.
Hope this helps,
Michael D. Fitzgerald

Our guess is Fitzgerald will not support the idea of a lawyer for Astorquia.

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  1. TIme to RECALL Fitzgerald
    Jul 28, 2011, 7:29 pm

    How many signatures do we need to recall this idiot? He should resign!!! I could puke just reading his puke of a memo. Hang in there Steph!!!

  2. I typically do not like folks that want to break the law, that just ethics in me!
    To this day Mike has NEVER answered one question….why do you think its legal to fund something that that the Attorney General, and former legal counsel to the GBAD says is illegal? I am sure they are just under educated like Stephanie….huh??
    I really hope someone asks that question tomorrow.
    I thought Mike was a leader, come to find out he is a follower.
    …..and I hate Italian food!!!

  3. I have now changed my opinion on this subject.
    It ought to be fun to watch how the BCVB faithful rush in to support Fitzgerald’s heinous act of bullying and inappropriateness.
    You know it won’t be his fault.
    You watch, they’ll all pile in here and have nothing to say other than “why, oh why won’t Ms. Astorquia just sign the check so we can all get paid”.
    Not one of them will admit that Fitzgerald’s inappropriate behavior has no place in a political office.
    Resign now Fitzgerald, you have embarrassed yourself and the entire Board with this silly rant.
    Please, just go away.
    If Carino’s has any sense at all they will distance themselves from this individual.

  4. Steve Edgar
    Jul 29, 2011, 6:17 am

    I learned a very long time ago —
    never hit “send” when you are angry or have had a drink.

    24 hour rule.

  5. Only idiots send emails like that. Guess it just shows the idiots we seem to elect.

  6. America is suffering leadership failure at all levels.

  7. Eye on Numbers
    Jul 29, 2011, 9:43 am

    Democracy in action as far as I am concerned. It should be loud noisy and disagreeable. I can’t get over the people who think Boise is the center of the universe and if they build all this junk it will be a economic catalyst for more growth. Boise is not close to anything, is not a population center of consequence, and has limited attractiveness to businesses.

    Look at all the headquarters that no longer exist in Boise over the past generation. Albertson’s, Ore-Ida, MK, HP not nearly what it once was in the area to list a few. The key to growth will be to keep property taxes low for any company deeming Boise and Treasure Valley a good fit for their company.

  8. idahocrystal
    Jul 29, 2011, 10:29 am

    Oh Mr. Fitzgerald – I’m certain you did not expect this communication to be read by so many of the “good citizens of Boise” – If you had, you would certainly have moderated your tone to read something more like, “Dear Ms. Astorquia, I understand your concerns as they relate to the Board’s legal compliance on this matter and appreciate your desire to make sure we act in the best interests of the citizens we serve. I support your request for a neutral third party to evaluate our recent ruling and welcome any feedback which may lead to corrections we must make in order to ensure we follow the letter of the law and avoid any impressions of impropriety.”

  9. Clippityclop
    Jul 29, 2011, 12:09 pm

    Amen, idahocrystal. What a ridiculous bully.

  10. Oh come on people. This treasurer has a fiduciary duty to do the will of the majority and Fitzgerald is calling her on it. Her remedy, if she doesn’t want to sign the check, is to resign. Otherwise she is disobeying the law.

    And Fitzgerald’s point on the expense of outside counsel is right on. Seems the terrible duo of Astoq… and Peavey Derr want to spend money their way only.

  11. Southwest Airlines has announced they are cutting flights to Boise. Obviously Southwest missed the memo that we are becoming a major convention destination.

  12. nan emouse—No, if she signs the check she is disobeying the law, hence the need for legal counsel. Please tell us what harm that will do??? If everything is legit, no worries right???

    Good grief..This is like trying to teach my Grandma how to program a DVR!!!

  13. No Eric, by signing she is NOT disobeying the law. If she has a problem doing the job of Treasurer, she needs to either resign being Treasurer or resign from GBAD.

  14. Let’s see some of Ms. Asstorquia’s e-mails. Let Mr. Fitzgerald pick which ones.

  15. nan emouse – you really should familiarize yourself with Idaho’s procurement laws. They clearly state what the consequences are, and are clearly written for (DELETED) politicians such as Fitzgerald, May, and Kloc. You should also educate yourself on governmental board governance. Then maybe you can explain it to your three buddies.

  16. Everyone can paint it however they want. Plain and simple Kloc traded votes to be chairman.

    and nan emouse you still didn’t answer the question which is typical, what harm can come from it.????? Why can’t she? Why? Why?

    By the way how much money is it costing to have Mike F piped it ever meeting? Anyone know?
    Hy do you know?—just kidding because we all know he doesn’t know–ehhehe

  17. oh by the way what in the blue hell is “hopelessly trusting voter”?????

    Is that someone that thinks a someone will vote one way and the change their vote to be chairman????

  18. Transparency
    Jul 31, 2011, 10:37 pm

    Mr. Fitzgerald, I am one of the “good citizens of Boise” and I support Astorquia and Peavey-Derr. They represent themselves in an ethical manner and you do not. Do not speak for me. You were elected to represent GBAD, not the CVB. If anyone should resign it’s you (and G. May).

  19. Mike, you must have brown eyes! Because you are so full of it, they have to be brown! The same goes for you nan-e baby!
    Hell!, there are people still looking for those that just “followed orders”!
    If anyone is interested in Mr. Mike’s actions, I would refer you to “Politics for Dummies” chapter 6, pages 35&36. “How to shorten your political career exponentially”

  20. I heard that in Friday’s meeting Gayle May actually said “we” when she was referring to the CVB. Obviously she still doesn’t know what board she’s on.

    Where is Mike F anyway? I heard he moved out of town a month ago and is trying to keep it a secret so he doesn’t get kicked off the board for not living the District. Has anybody heard this?

  21. Lisa, I believe Fitzgerald works for Johnny Carinos, however he has been “attending” meetings via telephone so what you heard may be right. May is fully expecting retroactive payment from the CVB for use of office space. That should make her ineligible to vote on funding for them. Another person missing from the media is the 79 year-old CVB director Bobbie Patterson. Where is she? it’s not normal for her to miss out on any type of media attention.

  22. Can someone please explain why the Center is always at least two months behind in posting the minutes of the GBAD meetings?

  23. Well, the minutes from the prior month first have to be approved, then they are made public…

    Betty, I would ask this instead:

    1. Why must they fork out $500 in AV equipment to have Fitzy conference called in because Mr. Classy is never in town?
    2. Why did Chicago trade his votes for a chairmanship?
    3. Why did he tell the good Hoteliers of this city that he will only fund the CVB if it legal, and then in the first meeting turn around and fund the CVB?
    4. Why is Chicago always worried about time and how long the meetings take?
    5. Why will they not let the Treasure seek advice from an attorney if everything is legit?
    6. Why did Gail May say she was part of the Owyhee Hotel management last year, and then 5 months later say she has nothing to do with the management?
    7. Where is Bobbie during these meetings?
    8. Why do we need $24,500 to get the ITC grant when the ITC representative said himself that money is not needed to get the grant?

    All sorts of crazy going on huh?????

  24. Mike Fitzgerald doesn’t live in Boise. He lives in Idaho Falls and is the General Manager of Carino’s. I ate there two weeks ago and there he was. According to Idaho Statute 59-901, he has to resign from the GBAD Board. He should have resigned a month ago, but no big deal, what’s one more law to break?

    EDITOR NOTE–This would explain the teleconferencing, but residency is a tricky thing. We can’t find any Ada County property in his name, but if he votes in Ada, has Ada license on his car, that pretty much qualifies. If he has a full time job outside the district and lives outside the district, he may be pushing the line. IF he has a 1B plate, that brings into question his residency as well. Perhaps a paid newsy will look into this.

  25. Hey Eric, I could care less about all the drama going on with this group and you for that matter. All I want to see are the minutes for the meeting posted in a timely manner, ok? Is that too much to ask from a public entity? For hecks sake. Get over yourself.

  26. Betty, if you could care less then why does the posting of the minutes matter to you?
    Eric W: right on!
    When is someone of authority (AG’s office?) going to pay attention to what’s going on with this board? Mike F lives outside of the District, Gail M has a conflict of interest as landlord of the Boise cvb, AND her son represents the region (I.e. Cvb) on the Idaho Travel Council (he is responsible for recommending whether they should be awarded grant money). If that’s not enough, the board voted to fund the CVB which violates the Supreme Court ruling.

  27. Riddick, very very interesting. A first-hand sighting of Mike F. working in Idaho Falls. Me thinks he must live there because 5 hours each way is a helluva commute. Good point Guardian – any paid news reporters willing to take this on?

  28. Evidently we’re going to get caught up on reviewing and approving the minutes of the last several meetings at the next meeting. Let’s try to get them posted shortly thereafter, ok? The next thing we need to see are the Center’s financial reports, the latest RFP and whatever responses were received – on the GBAD website.

    Hotelier – why don’t you, Eric and Reddick quit jawjacking, put your money where your mouths are and file a lawsuit?

  29. A list of whatever conventions have been secured by the convention sales and BCVB staff would be good to see as well – no need to break it down by who did what. Thanks.

  30. Betty “The next thing we need to see are the Center’s financial reports, the latest RFP and whatever responses were received – on the GBAD website”.—I totally agree with that.

    One issue is that the RFP was targeted to one certain group of folks–the CVB….Pretty sure they can not do that….what is that now, law 4 or 5 that has been broken.
    I would really be upset but Chicago does’t even know he is breaking the law or maybe he does and he is just hiding behind the 3 quarter length skyjumper sport coat of his that, by the way, is sooooo 1991….hehehehe

  31. Oh and Pat, before you post those financial reports, let’s make sure they reflect all legal costs incurred over the last two years, by legal firm. Thanks again.

    Hey Eric, several entities in this city could have and should have submitted a response to the RFP, but how can you blame them for not doing so? Evidently several considered the idea but declined, due in part to the poor behavior of the GBAD board, staff and concerns over whether or not they would get paid by GBAD.

  32. Betty, puhleez. The RFP was written specifically for the cvb despite the fact that GBAD doesn’t need the outdated services, self-inflated egos or disgusting behavior of Patterson’s clan. Anyone who thinks otherwise has their head buried in the sand or is also sipping Patterson’s kool-aid of the day.

  33. Betty I am very sure Pat will be happy to share, in great depth, the legal cost. Too bad Pat doesn’t have the chance to explain the reasoning behind the legal cost. It all goes right back to BP…We all know it.

    Let’s get back on point of the article. Why can not Stephanie consult an attorney? I will ask…again for the fourth time, if everything is legit, what harm will come (Betty why??)….. They do not want her to ask legal advice because it is illegal, and again I will not get an answer…Just as Mr. Classy pointed out. “don’t give me your compliance BS”—because at the end of the day who needs compliance. It’s just clogging up the system, that whole ethical–non ethical deal.

    This guy is a world class idiot and I am embarrassed for him to represent this city of Idaho Falls eeerrr I mean Boise.

    Remember Captain Run on Sentence that pasta needs to be cooked slowly rememeber to add the pasta to the boiling water. Ideally, the water shouldn’t stop boiling, but if that happens, it’s ok. Stir and stir some more! Pasta will stick together if it isn’t stirred during the crucial first moments of cooking. Don’t add oil, because that will make the pasta slippery and the sauce won’t stick to it when it’s done.

  34. Oh one other item that Betty asked was “Hotelier – why don’t you, Eric and Reddick quit jawjacking, put your money where your mouths are and file a lawsuit”?

    Betty why should we file a lawsuit when they are 2 months away from imploding.

  35. If that’s the case Hotelier, the RFP and the response need to be posted on the GBAD website for all to see.

    Evidently your company thinks lawyer fees are a good use of public funds so once again, put your money where your mouth is. File the lawsuit.

  36. Hey Eric – Hotelier, There are no comments about the CVB or Ms. Astorquia’s request for legal counsel in my posts, so please, stop deflecting and try not to assume, imply or assign intent. You know nothing.

    What’s missing here is transparency with GBAD board activity, transactions and finances – including legal fees, marketing expenditures and how much public money is sitting in some politician’s favorite bank earning next to nothing. Last I heard it was nearing $10 million, which is a much bigger issue than melting down the CVB. That $10 million represents tax dollars you are collecting Hotelier – doesn’t it bug you that GBAD is collecting more than it needs to operate the facility? It should.

    You boys are really something. File your lawsuit or shut up. In the meantime, have another drink.

  37. Looks like there’s been some good additions to the GBAD meeting report page. Would be nice to see minutes and director’s reports for at least the last two years; financial reports for the last five. Thanks to those involved for putting the info up.

    Suggest we all take a look and start studying what’s there.

  38. Betty, are you smoking crack?! The transparency issue falls on Patterson’s BVCB’s previous use of GBAD funds!! Are you ok with Patterson putting tax $ into a personal account? No, It doesn’t “bug” me that GBAD is collecting bed tax and saving it for an expansion because that’s what auditorium districts are suppose to do: build, market and operate buildings. What does bug me is the thought of Bobby getting any more of it to line her own pockets.

  39. Betty,
    You are correct about one thing, the hoteliers are the ONLY ones with any risk here. So what is your connection with the BCVB that has you so driven you feel so emotional about the subject? I’d be willing to bet that the 3 stooges opinion would change, as would yours, if you all had to pay for legal defense.
    Silly girl!
    You and the rest of Bobbies lackeys need to just move to Idaho Falls with Fitzgerald. They have a district there, maybe you can intimidate them as they are rookies.

  40. No one’s debating the purpose of an auditorium district, but how GBAD handles the BCVB issue is a small, but insightful part, of a very broken system.

    Hotelier, you’re really going to hurt yourself someday by jumping to all these assumptions. Besides, why the reluctance about releasing and posting public information about GBAD for the last five years? Methinks you doth protest too much.

  41. Betty, no protesting or reluctance has occurred, in fact I have no control over GBAD information. However all of GBAD’s records are public information. Make a written request and it shall be granted. There are no secrets there. You skirted the question about Patterson, so be sure to request GBAD’s most recent audit of the CVB too. Nate must be onto something or you would use proper procedures to get the information.

  42. Hey boys, just because someone asks to see GBAD financials for the last five years doesn’t mean they support the CVB.

    Come on. File your lawsuit.

  43. Betty & Everyone that is tired of being lied to.
    I want all the info on the GBAD for the last 5 years, plus the BCVB audit. Everyone like yourself and Mr. Classy seems to forgot about that “compliance BS”. If I were BP I wouldn’t show my face either at these meeting. How long will Terry be the schill for this woman. She cares too much for Boise to be that person.
    Hotelier, is very correct and good post. Hotels are the only folks on the hook here. They are also the folks that GBAD should be accountable to.

    I did hear Fitzy was planning on being at the meeting this week. Is he going to pay the GBAD back for the cost of the AV guy?? He will just nod with everything Chicago is spewing or lying about….I will be the guy laughing when you do, Classy!!!

    As much you say you never read Dave’s page we all know you do. You would be even stupider then I thought, if you didn’t

    The guy is embarrassment to state government.

    nan emouse answer my question!!!!!!

  44. Betty,

    Why is it you keep coming back to this “file your lawsuit” comment.

    Your “shut up” comments as well as “have another drink” are insulting. The overall tone you take in these posts reminds me of Fitzgerald’s memo.

    Again, why is it you are so interested here? What do you have at stake? Why do you CARE about whatever information might be contained on-line in regards to GBAD or the BCVB? Do you have anything at risk or are you simply a “concerned citizen”. Some of us read these posts because of their humor, knowing that there really isn’t much that can be done about this mess other than to watch the impending implosion. Your activity here suggests so much more, as does your aggression.

    So, whats the deal Betty? Are you a hotelier with an axe to grind, one of the BCVB “volunteers” that used to get paid by GBAD, or one of Bobbie’s vendors (software I suspect) that is angry at getting her meal ticket shredded?

    No matter, if you want more information than what is already posted on-line, then call Pat Rice and ask him for the information, or complete a public records request.

    Both you and Fitzgerald are a couple of class acts, aren’t you. You should be impressed with yourself. You’ve attempted to draw attention away from the crux of this article, which was the bombastic, unprofessional behavior of MIKE FITZGERALD. What a pair! You are made for each other.

  45. No ax to grind, no dog in the GBAD/CVB fight. Care less about the personalities involved.

    A public citizen shouldn’t have to submit a public records request for items like minutes, financials and RFPs. These things should be posted on the website after a public meeting. It’s called accountability. What we need to do is change the music. As GBAD continues to spend a lot of tax dollars on this travesty and on “plans” to expand the center, nothing’s happening but a lot of infighting and name calling. It’s way past time for our tax dollars to be spent in a more constructive manner and on projects that actually benefit the citizenry. And yes boys, Hotelier may collect the tax from travelers, but the public authorized this district, the public elects this board and these are public tax dollars we’re talking about.

    So why suggest that the three of you just get it over with and file your lawsuit?

    Simple. Some of us are tired of all the rhetoric and no action. And if you don’t agree, let’s review some of your more constructive comments:

    Nate: Please, just go away.

    Eric: Good grief..This is like trying to teach my Grandma how to program a DVR!!!

    Eric: Hy do you know?—just kidding because we all know he doesn’t know–ehhehe

    Eric: oh by the way what in the blue hell is “hopelessly trusting voter”?????

    Eric: Just as Mr. Classy pointed out.

    Eric: Remember Captain Run on Sentence

    Hotelier: “…are you smoking crack?! What does bug me is the thought of Bobby getting any more of it to line her own pockets.

    Eric: He will just nod with everything Chicago is spewing or lying about….

    Nate: I’d be willing to bet that the 3 stooges opinion would change…he rest of Bobbies lackeys..

    Eric: I would really be upset but Chicago does’t even know he is breaking the law or maybe he does and he is just hiding behind the 3 quarter length skyjumper sport coat of his that, by the way, is sooooo 1991….hehehehe

    Hotelier: “…doesn’t need the outdated services, self-inflated egos or disgusting behavior…”

    Hotelier: Another person missing from the media is the 79 year-old CVB director Bobbie Patterson. Where is she? it’s not normal for her to miss out on any type of media attention.

    Real nice, eh?

  46. Betty: “no ax to grind, no dog in the GBAD/CVB fight, Care less about the personalities involved.”

    Bee Ess

  47. Gail (BCVB Software provider), I mean Betty:

    If you want to see mean and nasty, go to this website….

    And by the way, can we PLEASE get back to the purpose of this article. Mr. Fitzgerald’s unprofessional behavior certainly qualifies him as a “stooge”.

    Get over your “Holier than thou” self Gail, errrrr Betty.

  48. Dear Reader:

    A look at the July 11 minutes – the latest available despite the fact that two meetings have been held since – will give you an idea of how poorly our tax dollars are being managed by the GBAD board.

  49. You know I’m extremely worried about Fitzgerald’s mental stability. To have the audacity to claim that Stephanie is acting in contrast with what’s best for the citizens of Boise obviously leads one to assume that his actions hold Boise’s needs in the highest of regards. Clearly something’s not clicking. But then again, puppets aren’t allowed to think for themselves so it’s understandable. But come on now Pinnochio, oh I’m sorry Fitzgerald, it’s time to be a real boy. Having absolutely zero accountability for funds distributions, specifically funds coming from the tax dollars of hard working citizens of Boise, is not what’s best for Boise. As hard as it is to compute, Boiseans want to know where our money is going. Making deals behind the scenes and trying to force out opposition on the board only further diminishes what little credibility you have. Time to cut those puppet strings and do what’s best for Boise…Leave!

  50. FYI All:

    The latest on the GBAD v BCVB saga:

    Read more:

    I also recall that BCVB staffers received unemployment and extended unemployment benefits while they awaited “funding.” Don’t know if they still do.


  51. Publius:

    Fitzgerald has already left! I heard he works for Johnny Carino’s in Idaho Falls. Wonder how he will keep his job as Bobbie’s biggest cheerleader and fund raiser?

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