Nancy Cladis Responds To Probation Concerns

Following a series of mostly negative comments posted by GUARDIAN readers, Nancy Cladis has responded in her own words. The most revealing statement is her intention to retire in a year and turn over the private, for-profit misdemeanor probation program to Ada County operation and control.

Her statement:
Wow, I had no idea there were websites like this, just found another called F__k the Boise City Police Department. Most replying sound like disgruntled ex-employees or people who have no faith in law enforcement or the criminal justice system. It does not seem to matter if it is run by government or privately. I for one, am thankful we have law enforcement officers and a criminal justice system to protect our community.

Every organization has employees that come and go. Unfortunately, some end up like a bad divorse with agressive anger and blaming others. They find websites to vent. Others just do not know facts and love a scandal. We can not control what others say or do.

Do websites like this not care what the facts are before printing an article. No one called me or came to Ada Probation asking any questions.

I’ll try to answer most of the comments written.
I sold a bail bond business in 1998 and have no profits coming from bail bonds.
I do not have a drug testing facility at Ada County Probation and there has never been a profit for drug testing. In fact it has been an expense as we have issued many vouchers for indigent probationers having no money to ua at a lab. 98% go to labs in Boise we have no affiliation with.

Earlier this year, the Idaho Misdemeanor Probation Planning Committee was presented by a drug testing facility offering equipment to probation offices across the state to perform their own ua’s at a lower cost to probationers. Officials in Ada County were also present. Others, including Ada County were impressed with this offer. Ada County Probation did indeed persue this using the name Accu-Lab, but it was never used after the negative comments were received.

Labs in Boise charge from $10 to $90 for a test. This equipment could have performed tests for $7.50. One of the Probation Officers role in supervising offenders is testing offenders and referring for appropiate treatment when needed. 80% of our case load is alcohol or drug related crimes and it is our job to identify ones abusing drugs or alcohol. Do we want to allow a Dui offender to continue to drink and possibly drive again to harm others? Many DUI’s result in accidents and death.

Issuing probation violations does not keep an offender in the system. They are entitled to a PV hearing to prove or deny allegations of their violations. A judge determines the appropiate sentence, not probation. Often they are returned to jail with revocation of probation or they are given another chance on probation, but it does not extend probation from the original sentence.

New legislation this year resulted in Misdemeanor probation officers attending POST ACADEMY to become certified peace officers. Five officers in Ada County have succcessfully graduated and the remainder will attend this next year.

As for a corrupt privatized misdemeanor probation office, this simply is not true. It is overseen by the BOCC, the trial court administrator, prosecutors, judges and others. These are very intelligent people that would not allow this.

Just one year ago, several new proposals were submitted to Ada County for misdemeanor probation. It is not a multi million dollar contract. After a complete investigation of probation and votes from many members of the judicial system, Ada County Misdemeanor Probation was again awarded with the contract and signed by all three commissioners.

Moving on, I am retiring from Misdemeanor Probation in one year and it will be placed under county government. We are proud of the work we all do at probation and the success stories we have witnessed.

As for the survey cards, there is absolutely no obligation to ever fill out surveys. If a probation officer made you feel uncomfortable with this, please let me know and I will talk to that officer. We do surveys daily at misdemeanor probation. Most all agree to fill out their exit surveys also (15,000 of them). This enables us to learn from the probationers what works and what does not work. Most other organizations and departments do surveys also.

If I was unable to answer any comments, I would be happy to respond if it is not hostile. The doors are always open at probation and we welcome non hostile individuals to tour probation and answer questions you might have.

In reviewing this POST it appears about 25 different people responded. I guess I feel a little better there are 500,000 plus citizens in Ada County and 19,000 probationers going through misdemeanor probation that did not have negative things to say.

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  1. Who told you the DV classes and testing are free? Who is suppose to pay for that, the taxpayers?

  2. Joe,I am paying that much and alot more.You see,I have a family,jobs are tight,we’re bearly getting by.I’ve been forced to pass on five jobs now because of probation.These jobs were 3-6 hours away form my home so I would have to stay there and come home on the weekends.I was flat out told NO!Yet I better always have their money!In this economy eveyone has to bend.As far as sitting down and talking with anyone working at P&P,not going to happen.From what I’ve read, and what I’ve witnessed,I may as well put my thoughts and feelings in the news paper.I don’t trust anyone there.I know alot of people in law (officers,lawyers,Judges)in Calif. (that’s not to sound like it makes me somebody, because I’m not)Thay hear and read about the Id system and just smerk with disbelief.It’s not even funny to them,it’s sad because they know and believe in the system the way it’s ment to run.This system has been shown to be corrupt,impotent,one sided and just plain sloppy in process for twenty years now and guess what?? no one has done squat to correct it.I believe in the Constitution. The people appointed to work and run Idaho should also.Myabe it would help if someone who knows how to read read it to them??? Have a Godly day

  3. From the typing and punctuation I would say Jeff isn’t a Jeff….
    maybe Tina in yet another form…..
    just saying since there is no Jeff Brown with any open cases in DV court…. publica isn’t the only one who knows how too look things up in ISTARS

  4. Exactly Rick and she wants you off this blog. You are taking her space. I don’t think she will ever go away.

  5. I’m confused as to how I am taking her space but you might be correct I don’t know. I just wonder why she wants me off of here?

  6. HAHAHAHA!! I’ve been out of the mix for awhile,Joe and rick are the same by the time lines and posts. Jeff and all the others that came here to vent and try to find some solitude and release and maybe some answers. Please don’t give up, Keep your chin up and your head held high, you’ll get thru this, keep positive and don’t let the negative stuff cloud your way. God bless …..Ps r/j keep stirring and say hi to Nancy!!!!

  7. Joe and Rick are not the same guy
    How many names do you post under Tina? scared, tina, rukidding, and many others.

    I will tell Nancy hi for you, I will see he in court when Susans review comes up.

    BTW the invite to talk about this in private still stands.

  8. I heard a rumor yesterday that probation is being put under the sherrif.

    Sharron would you care to comment?

  9. More pathetic acts
    Mar 28, 2012, 7:46 am

    I was made aware that the magistrate judges are scheduling a meeting in the next couple weeks to discuss a possible diversionary program for misdemeanor offenders. This concerns me on a couple levels. I am aware there are these programs for juvenile offenders but my understanding of the juvenile program is such as this: so they would not re-offend as adults. Now we need a program for the adults as well? What about misdemeanor probation, isn’t that what that program is for? If you look at what just the juvenile “Millennium Fund” proposal from 2011 for Ada County, it is almost $85,000.  Where is the money going to come from for the adults? We are all strapped at this time, we don’t need to spend anymore for things that are already out there! Either the money will come from you and I, (the public) OR from the offenders. Well we already HAVE misdemeanor probation which the offenders pay for themselves why in the world would we need something else? These are ADULTS now, either the judge believes they need supervised or they do not, I believe they are equipped to make that choice.

    The other thing that concerns me is that the person putting the “proposal” together for this diversionary program is none other than Nancy Cladis herself (Misdemeanor Probation Director). I was stunned when I discovered this.. Here is a woman who has apparently tried to hang on for dear life to misdemeanor probation, now wanting to still be in the thick of it. Is this still her way of making money off the backs of misdemeanor offenders or is she now trying to get our “funds” to support this venture? Or is this an attempt to get around the commissioners for not renewing her contract or trying to make sure the funds stay in her pocket rather then the sheriff’s department? It is common knowledge around the courthouse that she has a VERY close confidant in a high ranking position in domestic violence court that gives her advice, is this where this is coming from?

    Either way this whole scenario stinks to high heaven. I don’t believe a diversionary program is necessary. It appears to me that if misdemeanor probation doesn’t work why in the world would this? We already have Domestic Violence, Mental Health, Drug, and are trying out a form of DUI court, now we need another one to oversee all that? Doesn’t make ANY sense and is a waste to the offender and possibly my dollars. Even if the magistrates were on board with such a proposal wouldn’t it be wise to get bids for this rather then just take ones word for it?  Enough is enough, when is the motto of getting lucrative contracts from the state, local or county government going to end?

    EDITOR NOTE–We checked at the highest levels of officialdom that would have any voice in this matter and ALL denied any meeting on the subject. They have had and anticipate more meetings in the transition from the private ACMPS to the program that will end up with the sheriff.

  10. current probationee
    Mar 28, 2012, 8:07 pm

    I am currently on probation and Kim Helmandolar was my PO and now I was informed that he is no longer seeing clietns but is working from home. How convenient for him and supposedly he is the Chief Probation officer and if you want to talk to him you are told that he is not availabe well come to find out he is onm payroll and makes more than others and does not have a caes of probationees to see. My complints I have been told that need to go to a Sandy who is clerical and I do not trust any of them anymore as I have gone through so many POs in that office. If Kim does not want to work than he should resign and period.

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