Nancy Cladis Responds To Probation Concerns

Following a series of mostly negative comments posted by GUARDIAN readers, Nancy Cladis has responded in her own words. The most revealing statement is her intention to retire in a year and turn over the private, for-profit misdemeanor probation program to Ada County operation and control.

Her statement:
Wow, I had no idea there were websites like this, just found another called F__k the Boise City Police Department. Most replying sound like disgruntled ex-employees or people who have no faith in law enforcement or the criminal justice system. It does not seem to matter if it is run by government or privately. I for one, am thankful we have law enforcement officers and a criminal justice system to protect our community.

Every organization has employees that come and go. Unfortunately, some end up like a bad divorse with agressive anger and blaming others. They find websites to vent. Others just do not know facts and love a scandal. We can not control what others say or do.

Do websites like this not care what the facts are before printing an article. No one called me or came to Ada Probation asking any questions.

I’ll try to answer most of the comments written.
I sold a bail bond business in 1998 and have no profits coming from bail bonds.
I do not have a drug testing facility at Ada County Probation and there has never been a profit for drug testing. In fact it has been an expense as we have issued many vouchers for indigent probationers having no money to ua at a lab. 98% go to labs in Boise we have no affiliation with.

Earlier this year, the Idaho Misdemeanor Probation Planning Committee was presented by a drug testing facility offering equipment to probation offices across the state to perform their own ua’s at a lower cost to probationers. Officials in Ada County were also present. Others, including Ada County were impressed with this offer. Ada County Probation did indeed persue this using the name Accu-Lab, but it was never used after the negative comments were received.

Labs in Boise charge from $10 to $90 for a test. This equipment could have performed tests for $7.50. One of the Probation Officers role in supervising offenders is testing offenders and referring for appropiate treatment when needed. 80% of our case load is alcohol or drug related crimes and it is our job to identify ones abusing drugs or alcohol. Do we want to allow a Dui offender to continue to drink and possibly drive again to harm others? Many DUI’s result in accidents and death.

Issuing probation violations does not keep an offender in the system. They are entitled to a PV hearing to prove or deny allegations of their violations. A judge determines the appropiate sentence, not probation. Often they are returned to jail with revocation of probation or they are given another chance on probation, but it does not extend probation from the original sentence.

New legislation this year resulted in Misdemeanor probation officers attending POST ACADEMY to become certified peace officers. Five officers in Ada County have succcessfully graduated and the remainder will attend this next year.

As for a corrupt privatized misdemeanor probation office, this simply is not true. It is overseen by the BOCC, the trial court administrator, prosecutors, judges and others. These are very intelligent people that would not allow this.

Just one year ago, several new proposals were submitted to Ada County for misdemeanor probation. It is not a multi million dollar contract. After a complete investigation of probation and votes from many members of the judicial system, Ada County Misdemeanor Probation was again awarded with the contract and signed by all three commissioners.

Moving on, I am retiring from Misdemeanor Probation in one year and it will be placed under county government. We are proud of the work we all do at probation and the success stories we have witnessed.

As for the survey cards, there is absolutely no obligation to ever fill out surveys. If a probation officer made you feel uncomfortable with this, please let me know and I will talk to that officer. We do surveys daily at misdemeanor probation. Most all agree to fill out their exit surveys also (15,000 of them). This enables us to learn from the probationers what works and what does not work. Most other organizations and departments do surveys also.

If I was unable to answer any comments, I would be happy to respond if it is not hostile. The doors are always open at probation and we welcome non hostile individuals to tour probation and answer questions you might have.

In reviewing this POST it appears about 25 different people responded. I guess I feel a little better there are 500,000 plus citizens in Ada County and 19,000 probationers going through misdemeanor probation that did not have negative things to say.

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  1. It would have been nice to know about the vouchers for indigent probationers. I have been paying for the drug tests for my adult indigent son for over a year now because the information from the probation service provider said a missed test will be viewed as a “POSITIVE TEST” resulting in a probation violation.

  2. Current Employee of ACMPS
    Oct 1, 2011, 9:48 pm

    Smeg- you can have your son ask his PO for a UA voucher to help pay for his UA’s, but just know that he will be billed through our system for the voucher. So not only will he be charged Cost of Supervision fee, but also $10-$20 for the UA (depending on if he gets an alcohol test, a 5 panel drug test, or both). So to contradict Nancy, she can make a profit off the UA’s since this is money you or your son will have to pay back to ACMPS. I agree with Nancy that when a probationer is violated, it is ultimately up to the Judge to determine appropriate sentence. However, Nancy and Chief PO, Kim, have instructed us to to put in our recommendations “Extend Supervised Probation.” Nancy, please correct me if I’m wrong, but I have been doing this for quite awhile. Also, if an offender would like to go to unsupervised probation, there is a minimal chance this will happen. I have had numerous clients that have been totally compliant and have completed all terms that are on their court order (like treatment, paying fines/COS, taking every UA, and having all negative UA’s, etc). Even if the PO supports unsupervised probation, the decision is ultimately up to Nancy for approval. Why should Nancy decide? Especially when she has never met the client and come to know them like the supervising PO has. In recent months, I have been telling my clients that they can write a letter to their Judge requesting unsupervised. They have a far better chance having their request approved. However, Nancy has specifically told us not to inform clients of this. And when the original article “Ada Probation Agency Comes Under Scrutiny” was posted, Kim specifically told us NOT to respond to any media that may call or come in. I understand that Nancy would be the best person to answer questions, but it also shows a total distrust that she has with us (current employees). This may be due to us possibly describing our hostile and unhealthy work environment and telling the truth.

  3. I am a REAL current employee at ACMPS and the work environment is quite joyful since the people that created a hostile work environment are gone now.

  4. Thank You current employee. The the correct interpretation of the voucher is really a delay by the probationer in paying for the mandatory drug test. It is not really a voucher at all in the true meaning. The voucher will be billed at a later date. I assume the unpaid bill is then turned over to a collection agency. I appreciate the information and hope your information is informative to people in authority that may read this.

  5. Myself I believe that the commisioners and the dept of labor should investigate Nancy. Also in Nancy’s own word she state she didn’t know that this website existed. (First sentence of her statement) then she puts only 25 people are responding to the Guardians article so she must be doing something right. I encouraged those 25 people to tell their friends post on facebook, craigslist, ect. Let’s see what happens then.

  6. I believe that the Commisioners and the Dept. Of Labor should do an ivestigation on Nancy Cladis, her doors should be shut down.

  7. Is this a joke?
    Oct 2, 2011, 10:30 am

    It’s already all over Facebook!

  8. Wow I got up too early this morning. investigation is what I was going for.

  9. I am listening. I agree that an investigation is warranted based on information that has been brought to my attention by employees, former employees and probationers alike. I have never supported privatized misdemeanor probation, in part, because of the profit motive. In addition, I believe that misdemeanor probation falls within the scope of responsibities that are properly performed by government itself. Before my collegues sign the renewal agreement with Nancy Cladis on Tuesday, I will be pushing for a thorough investigation; however, it will take a vote from one of my two colleagues to make it happen. We will be meeting on Monday afternoon with our legal staff to discuss this situation.

  10. Caught on Flypaper
    Oct 2, 2011, 11:59 am

    I filled out the “Exit Survey” and said great things simply to ensure that I would get out of the corrupt system. So, I painted a rosy picture of it. I’ve been off probation for a few years now. Give me the same Exit Survey and it’ll read differently knowing you don’t have the power to arbitrarily file a probation violation for a dubious reason.
    Don’t expect honesty from probationers. They have the proverbial gun to their head. They are likely to get assigned to a new class like CSC (Cognitive Self Change) to “correct their thinking.” This class will cost at least $20/week and will last for at least 6-9 months in a dingy building with unqualified “facilitators”. In effect, if you don’t agree with them you have “thinking errors” and need to go pay money, take time out of your busy schedule in order to be “re-educated/indoctrinated.” This sounds like a Soviet system, if you ask me.
    Now that I’m out of the system ADMPS can take a hike. I feigned all of my rosy-cheeked cooperation just to get through it. That’s what my attorney advised me to do and he was right.
    All of the classes were lame and I am now anti-law enforcement due to all of this stuff. I used to trust and respect the police. Now I teach my children that the police are not your friend. The Courts are not your friend. Don’t trust either. Always exercise your right to remain silent under EVERY circumstance if being questioned FOR ANYTHING. Live and learn.

  11. Can anyone explain to me why the drug test are mandatory when the sentencing judge did not order it. If the judge orders supervised probation, does that not just mean someone is making sure the probationer does not violate the law again and complies with all the court ordered. What is the legal authority to require mandatory drug tests? In my son’s case, the judge never ordered it . The judge only ordered supervised probation. I have never understood this. My son’s “PO” just said “that is the way it is”.

  12. One can only speculate as to where the money from the indigent fund is being used, because as a former employee, most POs were not even aware one existed for their clients until the resigning of her contract last year. Never were we told that our clients could receive help w their medications, housing, food, or other necessities. What I find peculiar is that the money in this fund was provided by the courts. When a PO is ordered to appear in court, they are reimbursed, both for their time AND THEIR MILEAGE. However, although we were forced to drive our own cars, we were never reimbursed for our gas, Nancy simply pocketed this money. And in all the years I worked there, I was never told that any fund was available to help my clients, instead being told to tell my offender to “get off their a$$ and get a job”

  13. chicago sam
    Oct 2, 2011, 4:26 pm

    I didn’t bother to count but 25 negatives VS. how many positives?
    failure to comment should not be viewed as a positive

  14. Current Employee of ACMPS
    Oct 2, 2011, 7:56 pm

    Smeg- To answer your question, yes supervised probation is to ensure that a probationer does not violate any more laws while they are on supervision. However, when your son came to his first appointment with his PO, he signed ACMPS’ supervision agreement. This is another “list” of rules that he must follow and abide by EX: must submit to drug testing. Your sons PO should have explained this as I do at first appointments. This is not anything unusual and juvenile and felony probation also have similar agreements. So if a probationer is violated, the PO can use the court order and/or supervision agreement. I agree with Nancy that drug testing is necessary no matter what a person is on supervision for. In my experience, I have found people to have serious drug or alcohol problems even when their crime is not drug/alcohol related. We can then try to assist them with appropriate treatment programs and hopefully prevent them from getting a new charge. Now should probationers on supervision for petit theft be UA’d the same amount of times as someone on supervison for a DUI 2nd? No, but that is my personal opinion. We just have to follow the rules that Nancy has put in place.

  15. probationer
    Oct 2, 2011, 8:15 pm

    What I’d like to know is why isn’t it run by our county government in the first place?? Why do we, as probationers, have to deal with this another year? I was in the office and overheard an officer calling in a probationer to come into the office to take a UA at their lab.
    I’d like to know why I am mandated to take UAs when my case had /nothing/ to do with drugs or alcohol…so I am /not/ one of those 80% that she mentions in her words. It should be case by case to take a UA, not mandatory. Its extra money and time that I do not have. I have had the complete run around with this office and would love for something to change… every time I fill out the required sheet as you wait to see your PO, it asks you to rate how they’re doing. I would /love/ to write my honest opinion, but I’m feared into writing the best answers on this sheet so I remain compliant and can be respected by doing so. Being in this system makes a person want to rebel. They push you to the edge to see how much you can take.

    Oh, and those 25 who commented, its just because not many of the probationers know of this site. I found it from a post on facebook and hope that others do too. Most of us, probationers, do not know what’s going on and only think its happening to us and no one else. So, instead, they keep their mouth shut, fearing that they’ll end up worse if they complain. I’m sick of dealing with ACMPS…

  16. Mz. Ullman, I don’t have a dog in this fight at all, although there seems to be enough polarity between the two extremes, an investigation is definitely called for. As the leading elected officials in this county, it certainly should not require a need to convince one of your peers to agree with you. You three were elected specifically to remove the BS from both extremes and find the truth, (usually someplace in the middle)
    Thank you for your input and I am interested in the outcome.

  17. Current Employe of ACMPS. Thank you for your response. I REALLY appreciate your input on this blog. However, I was in court when my son was sentenced. The judge did not say he was on supervised probation if he(my son) agreed to the terms of the private enterprise of ACMPS. The court cannot order your rights to be suspended in a misdemeanor case. This is what people are not understanding. ACMPS is a PRIVATE COMPANY. No arrest powers, no authority to search ones home based upon possible violations. The ACMPS is a civilian organization. Where do they get their authority to make probationers do things that the court did not order……. This is what I do not understand. It appears that Ada County had Let Nancy Cladis make up her own rules, and they agree with them. The Ada County Commissioners do not have that authority. Only the Judge has the Authority to set the terms of probation. If the judge did not order random US’s then they should not be required by ACMPS. Who is making the rules here. The court, or Nancy Cladis?????

  18. Sharon you have what you need to warrant an investigation. I pray that what you have is enough to close her doors down

  19. Cyclops and RU ~ I have done everything in my power as an individual commissioner to investigate. To do anything further will take a second vote from one of my two colleagues. That’s the way this three-commissioner system works. I appreciate everyone’s concern and input. Hopefully, this afternoon, there will be a second vote to move forward with a thorough investigation before the contract granting another year is signed.

  20. UncleSam'son
    Oct 3, 2011, 9:07 am

    I was a recent probationer. Been on supervised probation for 3 1/2 years, after being extorted by the court system into a plea deal that was changed by the apparent “mistake” of a court recorder. I had been sentenced to a two year probation, for two offenses, to be served concurrently. It had been put into the contract I signed as “consecutively”. At the time (and still), I did not have the funds to be able to contest this first amount of B.S., so I resigned my self to spending 4 years as a “ward” of the State.
    My offenses were not drug or alcohol related, and any UA’s I had to do were random, I had not been put on a color code. My first UAs were for alcohol which came up negative. Imagine my surprise when my next UA was to be for drugs. Not only was the test for something I had not done, and did not do, but the cost was twice the price. For the next two years every test was to be for drugs. I had complained about the cost to my PO, but not once was I EVER informed about vouchers for the tests. (Good thing, because it looks like I would STILL be paying off acmps.)
    Eighteen months into my sentence, I heard and asked about being placed on unsupervised probation. My PO told me it was decided by him, so I decided to wait until two years were completed, and asked him again if I could be placed on unsupervised. I was told that decision was up to his supervisor. For another year, I was led to believe if I was keeping my end of the contract, I would be given unsupervised. Instead, a new PO was given me, so I had to start a new relationship with someone who did not know me, and did not know my situation. It didn’t start very well. She was very surprised I had not been placed on color code, for UA testing, and had me start calling in every day. If I missed once, I was to be violated and put in jail. So after three years plus of NOT offending, I was given another chance by the acmps, to violate, and have my sentence lengthened. At that time, my new PO told me about writing the judge in my case, to be placed on unsupervised probation (THANK YOU!)which I wrote very soon after that. The next issue I had was about the length I had left in my term. I was given a receipt for every time I had paid, and it showed I had been current with my schedule and only had a number of months left to complete, but my new PO wanted me to do an extra month. I told her my time was done at 4 years, but she stated I was NOT to be released until the month AFTER. Thankfully my letter to the judge finally paid off and I was given unsupervised probation, but it was not until after a couple of hundred dollars in UA tests, and visits to acmps.
    Looking back, I am conflicted. I wonder, if I had finished my original 4 years of being “babysat”, and being arrested for absconding, if I wouldn’t have had a very good lawsuit against acmps for unlawfully lengthening my probation. I also almost wish I HAD done the time in jail I was originally going to be given in lieu of probation. I would have saved myself 3 years 4 months of an emotional rollercoaster, and several thousand dollars in “fees”.
    At this time, I am completely done with this episode in my life. I do not fear being hit with a “violation” of any sort.( You can be violated for not being employed). Do I feel the system is abusive, and is it profit motivated? The answer to me, is a resounding YES.

  21. I was informed that the commissioners have more than enough proof of unethical and down right illegal activity and Sharon Ullman is doing everything in her power to investigate. However, there are three county commissioners and Rick Yzaguirre and Vern Bisterfeldt need to be aware and take a stand against this corruption. We look to you stand up to the plate and represent the citizens of Ada County. If nothing is done, it’s only a matter of time before someone takes this to the press and it ends up on the news.

  22. Ok the commisioners were provided with enough proof to warrant an investigation at the very least. We will go public with this info if needed.

  23. Ok people call the statesman. All we are asking is for an investigation!!

  24. Money, Money, Money
    Oct 3, 2011, 11:15 am

    I had a small run-in with the law here. Wasn’t a very good experience at all, and it shouldn’t be. I paid my fines in full at the end of my hearing, reported for my 30 days of work release as instructed. Paid my $50.00 a month and took a UA when told to. I completed my community service as quickly as possible and my attorney went back before the judge and I was released from supervised probation after 5 months. I have another year of probation, which I am still adhearing to the requirements as required by the court. At the end of next year, my attorney will file a motion to have my record sealed. I didn’t have any problems with any of the process. It’s definately money hungry and there are a multitude of hoops you have to jump through. Work release was the most intersting ever. People are in there because they have jobs and need to keep them, but they let people in who don’t work and want to talk and be rowdy all night. I saw drugs inside, cell phones, and all kinds of illegal activity going on. People came in loaded with a variety of drugs. The entire 30 days I was there, I was never searched, nor were any of my belongings. But then, maybe its because I was a first offender, not drug or alcohol related, a good job, with a clean track record until the one mistake. However, it made me very nervous as it’s possible for one of the junkies in there to stash there stuff on you. I was green to say the least until someone showed me the ropes and how to protect myself. I think sentencing in Idaho is out of control, and the length of time they try to keep you in the system is wrong. Slap a shoplifter on the hand with a heft fine and 80 hour of community service. Stop with the UA’s, work release, and all the other BS. And the theft class was not benefitting in any way. I think they assign it as more of a form of punishment, not educational purposes. The system definately needs help, but overall I can say I didn’t have any problems with my PO, in fact he was very kind to me once we met a couple times. He was hard at first, but then we talked a little and things got better. I’m older, I learned a long time ago to tell people what they want to hear, truth or no truth…its gets you along faster that way.

    Oct 3, 2011, 1:26 pm

    Why does it seem that Sharon Ullman is the only one who is willing to do anything here!!?? It seems the county has a huge liability on there hands if Nancy Cladis gets her contract for another year!! If current employees,probationers and past employees have come forward what more information do Rick Yzaguirre and Vern Bisterfeldt need?? I can not beleive nothing has been said or done till now. The comissioners have EVERYTHING THEY NEED AND STILL ARE GOING TO ALLOW CORRUPTION!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!! I HOPE EVERYONE IN THE MEDIA GETS A HOLD OF THIS

  26. Serious concern
    Oct 3, 2011, 5:04 pm

    It’s mind boggling to see how many posts have come from both this article and the probation article, and to see that nothing has been done. It’s fairly obvious that a few posters have provided or have pertinent info regarding this corruption, and failure to respond to the citizens’ concern leaves the commissioners w a significant chance of liability if this type of unethical practice is not stopped. I for one have never been through the probation system, happen to be very grateful for everything our court system does for us, and respect our police department, but this for-profit company is blatantly a conflict of interest. How can people not realize this? She needs probationers money to support her lifestyle, it’s common sense that she would collect money from them for as long as possible, even taking them back to court and asking for this “extension of probation”. I think all those willing to come forward should do so NOW, somebody must do something

  27. A unmentioned aspect of this story is: How does someone with a total lack of skill using the english language ever get to be in charge of something as important as the ACMPS? The spelling and grammar issues made Nancy’s reply all but unreadable. Seems to me a basic grasp of english and communication skills would be a minimum requirement.

  28. With the economy as low as it is & the limited jobs available these probationers are being violated for not working, not paying probation dues, classes that they can not afford, ridiculous mental evaluations with Nancy requiring them & ‘highly suggesting’ that they be medicated. And BAM! Not only can they not afford all these so called requirements, they have now been violated & given a PV warrant that they now have to pay a bond on. O Wait! What about the SCRAM device that the judges order coincidently ONLY through Misd. P&P that was costing approx. $400 a month. And finally with enough complaints on that & people not being able to rightfully bond out of jail due to the high cost & the PO’s not being available after 5pm they now have the TAD device that is half the price of the SCRAM until last week? when Cladis obviously lost a ton of $money$ due to her device being so inconvenient she has now tried to undercut the TAD device $30 by lowering her Scram price to $210. Hopefully the investigation on her happens & the county makes some greatly needed positive changes.

  29. Serious concern
    Oct 4, 2011, 1:19 pm

    Wow, so if she was charging $400 a month for this SCRAM device then she was making QUITE a profit!! And from what I gather this device detects alcohol in the body? By my calculations someone could take a $10 urine alcohol test EVERY DAY OF THE MONTH and not come close to spending that much money, this just seems ludicrous to me, why would judges agree to let her use this? The alcohol test goes back several days correct? So why must offenders be forced to pay several hundred dollars more when the probation office claims their drug and alcohol testing facility is top of the line?? Common sense would dictate that this SCRAM is a waste of time and money considering we have a much cheaper alternative

  30. So with one of the Council members apparently full informed about this issue of public concern, why is there not a investigation going on? And why are the other two sittn on their hands?

    GUARDIAN: Can you provide some numbers; number of probationers, $$ involved etc., to give this story some impact for the bystanders who don’t think it has or will have an impact on them.

    EDITOR NOTE–The system is funded by the offenders. We have talked to ALL the commishes and provided copies of many of the comments. It appears their attitude is to just leave it at “status quo” for another year. Our position is there is enough “smoke” to merit a search for the “fire.” Far too many complaints by people who openly admit they are guilty, but feel abused by the for-profit system.

  31. Dave ~ Please don’t lump us together when you speak of “our” attitude with regard to misdemeanor probation. It would be my strong preference to have a thorough investigation conducted, but I can’t get it done without a second vote from one of my colleagues.

    EDITOR NOTE–Fair enough. The MAJORITY of the board has not taken action to launch a thorough audit and investigation of misdemeanor probation.

  32. We have provided ALL of the commisioners with PROOF. Sharon is the only one that is listening. Vern happens to be a friend of Nancy’s so he isn’t going to vote for the investigation. As for Rick, I’m not sure as to WHY he doesn’t think an investigation is warranted. If this story were in the statesman it would be a totally different story and we ALL know it.

    EDITOR NOTE–We do need a good trustworthy local paper that covers the news. The GUARDIAN tries to prod the legacy media, but we have limited influence.

  33. If the county Commissioners will not investigate, our system of government has many layers to prevent abuse or refusal to perform their elected sworn duty. Sharon, is there any way Lawrence Wasden can initiate an investigation upon your request? The Attorney Generals Office may be where this needs to go to get away from the politics of this apparent refusal to uphold the oath of office the other Commissioners took. Thank you.

  34. I bet if 100 people out in front of ACMPS were picketing it would get some airtime.

  35. Todd

    A very good point, when I first read the letter supposedly written by Nancy I was a bit confused. I couldn’t help but notice this line in her letter. “Every organization has employees that come and go. Unfortunately, some end up like a bad divorse with agressive anger and blaming others.”
    Tonight I read a post in the story on the Green Belt and Eagle City Council, here it is “Whoa, Maybe the two opposing city attornies can spend millions fighting each other, just like a jucy divorse. Instead we can just cut off water to Garden city until they want to cut a deal” Zippo Sep 29, 2011, 9:41 pm
    I’m not an expert by any means, but looks to me like both posts were written by the same person. I don’t think Nancy had anything to do with the letter in this story.

    EDITOR NOTE–There is no doubt it came from her, using her county e-mail account.

  36. Rick, I mix it up a bit every now and then. It’s kinda fun to have someone thinkn I’m stupid.

    Lots of folk on here type something quickly, errors are bound to occur. There are also those who hold themselves above the rest based on their spelling ability or job title rather than the substance and key points of their posts. From time to time there are even attempts at intimidation or misinformation aimed at a particularly accurate poster.

    Haven’t seen you on here much, new name or new?

  37. PS: We entered a new era in America. In the past there was always some level of funny business going on in our government agencies with the best of intentions toward the American public. Now when looking at the burgeoning police state, grown out of all the terror concerns, one only need to visit the airport to realize our rights are secondary to self-serving policies and overgrowth of all the various agencies. The good news is the support money has run out. In a few more years we can feel safe again.

  38. Zippo

    I will print out the post in this thread and go straight to the source to see if it was written by her. There is no doubt that the e-mails in another thread were written by her since time and date indicators are there. IF this had come from her e-mail I would assume that those markers would have been left on there as bona fides to further verify the writer of the post, since they were not, I have to assume that this was written by someone else. I might be wrong, it wouldn’t be the first itme, but in this instance I think I’m right.

    Editor –IF it came from her e-mail why did you choose delete all of the headings you left on in the other thread? Something smells here.

    EDITOR NOTE–we do not publish e-mail addresses of any commenters.

  39. Dave
    You are either missing my point entirely, or you are purposely choosing to ignore what I am saying. I would tend to believe that the latter is true, so let me spell it out so there is no ambiguity.
    You choose to include certain e-mail indicators in the piece entitled “Private County Probation on the Way Out”
    IE: From: Nancy Cladis Sent: Wednesday, September 28, 2011 12:03 AM
    To: ‘Larry D. Reiner’Subject: Misdemeanor Probation.
    The FACT that you choose to include these indicators in certain posts and not in others tends to give credence to the possibility that “Her Statement” in the article titled “Nancy Cladis Responds To Probation Concerns” was written by someone else. I would tend to believe that IF you had indicators that this was submitted by her you would not have hesitated to include them in the post.
    You said that you do not include e-mail addresses, while that is true, you have proven that you will include the headings when it furthers your purpose
    As I said something smells here.

  40. Rick,

    The messages posted on this forum don’t come from email accounts. The email information is entered into a field. I could use Nancy’s email, for that matter. However, that would be fraud, and could even be construed as identity theft. So, either Nancy sent the messsage or someobody is incredibly stupid and crooked.

    Second, we should be THANKING the Boise Guardian for bringing awareness to this issue, rather than nitpicking them over this or that. Take it elsewhere. Perhaps you should contact them offline if you have a concern or grievance like this.

  41. It would appear someone attempting to create a scandal from nothing as some kind of distraction. Must work in one of the BS spin-doctor professions.

  42. Zippo

    I assume that comment was aimed at me…. You might be suprised what profession I work in.

  43. I agree Zippo, I think he’s trying to distract from the issues at hand. Here’s my take, there are simply to many complaints for some of this information not to be accurate. If the employees are treated how they say they were treated and have seen these unethical practices going on they had NO choice but to come forward only after they had quit or were fired. I don’t see this as “disgruntled ex employees”. Sounds as if they had come forward sooner they would of lost their jobs regardless. I certainly think where there’s smoke there’s fire and an investigation needs to be done. I think each current employee should be questioned separately and without Ms. Cladis present so they can speak their minds. I’m willing to bet there’s more to be told then what the ex employees know and maybe they could speak freely without the threat of being terminated.
    I would also like to hear from either a current/ex employee or someone from the Sheriff’s office as to why Ms. Cladis has a beef with Sheriff Rainey? It seems to me that probation and the jail should be on the same page???

  44. As usual anyone who doesnt hold the party line must be the bad guy…. oh well who cares… 1 question though..jow many of you who are weighing in on this have been on probation….not know some one who has been on or had a baby momma/baby daddy on probation… no parents who complian about having to pay to enable their kids… HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE ACTUALLY DEALT WITH PROBATION ON YOUR OWN?

  45. Rick,

    Just watched Bill O’Rielly on FOX. Thank goodness the CBS reporter on the Fast & Furious story has another media outlet to turn to outside of CBS. Otherwise, I don’t think the nation would know about something more disgusting than Watergate.

    Along those same lines of maintaining the integrity of the nation and its duty to the citizen: Don’t know yet if rights were violated, but there is a duty to investigate? It’s important that all of us lookout for the rights of all of us. Yes even a pathetic probationer should be “served and protected” It’s a duty of us all. And if we fail in that duty, we have failed ourselves and we have failed to uphold the very principles that makes this nation greater than any other the world has ever known. So please put that in you pipe and smoke it.

    Let me know if you need a light!

  46. I doubt that you have any idea of what it takes to maintain the integrity of a nation.. I really like the pathetic probationer comment… shows just how stupid you are… if any of you think this forum is a legitimat news outlet you are sadly mistaken..

  47. zipper head…. is that an invite to meey or something?

  48. Rick ~ Please submit a public records request to the county if you would like to see the letters Nancy Cladis has written so you can verify their content and authenticity for yourself.

  49. Sharon
    I am not sure what good that would do… since the ONLY “letters” authenticity that I had the audacity to question was the one at the beginning of this thread.

  50. They Treat their clients/ employees like SH**T.. Take your money to meet with them for a short period of time, make you late for work, When one of the “conditions” is to hold a job, but they can’t get their sh**t together. ie: walking in for your “appt” they don’t have a PO for you(cause the one you did have got let go), not notified of a new change. Make you wait to see if they could “squeeze you in” with someone else.. Which in returns makes you late to your job.Glad $ 75 plus more a month goes to a bunch of Crooks!! “Im the crook”, you are too!! you should pay the clients to come see you! The place is a dump. drug/alcohol testing when not ordered to do so is also a waste of time, inconveinent, waste of money. I hope something is done about this issue…

  51. No Rick, no need to meet. And thanks for helping us to get enough momentum that Sharon feels comfortable acting alone.

  52. Rick ~ If you were to request the lengthy letters that Nancy has authored and sent to our office, you would note the similarity in writing style and content. The person who made these remarks (I believe it was Nancy) missed a few factual points, but few people would know about the presentation on UA testing to the Misdemeanor Probation Planning Committee. (I also serve on this committee.) To be quite frank, I was rather confused as to why a private company was afforded the opportunity to make a presentation to this statewide committee of mostly government officials. I don’t specifically recall being “impressed” although I believe claims were made that this company’s tests were more cost effective than those currently being used. FYI, Ada County has a population of just under 400,000 and, according to the best information I have available, Ada County has less than 3000 active misdemeanants on probation at any given time. I DO believe that Nancy has a right to defend herself against the many claims being made. I would think that if she has done nothing wrong, she would welcome the close scrutiny of an investigation of her program.

  53. ex-probationer
    Oct 8, 2011, 6:56 pm

    I have been watching this exchange for awhile and as an ex probationer I can defiantly understand why people have such a hard time with some of the restrictions imposed by ACMPS. My crime had nothing to do with drugs or alcohol but I was required to submit to several UA’s. I was not especially concerned about the UA’s themselves but the fact that I even though I lived and worked in Caldwell I was required all but once to use a specific lab in Boise. I was allowed to use a lab in Nampa 1 time something I could do during my lunch instead of having to take time off of work to go to Boise, now if what I understand from these posts is correct, that since the court did not require me to take UA’s I did not have too, I want my money for the tests back along with compensation for the work time I missed that I did not have to. I tried to raise some of these concerns when I was on probation. I called the Court Administrator and was told that the contract was Nancy’s program to run and there was no one I could complain to.
    I should have gone on up the chain so to speak, but decided it was probably best just to keep my mouth shut and get through my time with as little friction as possible. I learned that simply admitting any type of problem to Nancy would quickly be responded to with threats of putting me back in jail.
    Private prisons and jails are not the way to go private and probation seems to not be the way to go either but be careful when looking at putting this under the Sheriff’s dept. having the fox in charge of the hen house doesn’t seem like a good idea to me, letting them violate you and put you into their jail @$25 a day seems like a serious problem in the making.

  54. zippo

    Not sure how I helped, but you’re welcome. I am also unsure where anyone got the idea that I am against the idea of an investigation into this, because that is not the case. I even suggested it in a letter I wrote to ALL 3 commissioners individually shortly after this hoopla started. Have any of you written letters directly to or contacted the commissioners personally about this matter? Or has your input only been on this site?

  55. Echo Fairchild
    Oct 8, 2011, 8:50 pm

    As a professional shouldn’t she know to use “spellcheck” or at least a dictionary before posting her public rebuttal?

  56. Echo Fairchild
    Oct 8, 2011, 8:58 pm

    I am sure, Ms. Cladis, that current probationers have little to say in this forum because they fear backlash for their comments. I have some tales about the program, but as I want to be free eventually, this is not the time or place to share. If we feel persecuted now, why risk it?

  57. probationer2
    Oct 9, 2011, 1:39 am

    Oct 6, 2011, 6:59 pm
    As usual anyone who doesnt hold the party line must be the bad guy…. oh well who cares… 1 question though..jow many of you who are weighing in on this have been on probation….not know some one who has been on or had a baby momma/baby daddy on probation… no parents who complian about having to pay to enable their kids… HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE ACTUALLY DEALT WITH PROBATION ON YOUR OWN?

    RICK- I am currently on probation and have been for the last 6 months. I am by no means the perfect person. I take full responsibilty for my actions. I am fully aware that I am the one who put my self where I am now. But lets face it we are all human and we don’t always make good choices in life. I do have to say that I am very disgusted with Ada county Probation. I know that probation officers aren’t really there to be your “friend”. They are there to make sure you are complying. let me give you a list of a couple things I am disgusted with. (you can take this as “me complaining” or as a valid concern”) either way feel free to join in on a meeting at Ada county probation. You can even sit in one of my meetings if you like.
    This is how un organized they are/sloppy company:
    – first off the receptionist there are like robots, have no communication skills what so ever! you call there and it’s like your talking to a brick wall. they speak to you as if your inconveniencing them. (small concern)
    – I have an appointment set up one month I go in for my meeting, I sit there for about 30 minutes before someone comes to gets me and tells me my probation officer was let go, and they were my new PO. ( I have a job to go to, so I can pay them)
    – 2nd month, I go in do my normal sign in, sit there for about 15 minutes I realize my PO is not there. so I walk up to the receptionist ask what is going on, ” there exact words were: “oh, you had a meeting, your probation officer was let go, have a seat and let me check to see if i can find someone that can squeeze you in” – again I have a job to go to.. I sit and wait for about another 20 min… finally get seen, by someone who has no idea who I am, what I am about. Just views me as this horrible,trouble maker. let me mind you, I have all of my ordered requirements completed, Testing clean… this probation officer goes on to say what he would have done to me,if i was his client. First off, I have been dealing with them for the last 6 months and haven’t had any trouble with my probation officer I had previously. He lectures me , collects my fine, makes me late to work. (the late to work thing irriates me to no end. oh and did I mention that fact that they failed to inform me of the changes. they could have at least mailed me a letter stating a new time, new probation officer.
    – This is how they treat you,(this one wasn’t directed towards me) But I over heard a probation officer tell a client… (let me just sayI don’t know the client, and what they are in there for) But this probation officer says ” I don’t care if you don’t have money, you go out on the streets and beg for money”- this goes to show they are money hungry.. this probation officers goes on yelling at the client.
    – I was told from my last probation officer that I could could potentially get off early if I stayed in compliance. I would just have to write a letter to the judge. I then go in the next month ask if this was something I could do .. and the new probation officer looks at me and laughs and says good luck getting off. Really… First off they are so darn full that I can’t even have a private appt.. Im in a room with 12 other people so everyone can know my business.. So someone in compliance who has completed everything has no chance… it’s like they just want to keep you there so you can keep paying them…
    – The place is a dump, the least they can do with the money I give them is have a clean place…
    – UA’s are a waste of time, money… That place is a dump too…
    I can keep going on, the point I am trying to make is that, something is not right with that company, they need to get there sh**t together and realize that we are all human and make mistakes, they fortunately haven’t been caught. I also think it’s funny when they try and ask you how things are going, if you have anything to talk about… Really , do you think I am going to talk to you openly… If i wanted/needed someone to talk to I would at least find someone half way decent then some of the employee there. I also would like to get of Probation not continue to feed you my money because I am telling you everything… I can go on forever with this.. But really if you would like to see what it’s like/ hear what goes on around you in that place, feel free to join in on one of my meetings! I hope something gets done, I don’t really expect to get my money back, But I will at least be satisfied with the fact that I have spoken up in the end… I hope this changes in the future… especially for “new probationers”… In the end of all of this I have learned from it all… If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to ask. Thanks

  58. probationer2
    Oct 9, 2011, 2:03 am

    Rick- I failed to mention that keeping a job is a requirement … it would help if they could get there crap together so i can make sure my bills are paid… and of COURSE so they can get paid!! wouldn’t want to get a probation violation…

    I also failed to mention, UA’s were not part of the order I was given.

  59. Ex-probationer—although I do not agree with UAs for everyone (it should depend on crime), when I was on Probation living in Nampa I was able to use the lab in Nampa and I also got my probation transferred to Canyon County so I did not have to get a ride to Boise. Not sure why your PO would not let you test in Nampa. Although my dealings with probation were my own fault my PO in Ada County was very nice and seemed to really care about me. Maybe it depends on the PO….

  60. I was recently court ordered to take 32 hours of alcohol treatment. I began my classes at Dave Liddle’s. I met with my probation officer for my first appt and was told that I needed to change treatment providers and would most likely not get credit for the hours I completed with DL’s. I was frustrated to say the least. I built a rapport with Dave and was comfortable with his staff. Not to mention the money I had already spent.Why does their office have the authority to select where my hours are completed, considering the courthouse provided me with a list that they deemed acceptable?? Does Nancy Cladis have some sort of monetary arrangement with certain treatment facilities?

  61. RE: ex probationer
    Oct 9, 2011, 2:21 pm

    I am a previous employee and while I don’t know why you were ordered to report to Boise for your drug testing, I do know that transferring probation to another county can be difficult depending where you are hoping to transfer. There are certain counties that Nancy refuses to transfer to as she does not feel their agencies are up to her “standards”. And to transfer a case elsewhere would be lost revenue for her and her office.

  62. I am a current probationer. i was given an option to be “unsupervised” because i was moving. Everything was packed and got a minor “phone Harassment” charge a few days before leaving. Not only is the court system currupt, but i have never been able to leave the state because the aACMPS will not recognize my paperwork and ability to leave the state.

    UllMAN, DO something!!!!

  63. ex-probationer
    Oct 9, 2011, 4:33 pm

    well in my case it didnt matter that my situation had nothing to do with any kind of substance. I dont know why I wasnt allowed to keep doing the tests in nampa but I wasnt. I remember the call that am I was told I needed to take a UA…or actually give one.. and that I wasn’t to go to the lab in Nampa… I was to go to a specific location on orchard if I remember right..I also ask about transferring my supervision and was laughed at….

  64. did you know that Nancy also runs probation in power county? she makes her po’s in ada work saturdays and sundays and she doesnt work either saturday or sunday because she only works one day a week and even then she will make other po’s see her people. both nancy and kim say that they can work from home while everyone else is expected to be at work. when i worked there a lot of people were not happy with how they are told to perform but you either do as you are told or you are out the door. i hear now they are having full day staff meetings and they will not answer phones nor will they see clients but if you are going to pay your fees they will open the door for you some one needs to lookm into how that department is being run.

  65. ex-probationer
    Oct 9, 2011, 7:44 pm

    ticked….. ever think of not catching more charges….you brought this one on yourself..

  66. Guardian, thank you for giving an outlet to those of us who have been wronged. To the naysayers on here I just want to say that just because the vast majority don’t agree with your opinion does not make this site or Dave for that matter a joke. Get a grip.
    Nancy you said you would answer questions if they were not hostile so I’ll try my best not to sound rude so I can get an answer. I was ordered to get an evaluation and then complete what it recommended me to do. It recommended 26 weeks of treatment I was willing to do that, however after being in treatment for a few months my provider told me that you recommended my treatment be upped to 52 weeks. I’m wondering why that is? I have 2 sessions a week with him yet I only see you once a month. I would think my counselor would know me better then you would as he sees me 7 times more a month. Do you have some sort of degree or training that let’s your opinion trump what my provider wants?

  67. Dave Liddle is on the approved provider list. As far as I know he doesnt accept state funding but if you already started your classes and are attending you should be able to finish classes there. Talk to your PO again….

  68. The system is a racket. It’s a house of cards that is now about to come crumbling down with the class action lawsuit. Everyone just toe the line, be patient, and wait for it to fall. Change is coming.

    I’m a former probationer. I know the intense hell they put me through for 2 years. It really changed who I was as a person. It’s made me more aggressive and angry. I’m sure this is the exact opposite of what they hoped to achieve. I know that i’m not the only one.

    Everyone, just keep your noses clean. Stay out of trouble. Join the class action lawsuit. Call Mr Gordon’s office at 345-7100 and ask for Tracy. Give her your information.

    The Guardian has lived up to its name in this case. Being a Guardian of the people, especially those people who are marginalized and without a voice. Those who are immediately dismissed due to their “history.”

    Thanks, Guardian.

  69. Yep, but change to what. If the system is sick because of the lack of oversight and lack of adherence to values, we have a very long mission ahead.

    Sharon, you and others have real work to do here. The drums will stop beating in a few weeks, but will you stop marching?

  70. Zippo ~ I never, ever give up when I perceive that there is wrongdoing occuring.

    Someone recently wrote that this situation “reeks of cronyism.” I can attest to the fact that much that goes on in county government does, in fact, reek of cronyism.

    My goal is massive reform of everything that is currently secretive, dysfunctional, or downright broken. Hopefully, next year, voters will provide a like-minded colleague.

  71. ex-probationer
    Oct 10, 2011, 8:33 pm

    if if if…. what I just read is true… that probation is to be under the state board of corrections…. looks like there are going to be several law suits….and since the county commissioners gave the contract to ACMPS I can forsee the county being named in the suits… how is the county ever going to pay for all of the civil rights violations that occured due to them giving athourity to a private company in defiance of the state constitution

    Wow can anyone say cha ching… glad I dont live in ada county anymore

  72. Sharon
    IF…. it is unconstitutional for counties to run probation instead of corrections… looks like a lot of county’s going to be involved in an amazing amount of law suits.

  73. like it or not don’t do the crime if you can’t pay the fine’s or do the time..

  74. ex probationer
    Oct 11, 2011, 12:36 pm

    sounds like a typical moron cop comment….I’ll bet most of your comments start out with…. back in cali… god I wish you would all go back

  75. brilliant comment lawdog…just brilliant

  76. Ms. Ullman,

    I saw your comment in the latest report in the Statesman. While I certainly applaud you for being the lone voice on the Commission regarding this issue, I think you are definitely incorrect when you stated,

    “I don’t think anyone wants this house of cards to come crashing down.”

    If you had to sit in that office and suffer through 2 years of abuse I think your opinion would differ. We don’t want, or need, a complete elimination of a probation program. But, the “house of cards” that is ACMPS, Inc. definitely needs to come crashing down.

    If put in the same position today as I was then, I’d take the few months in County Jail and be done with it rather than sit through 2 more years of Cladis’ office. That is no exaggeration.

  77. Fees ~ Bad choice of words on my part.

    What I was trying to say was that I don’t want misdemeanor probation to simply go away across the state. Misdemeanor probation (in general, not specifically ACMPS) seems like a house of cards right now because if the provision of these services by county commissioners is declared unconstitutional by the Idaho Supreme Court, it is possible that these services will no longer be provided. No misdemeanor probation services would result in either longer jail sentences (at a high price to taxpayers and to misdemeanants’ families) or no support and monitoring to prevent re-offending when someone is released from jail.

    I DO want all PRIVATIZED misdemeanor probation (including ACMPS) to go away. My position on that issue has not changed.

  78. Thank you, Ms. Ullman. Point taken.

  79. I am currently on probation, my probation officer is Nancy. She has never charged me any more then 25 dollars for COS or 10 dollars for a drug test. I will say that my crime is not drug or alcohol related I do have to UA. I have heard her say to many people, when they ask if they are getting off probation, “We will see what the judge says”. I am 30 years old and have never been in trouble, in order to get a withheld I took a deal with the prosecutor. The classes that THE PROSECUTOR is making me take is 1,300 dollars once completed. There are three things people need to realize; that we have committed crimes and the expenses that go with it are part of our consequences, if it was not Nancy, it would be somebody else everybody is mad at, and felony probation cost just as much and is not privately ran. The state benefits from criminals period. The judges even say Nancy does a good job…….weird!

  80. Accessdenied
    Oct 12, 2011, 8:35 pm

    I have a comment for Nancy that I will try to make as sincerely harmless as possible. Ms. Cladis, I phoned you a couple of months ago to discuss a problem with a certain probation officer of yours. Instead of addressing the problem we were having with the P.O., you demanded many times to know which probationer I was talking about. When I refused to mention his name due to a fear of retaliation towards this probationer, you hung up on me. I tried to call back to see if we could actually address the issue with the probation officer, but you refused to answer my call and seemed only concerned with the probationer, never even asking who his P.O. was. Why would you do that?

  81. Sharon-
    Here is something to look into: Less than a year ago POs at ACMPS were told to have probationers continue to come in after there probation was expired if they had a probation violation pending. They were told to continue coming in and pay the $50 fee until their PV was resolved. Many came in for 3 or more months after probation had expired.

  82. I once represented a client on a probation violation who was sued for his cost of supervision. He met with his PO the first time, said screw this, and absconded. He got arrested on his PV a few years later and ACMPS sued him for two years of his fees.

    But it isn’t about money…

  83. SP,

    The Prosecutor doesn’t order anything. They merely advocate for the State and recommend this or that. It is the Judge who orders things. The Prosecutor is really just the State’s attorney.

    Your experience with ACMPS, regarding fees for COS (cost of supervision) is an anomaly. I have heard of a few people only having to have alcohol testing in their UAs and those were $10. The vast majority (90%) of people I met on probation were paying $20 per UA for the full alcohol & 5 Panel drug test. Note, that most of these people, including me, had offenses that did not involve drugs and alcohol at all. In my case, it was a disturbing the peace conviction.

  84. Nancy gave me 118 piss tests in one year for dissturbeing the peace.these costs 18.00 a shot,domestice voilence classes,alochol classes and drug classes.summing up to around ,with fuel expences–about $7000.00 ,hey who do i contact to get my money back,as im raiseing a family and we are or the verge of being homeless,

  85. Phil Gordon is the attorney who filed the class action, so start there. Google him or look him up at the Idaho State Bar website.

  86. Question for Publica
    Oct 14, 2011, 9:42 am

    Is it legal that ACMPS orders me to attend “group” meetings? For my monthly meeting, they take me and about 10 other people, usher us into a room, and have our monthly meeting that lasts about 40 minutes. To begin with, that is approx $550 they are making in less than an hour, but my biggest concern is that I take medications for depression. I don’t feel comfortable talking about things like this to eleven strangers. Not even my Dr has the authority to discuss my medications with others, why does my PO think it’s acceptable? I asked to be taken out of them and to be seen individually. I’m paying my $50 a month, i want a private appt with my PO. I was told the director ordered these, so that was the way it was going to be. In my group treatment at least I was learning something. In this group I feel like a number, getting me and others in and out as quickly as possible and the rapport I had with my PO is gone.

  87. Group meetings are ordered by Nancy Cladis. I have heard most of the PO’s do not like doing them but she wants them to be able to see more clients in one hour. A typical meeting is 15 minutes so that is 4 an hour. If they do a group they can see 8-10 clients an hour. If you do not like groups you need to talk to Nancy.

  88. Check your judgment document and consult an attorney.

    The judgment forms changed in the past couple years. The new form combines three or four old forms.

    There is a section for probation. Specific classes may be written in or there could be a check box. WAY too often “treatment per PO” is authorized.

    Without knowing the specifics of the class I can’t know if you must endure that. What I REALLY want to know is who runs the class. The PO? I’d want to know what training the PO has for whatever that is. To the best of my knowledge the POs really don’t have much training to do something like a substance abuse class.

    If it is just your monthly meeting lumped in with a bunch of other people, that makes little sense to me. I don’t know what good it does you to hear someone else get told to pay their damn fines. Or get into Victim’s Panel.

    I completely agree with Groups’s comment. It ain’t quality, it is quantity…

    I think it is good to have these discussions on the boards, but if you want to e-mail me, try My impression was the evening classes were substance abuse and such, so I’d like to know more myself.

  89. frustrated with the system
    Oct 17, 2011, 1:08 pm

    I have read all the stories on here about Ada County Probation. I thought that probation officers were suppose to help us not take advantage of us! I completely take responsibility for what I did! With all these over payments it put my family and I in serious financial stress.

    I reitirated many times to my PO that I didnt have money to pay for everything. I guess there was a program that can help you pay for classes and UAs and that. That information was NEVER given to me by any of the three probation officers i have had in the last year! I was suppose to start my classes last august for DV Education but did not have the 200 bucks for the evalutaion plus 50 for COS and another 20 for UA and 100 more for the classes.

    I had to keep caught up with COS and UA. I was finally violated for not getting my classes done. I didnt not do them on purpose….I just didnt have the money! When they violated me they also got me on to missed UAs which I immediately rectified with my PO at the beginning of 2011….and they decided to violate me for them in august, especially after i corrected me missing them due to being sick.

    I was on gray color code. I passed each and every UA i was given.My crime didnt even involve drugs nor alcohol.. In fact I dont use either. The third violation was for not paying my fines. I had until June 27th to pay them and I paid them completely off on June 15th. yet again they violated me in august for that. I dont understand how they can do that. It was a 5,000 dollar bond. It cost us 500 bucks to bail me out which left us with nothing! If it would have been only for the violation of not getting my classes done the bail amount would have been considerably less.

    They violated me on two other of the charges which were dropped because there was no liability or cupibility to them. It was just a way for them to try to keep me on supervised probation. The judge and prosecutor gave me 3 months of extended supervised probation and in january i start unsupervised until next November. When my classses are done in august I will be petitioning to be taken off probation all together.

    I cannot believe that we would be taken advantage of like that. yeah we broke the law but that doesnt make us dogs like the probation office thinks! The only difference between those that own or work at Ada Probation is that they have never been caught. I hope Nancy Cladis is exposed and answers for her wrong doings. Sharon Ulmann I feel is doing a great job advocating for us that were wronged. Now if the other commissioners can’t see what is going on because one of them are Nancys friend….well then we can just vote those out who fail to do there job! Something needs to be done.

  90. susan mottaz
    Oct 17, 2011, 5:00 pm

    i have 8 months to go on domestic violence charge. i want to know how to get on unsupervised prpbation.i have completed all my domestic violence hours,a psch.concult and a drug and alcohol eval. 2 years on supervised probation is too long. i also have passed all of my urine tests as far as i know. i am sick and tired of making money for nancy cladis.i dont see her for my visits anyway. thanks

  91. Fees,

    The prosecutor did order my classes in order to get a withheld. I had to take it to get what I wanted it was part of the deal.

  92. SP: Withheld judgments aren’t worth a ton in Idaho, in my opinion. ISTARS pretty much killed that.

    Susan: Your case has continuing action in it. Looks like Jeff Nona is your attorney. In March there was a motion to move to UNSUP. There is a reiew set in January 2012, a letter from the defendant on 5 October and a motion to move up the hearing date.

    If Nona is still rep’ing you, you need to rely on him.

    Your ROA also shows a Rule 11 agreement back at sentencing. A Rule 11 is a specific type of plea agreement whereby all the parties agree to be bound to the specific terms. That normally means if the state doesn’t agree to modify those terms, it isn’t going to happen. Judges typically hold the defendant to what he previously agreed to.

    The ROA tends to show you are in a diversionary court. If so, they’ll get you to UNSUP when they get you there. My understanding is that Nancy has a more active role in that diversionary court, which CANNOT be a good thing…

  93. Accessdenied
    Oct 17, 2011, 10:58 pm

    My advice to all current probationers? CYA!!! Record all your run-ins (phone calls, too) with ACMPS, double test your urine at a private facility if your main facility is Global (if you can afford it), and pray to God that Nancy Cladis has not put all of her assets in anyone else’s name. This class-action lawsuit will be one of the biggest news-makers Idaho has had since Claude Dallas. Idaho’s good ol’ boy mantra? If it’s not in writing (or on tape), it didn’t happen.

  94. Pissed - current probationer
    Oct 19, 2011, 7:38 pm

    Instead of continuing to talk about it, we need to take action.
    These commishes dont expect us to do anything but talk about it.
    Lets do something real.

    I propose a full display of disapproval. Picketing at ACMPS and at city hall, and at the court house. The week of 10-23 – 10-29

    Comment if you agree and lets get organized. Everyone here is right and in agreement. What they are doing is ilegal. Lets hold them accountable.

  95. Publica is right about WHJs to an extent. Your charge, and the history of your case is public via ISTARS, but if the WHJ is completed and it was a DV then it does help as far as custody matters, gun ownership, etc.

    Technically, it is not on your record. Practically, everyone still knows about it.

    S.P., it was still the Judge that ordered the deal that the Prosecutor struck with you or your attorney. The Judge can reject a deal that you reach with a Prosecutor, though they usually will sign off on it.

  96. Withheld Judgments

    If eventually dismissed, legally that removes the conviction. As you indicate, the record continues to exist with ISTARS, which most everybody knows about.

    Records also exist with ISP if there was an arrest and a disposion, so the dismissal is only part of the issue. ISP may or may not purge a record after a WHJ.

    Only two real benefits I know of for WHJs are 1) possibly removing an SR22 requirement after 1 year instead of 3 in DUI cases, and 2) judges imposing more lenient terms of the WHJ probation in exchange for a second shot at you if you violate, because when they revoke the WHJ you face anything up to the maximum penalties again.

    Successful WHJ does NOTHING under federal law regarding gun rights. That’s a touchy one…

  97. I don’t know if this has been corrected but I do have my copy of the color line information given me by my P.O when I started my probation, The letter head is from Global with the number to call and your color on the top half. if you look further below it is in small print first line of the rules there is a phone # 344-5662 I called it and it is to a massage business. check it out so if this helps in anyway I have the original I dont want to get any back lash from this but really would like to know if nancy is getting any kick backs or free massages…

  98. That last post is not mine but it is extremely funny! If I recall another PO pointed that out to me a while back ago (massage parlor)
    I watched the news the other night and was very disappointed as to what Rick Y. stated, we met up with him, had proof in our hands (enough to not renew her contract) and on the news he states we cannot go on just accusations and allegations? What??? He told us he had numerous complaints about Nancy and would look into it. I’m seriously at a loss.

  99. Oh I forgot to mention that, After mentioning this to P.O I was told it would be looked into. Would like to know if it has been fixed.

  100. Pissed - current probationer
    Oct 22, 2011, 5:17 am

    to anyone who reads this ON PROBATION. It is in Nancys new contract that she is NOT to operate or profit from her own testing facilities. if you are instructed to do a UA at the probation, get your reciept and get it to Sharon Ullman immediatley.

  101. Well It’s happening the Ua frequency is going up When I started probation I was twice a month I’m now up to 3 times and more colors everyday instead of 2 or three it’s 5 or 8are being called in? I’m getting worried that all the probationers with no violations paying their fines and going by the book will somehow be looking at more financial hardships, and undo stress that trying to scrape up for the additional fees will bring. what is Nancy on the war path? is she so hard up? and because the city isn’t renewing her contract she’s going to make the probationers pay? really how much is she making on this? where do I go? who do I talk to?that’s going to put some pressure on the commissioners? To reopen this? crimes going to go up because people will need money to pay their UA fees

  102. Current Probationer
    Oct 29, 2011, 11:24 am

    I am a current probationer as we speak, and I am also looking to to sue these people. as far as getting vouchers for Uas thats a load of crap they had me meet with someone in there office that wanted me to admit that I had a drug and alcohol problem. and denied me that voucher for help paying on uas because i refused to sit there and say I had a problem. if i did have a problem i would admit it belive me. That office is so malicous .

  103. when is nancy going to make a statement tnrough her lawyer.

  104. why cant i get another probation officer besides nancy. she said no one else would have me. i dont believe this.

  105. I know this will get jumped on as soon as it is posted but here goes. I went to the Ada County Court House today to set in on some Domestic Violence Court proceedings. I didn’t intend to stay for the reviews but I did and am glad for that. Some of you who are intent on Bashing ACMPS and Nancy in particular might want to go listen every once in awhile, you would have been surprised at some of the things that were said on the record.

  106. Rick, why don’t you enlighten us?

  107. All of the reviews done yesterday got positive if not downright glowing comments from Ms. Cladis. Two people in particular are receiving help form her (or someone in her office) to secure outside funding to pay for counseling services and such. One person even received funding from an outside source to pay for medications this individual desperately needs but has no way to procure on his/her own.
    With all the negatives that get posted on this site about ACMPS I thought I would post something positive.
    Let the bashing begin

  108. probationer2
    Jan 7, 2012, 12:43 pm

    Has anyone had issues with UA’s coming up positive right before there release? I am supposed to be released off of probation in a month and went in for my monthly meeting and was told I tested positive for alcohol. I asked if there was any tests out there that I could do that could prove I did not drink and the response I got was no. There’s got to be something out there that can detect alcohol. I have paid all my fines done all my required courses and have been clean and all of sudden the last month I have tested positive. What can someone do to fix this? Has anyone gone through this? what actions did you take? I also requested to do a DNA testing and was told I had to take it up with Global drug testing. PLEASE HELP!!

  109. how long ago was the test you supposedly tested positive for alcohol?

  110. Is charging more really necessary?
    Jan 11, 2012, 6:55 pm

    Found out today that my “cost of supervision fees” are being increased from $50 to $75 a month. I would like to know why that is? How can felony probation and parole get by with charging only $60 a month (including urine testing) but MISDEMEANOR probation can’t? I thought outsourcing contracts like this were because the private sector could do it for less. I cannot see another reason other then by Nancy’s own words that she is “retiring and the county will be taking over” so she needs to make as much money as possible before that happens and to hell with the rest of us. That is the only logical reason I can come up with that would explain to me why they are charging more then felony probation.
    I was struggling just to pay the $50 a month (along with classes, UA’s and Fines)and now an increase!! There’s got to be an end to this somewhere!

  111. There is an end to it and its coming. Just think soon Sharon will have the Sheriff’s dept in charge of probation. The fees won’t go down but the opportunities for people to actually learn something and come out of this process a little smarter and a little better equipped to deal with life’s ups and downs.

  112. rick: are you on ada county probations payroll or what.

  113. Susan
    Thanks for the question, no I am not on the payroll of ACMPS never have been never will be, although it seems that people think that I am. I guess having the opinion that a government run assembly line approach to probation will be less beneficial to the probationer as well as the public in general somehow means that I am in ACMPS’s camp.
    There will be fewer complaints from probationers who are supervised under a county run system that usually happens when people are not being asked to change or at least comply with a set of standards.
    Let’s face it the vast majority of the people who are on probation are there due to some inappropriate conduct on their part and unfortunately many of them are simply not willing to take responsibility for their actions, and lack the discipline necessary to change.

  114. rick:what a bunch of baloney.

  115. i did have inappropriate behavior in the past and i am really sorry for which i have been for a long time but why do i have to keep paying.

  116. Probation Officer
    Jan 15, 2012, 2:42 pm

    I’m a PO in a County that you deem to be run by an “assembly line” government approach. And am slighted that you apparently feel that those of us, being probation officer’s working for a government agency, means that we are not doing what it takes to help those out there who have lost their way or just simply made a mistake and are rectifying it. Your comment that “many” are not willing to take responsibility or lack discipline to change” I also find inaccurate. As I find MOST of my defendant’s are accountable for what they’ve done and are actively taking steps to not make those same mistakes in the future. Unfortunately there are the few that will resist change and no matter what you say or do, no matter how many resources you give to them they will not change.
    To make the assumption that the quality of service will diminish because probation is not privately run is ludicrous in my opinion. As you may or may not be aware the vast majority of probation offices in Idaho ARE run by the government.
    I absolutely believe that agencies like mine should not be managed by a for profit entity. As there is then no incentive to get people out of the system, if that happens the company in return loses profits. It appears to be a conflict of interest in my opinion.

  117. Susan
    You are willing to admit inappropriate behavior this is a good start, but only a start. I have a question, and this is only a question it is not meant to be an accusation. Which are you sorry for, you’re crime or getting caught? When you ask a question like why do I have to keep paying it seems that you are more worried about paying for your supervision than anything else.

    As a person who has been in your shoe’s I will answer your question this way you will keep paying until you can convince the powers that be that you deserve to be taken off of supervised and put on unsupervised probation. That decision will be made by your judge and only your judge not your PO. Have you written the judge and asked to be taken off of supervised?

    One word of advice don’t tell him it’s a bunch of baloney or bologna that you are still on probation. You agreed to the terms when you were granted probation so you will have to convince him/her that you have gone above and beyond the minimums required of you.

    I wish you luck, just remember how YOU come out of this is totally up to YOU no one else can do the work that it will take to make your life better.
    Again good luck if I can do it….. anyone can.

  118. PO

    I would be interested to know which county you work for, not that it makes a difference. I would like to be able compare client loads and look at the rates of recidivism under a government run vs. private system. Government run programs are historically less efficient than privately run organizations no one can dispute that fact. Assembly line may not have been an appropriate term to use but government programs tend to be less responsive to the needs of the individual than do private entities that provide the same service that point will also be very hard for a government run organization to argue.

    You do have an indisputable point that keeping people on probation makes the company more money. You also have a point that it is a conflict of interest keeping people on and keeping the income but, there is also a conflict from a government standpoint, IE reducing services to reduce costs. Let’s look at it from a government stand point getting people off of probation sooner will lower case loads in turn allowing the “County” to reduce costs. Keeping an individual on longer hurts the individuals pocket in the short run, getting them off probation sooner lowers their chances to gain from groups and classes in the long run. This program should be about giving the individual as many tools as possible to make their lives better not about arguing about money.

    I base my “MANY” comment on the comments of people who were in the same classes I was in and on comments of people I spent time with in Gary Rainey’s bed and breakfast, as he likes to call it.

    You say “MOST of my defendant’s are accountable for what they’ve done and are actively taking steps to not make those same mistakes in the future” I applaud you for your work. What would you say your success rate is? I would think a 70-80% success rate would be outstanding which would fit into your “MOST” statement but, unfortunately a 20-25% rate also
    fits into my “MANY” statement. I understand it’s semantics since both statements are actually correct.

    The thing that I see as the biggest problem with Sharon Ullman’s idea (she wants to put probation under the Sheriff’s Dept at least that is what SHE told me in a conversation she and I had back in Sept.) is you are putting the fox in charge of the hen house, something that I see as unconscionable.

  119. rick; YOU ARE FULL 0f bolonie or balogne or whatever.i am sorry for what i did- i am sorry too that i got caught. you dont know me at all.

  120. You obviously still see yourself as a victim and that is too bad.
    When you quite seeing yourself as the victim and take responsibility for your actions your life will turn around.

    I do wish you the best

  121. rick; I TOOK RESPNSIBILITY for my actions a long time ago.

  122. rick: sorry,but i dont see myself as a victim.

  123. ok…. I wish you well

  124. Rick, what steps did you take to receive unsupervised probation? Did you file a motion or did you literally just write a letter to your judge?

  125. Kats

    No I didn’t file a motion with the court I didn’t write my judge and ask him to let me off supervised probation early. What I did was pay my fines, go to my classes, seek counseling not mandated by the court to reinforce and personalize concepts I learned in the mandated classes. I went above and beyond what was mandated by the court and it was noticed by my PO (Nancy) and my judge. As a matter of fact my judge suggested in court that I be moved to unsupervised without my requesting it in any form. There’s more that I don’t feel bringing up in this forum, for personal reasons.

  126. rick: how you got off probation sounds unrelistic to me.

  127. Sounds like Rick was in Domestic Violence court. That’s different than regular Ada County probation.

  128. Susan

    Sorry it sounds unrealistic to you but, it is true.

    I did a little snooping around since you put your last name on a previous post I took the liberty of looking you up on the Idaho Repository. I would think after having “publica” tell you that you would not be able to get off supervised early due to a rule 11 you would let it go but I guess not. I thought it was funny as I read through your summary you have already written your judge one four (4) occasions I have no idea what was in those letters but it would seem from your posts that it was aimed at getting you off probation. That is just one thing I found. I also found that your fines had been “commuted” we will never know for sure how much the fines were reduced. Your charges in one case were dropped in this case your charges were reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. After reading the summary I am a little confused as to why you think you should get another break. Sounds to me like you think if you keep yelling the court will just drop everything.
    Take responsibility for what you have done, (something you have defiantly not been able to do yet) learn from it and move on.

    I may even come to your next review, you never know.

  129. Mik

    You are correct, however I am not sure what bearing that has on this conversation. Would you explain to me how it is different? I honestly do not know.

  130. RICK;you are so wrong about me.what buisness is it of yours and what are you doing in court?

  131. Susan

    Good Luck in your future endeavors. I hope things work out for you and they will when you decide to put in the effort to make some changes in your life.
    I hope you understand that I am not trying to degrade you in any way. I was at the same place you are a couple of years back and I finally realized that IF I didn’t make some changes in my life I was going to flounder in that same situation for the rest of my life. No matter what you tell yourself or anyone else you are floundering in the woe is me, I’m the victim phase and until you pull yourself out of it things in your life will not get better. See a counselor and talk this out you will be so much better for it.

  132. rick: i have seen a psyciatrist and a counseler.have you?

    EDITOR NOTE–I will leave this post open, but we are done with Rick and Susan on this thread.

  133. how can the probation office be able to up their fees without proper notification? how are the people who can’t pay be able to who’s making the profit here? Susan stop talking to Rick he’s creepy!!! I myself have been on probation and coming up for a request to put me on unsupervised I have payed all my fines done all my reguired classes and did an additional 8hrs that was not reguired but I paid out of pocket I have my regrets on this matter but it’s the best thing that happened to me I’m alive and others are safe, but I too feel that the system is gearing up to make a lot of people fail to keep them in the system because with the economy the unemployed and the hike in fees it’s a recipe for disaster and over flowing jails and prisons is not the answer, Rick you sound like a paid promoter for Nancy and these hikes don’t make her look at all like a greedy out the door advocate you so strongly support, or does it???

  134. I want to thank the guardian and the people who make this site possible, because without your non bias approach and letting the common person be able to give a voice to their concerns then, I and so so many others would be having to silently sit with no where or no one to go to,to listen and some times that’s all it takes, to calm the strife. God bless all of you, and keep up the good work!!!

  135. First let me say for the “umpteenth”(that means a bunch)time I AM NOT, NEVER HAVE BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE ON THE PAYROLL OF ACMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish there was some way to put this misconception to rest but, it seems the truth will not be heard on this subject. I have no personal stake one way or another in what ACMPS charges, I will say this when I was on probation I did not like paying $50.

    In my opinion, your anger, which is justified, is pointed at in my opinion the wrong person. I dare say that if any of you had a business with clientele that were mandated to use your business, and what you were allowed to charge for your service was set by an outside entity you would do exactly the same thing, charge the max.

    To respond to the creepy comment, I am confused, what did I say to Susan that was creepy? If it was that I will be at her next review I have been trying to go to reviews every month of so since I got off of supervised. I set in the back and watch and listen, it is beneficial to me for a number of reasons, sorry if any of you think that is creepy. Scared if you think I’m so creepy I wonder why you would ask me a question.

  136. I thought you banned Rick from this blog?!?

    EDITOR NOTE–Just the personal jabs.

  137. current employee
    Feb 2, 2012, 6:07 pm

    SCARED is likely just another AKA name for Tina as this is her style of writing. Don’t let your buttons get pushed, this is what she likes to do. She can not seem to move on.

  138. I did the crime and I’m doing the time But maybe some would charge max but the justification of no notice is not right we pay taxes we go to church we committed misdemeanors and now are paying more then a felon??? I feel bad for the ones that are scrimping by and you didnt answer the question I put up at the end and I still think your creepy unless your unemployed why would watching someone elses fate be determined and not have some vested interest is off myself I would be looking for work and not sitting around getting pleasure from others misery but to each his own do the commissioners know this is going on? and how does anyone know the fees won’t go down??? and the victim mentality is justified by the way some are set up to fail just when they are in the process of becoming free and one person is benefiting greatly by all this. really open your eyes!!!!

  139. Tina, aka Scared, ru kidding, and many more names will not quit. She is on a personal mission.

  140. It’s a sad day that one can have so much control. where are there advocates for the people who are doing what needs to be done to correct their paths and go on to live productive lives without the the thumb constantly putting undo pressure to squeeze out a bad out come where can a person who is still in the system get some relief another chance and not have the threat of retribution? Joe what do yuo mean and many more will not quit???

  141. Current employee you seem to mistaken me for someone that has nothing to lose and all to gain and it sounds like nancy still has power over you pulling your strings like a puppet and you have no compassion or desire to help anyone but your self and your boss if you did you would make available resources to help not hinder and this tina your talking about seems to be looking for help too sounds like nancy maybe going incognito on here to see whats being said like a mole???

  142. Scared/Tina/rukidding
    I do not know if you are all the same person… and it really doesn’t matter.
    You want to know why I didn’t answer your question… it is simple I could not understand what you wanted to know.
    This is copied from your post… Rick you sound like a paid promoter for Nancy and these hikes don’t make her look at all like a greedy out the door advocate you so strongly support, or does it??? I do not know what a greedy out the door advocate is, so I don’t know how to answer you. Not to mention that there are at least 3 different trains of thought it that one (sentence/statement/question) it really is none of these but I don’t know what else to call it.

    I really hate when people critique my writing, I know I do not write very well and I know I spell bad, but please try writing in MS word of another word processor prior to posting, since 70 to 80 words strung together with no punctuation are very hard to read not to mention keep track of a thought.

    I will be glad to answer questions, but let’s have that conversation somewhere besides here, create a yahoo e-mail that has no ties to your true identity and we can continue in that format.

    EDITOR NOTE–Thanks Rick for suggesting a private conversation.

  143. I would like to know what has actually happened with Ada County Misdemeanor Probation offices? Did an investigation go down? Or is one going to happen. I can honestly say that for the time I have been there I have wasted it. I have wasted time with these random UA’s, I have wasted 50 and now 75 DOLLARS of my hard earned money, money that I do not have a lot of because I am a student and part time worker and dont have the noney to support such a negative company. These people may “help” some people but like what some of the people have said on this post its probably because people are to scared to tell how they really feel and just want to brown nose their probation officers with the possible luck of getting off early. What people do not understand is the fact that just because someone committed a crime doesn’t mean that they are this bad person the court makes them out to be. It’s called ” people make mistakes”. I could understand maybe having these negative accusations towards some people who are repeat offenders but not for people who have made a mistake and who are deeply sorry for it. Sometimes situations come and some people don’t know how to properly handle it. But to continue most probation officers do not care about how or what their probationee is doing. It’s ridiculous the amount of time, money wasted with this company. If you want to help people then listen to them! Don’t make them afraid of you because of what “authority” you have. If they feel they are doing good then give them the chance to prove that to you.

  144. I found this forum and can’t believe everything is true. My friends PO said it had nothing to do for the compant she worked for, well that was a LIE. It’s sad to think that even the employees are just as corrupt as the big boss lady. I hope this company gets investigated and future probationers do not have to go through these unethical issues.

  145. Who is in control of Nancy Cladises operation? I’ve called IDOC, Everyone I can think of and no one knows. It seems she’s just out there doing whaterer she feels like accountable to no one. The ethicss of her operation have been in question for so long with so many concerns of just screwing people you would think some one knew something. Now probation cost went up to 75.00, I’m paying 200.00 mo. which seems, from what I’ve read, goes aginst even the IDOC standards. If you know anything please share it.

  146. Jeff, what are you paying $200 a month for? Normal supervision? Is it all going to ACMPS? Are you behind in your payments? Are you on SCRAM? Is some of it fines? If it is all going to ACMPS and your not catching up then there is a problem.

  147. Let’s use our common sense here. If you have a legitimate documented complaint, make an appointment with Ms. Cladis to discuss it. If you are not satisfied with the way it was handled, bring it to the commissioners office. This does not seem at all credible. If you had that receipt for $200.00 a month for probation fees, they would be in violation and would not be in business with a contract with the county. County government likely has NO substantiated complaints or Ms. Cladis would not be running it. Seems we might have some more aka names here under curious and irritated. Why all these unknown people, if you have a complaint, deal with it.

  148. 75.00 probation
    25 weekly to DV classes
    10 to 50 testing
    I was told 75.00 was max for everything?

  149. Then you were told wrong. Who told you the $75 was all inclusive?

    I wish they were right someone would owe me about $1600

    The 75 is supervision fee classes and testing fees are in addition. ACMPS didn’t make the classes mandatory the judge did. As far as testing goes(atleast with me) I was ramdomly tested until I showed that I wasnt having a drug or alcohol problem, after that I was tested ramdomly between court dates and my testing fees wernt $10 a pop they were $25 so $10 testing sounds pretty good to me.

  150. Who told you the DV classes and testing are free? Who is suppose to pay for that, the taxpayers?

  151. Joe,I am paying that much and alot more.You see,I have a family,jobs are tight,we’re bearly getting by.I’ve been forced to pass on five jobs now because of probation.These jobs were 3-6 hours away form my home so I would have to stay there and come home on the weekends.I was flat out told NO!Yet I better always have their money!In this economy eveyone has to bend.As far as sitting down and talking with anyone working at P&P,not going to happen.From what I’ve read, and what I’ve witnessed,I may as well put my thoughts and feelings in the news paper.I don’t trust anyone there.I know alot of people in law (officers,lawyers,Judges)in Calif. (that’s not to sound like it makes me somebody, because I’m not)Thay hear and read about the Id system and just smerk with disbelief.It’s not even funny to them,it’s sad because they know and believe in the system the way it’s ment to run.This system has been shown to be corrupt,impotent,one sided and just plain sloppy in process for twenty years now and guess what?? no one has done squat to correct it.I believe in the Constitution. The people appointed to work and run Idaho should also.Myabe it would help if someone who knows how to read read it to them??? Have a Godly day

  152. From the typing and punctuation I would say Jeff isn’t a Jeff….
    maybe Tina in yet another form…..
    just saying since there is no Jeff Brown with any open cases in DV court…. publica isn’t the only one who knows how too look things up in ISTARS

  153. Exactly Rick and she wants you off this blog. You are taking her space. I don’t think she will ever go away.

  154. I’m confused as to how I am taking her space but you might be correct I don’t know. I just wonder why she wants me off of here?

  155. HAHAHAHA!! I’ve been out of the mix for awhile,Joe and rick are the same by the time lines and posts. Jeff and all the others that came here to vent and try to find some solitude and release and maybe some answers. Please don’t give up, Keep your chin up and your head held high, you’ll get thru this, keep positive and don’t let the negative stuff cloud your way. God bless …..Ps r/j keep stirring and say hi to Nancy!!!!

  156. Joe and Rick are not the same guy
    How many names do you post under Tina? scared, tina, rukidding, and many others.

    I will tell Nancy hi for you, I will see he in court when Susans review comes up.

    BTW the invite to talk about this in private still stands.

  157. I heard a rumor yesterday that probation is being put under the sherrif.

    Sharron would you care to comment?

  158. More pathetic acts
    Mar 28, 2012, 7:46 am

    I was made aware that the magistrate judges are scheduling a meeting in the next couple weeks to discuss a possible diversionary program for misdemeanor offenders. This concerns me on a couple levels. I am aware there are these programs for juvenile offenders but my understanding of the juvenile program is such as this: so they would not re-offend as adults. Now we need a program for the adults as well? What about misdemeanor probation, isn’t that what that program is for? If you look at what just the juvenile “Millennium Fund” proposal from 2011 for Ada County, it is almost $85,000.  Where is the money going to come from for the adults? We are all strapped at this time, we don’t need to spend anymore for things that are already out there! Either the money will come from you and I, (the public) OR from the offenders. Well we already HAVE misdemeanor probation which the offenders pay for themselves why in the world would we need something else? These are ADULTS now, either the judge believes they need supervised or they do not, I believe they are equipped to make that choice.

    The other thing that concerns me is that the person putting the “proposal” together for this diversionary program is none other than Nancy Cladis herself (Misdemeanor Probation Director). I was stunned when I discovered this.. Here is a woman who has apparently tried to hang on for dear life to misdemeanor probation, now wanting to still be in the thick of it. Is this still her way of making money off the backs of misdemeanor offenders or is she now trying to get our “funds” to support this venture? Or is this an attempt to get around the commissioners for not renewing her contract or trying to make sure the funds stay in her pocket rather then the sheriff’s department? It is common knowledge around the courthouse that she has a VERY close confidant in a high ranking position in domestic violence court that gives her advice, is this where this is coming from?

    Either way this whole scenario stinks to high heaven. I don’t believe a diversionary program is necessary. It appears to me that if misdemeanor probation doesn’t work why in the world would this? We already have Domestic Violence, Mental Health, Drug, and are trying out a form of DUI court, now we need another one to oversee all that? Doesn’t make ANY sense and is a waste to the offender and possibly my dollars. Even if the magistrates were on board with such a proposal wouldn’t it be wise to get bids for this rather then just take ones word for it?  Enough is enough, when is the motto of getting lucrative contracts from the state, local or county government going to end?

    EDITOR NOTE–We checked at the highest levels of officialdom that would have any voice in this matter and ALL denied any meeting on the subject. They have had and anticipate more meetings in the transition from the private ACMPS to the program that will end up with the sheriff.

  159. current probationee
    Mar 28, 2012, 8:07 pm

    I am currently on probation and Kim Helmandolar was my PO and now I was informed that he is no longer seeing clietns but is working from home. How convenient for him and supposedly he is the Chief Probation officer and if you want to talk to him you are told that he is not availabe well come to find out he is onm payroll and makes more than others and does not have a caes of probationees to see. My complints I have been told that need to go to a Sandy who is clerical and I do not trust any of them anymore as I have gone through so many POs in that office. If Kim does not want to work than he should resign and period.

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