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How About Lifeguards?

River floating season will be upon us soon and the cops are prepared to spend about $100,000 keeping the peace in the Boise River.

We all know what happens when you get in the cold river water and get wet well above the knees. Folks, it’s just a natural thing. Sure the water gets a little warmer and has a hint of beer color, but it’s natural.

Those considerate enough to go up on the bank risk getting some sort of ticket from the cops because they couldn’t hold it for half a day with 6 beers in them. If their cooler flips or they toss a container it’s another ticket.hawaiian_lifeguard3.jpg
Cops and conservatives can detail all the sins of exposed breasts, butts and more. They can tell stories about peeing in the bushes and littering. And then there are the notorious “jumpers” who plunge into the river from bridges and trees, splashing the people who float past. Too damn much fun.

The Guardian thinks $100,000 invested in trash cans, outhouses and $8 an hour lifeguards is a better investment than cops in kayaks. The city hires kids all over town to blow whistles and insure safe swimming pools. How about some “River Rangers” to keep things clean and safe….they could volunteer just like the Ski Patrol.

Innertubes and inflatable rafts are pretty low tech, but the Guardian attended an “enforcement planning” meeting during the off season where an enforcement guy wanted to license tubes and rafts!! Where do you put your identification in a bikini or the police summons in your Speedo?

Chill out dudes!

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  1. What a difficult issue. Outhouses sound good but very few would use them I think. It has happened for years and will continue no matter what. The lifeguard issue is a good one. I would gladly volunteer for that duty. Booze is the REAL touchy issue. Last year I floated with friends and family. It was all good until the half way point. Two people who had been partying quite a-bit came along yelling and hollering. They were screwing it up for everyone around. A number of people got out and waited for the idiots to either drown or or move on. So the issue has many pros and cons. Ticket and or pull those people and leave the responsible people alone. Lastly, we have a wonderful gift. The River. Let’s keep it clean. It’s not difficult to pick up your trash. I find it much more difficult to get into a damn tube.

  2. Fran Cantwell
    May 24, 2005, 4:52 pm

    Please remember about half the float route goes through wildlife habitat. Whether people climb up the banks to use bushes or outhouses, there is still risk to wildlife habitat in that stretch.

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