Spare the Messenger

No need to kill the messenger when you get your tax notice over the Memorial Day weekend. The assessor doesn’t have a voice in taxes–he just sets the market value of your house.

No doubt your values will increase however, thanks to the housing demand created by your friendly local politicians bent on giving away everything they can to attract more businesses.

Boise City has full time staffers whose role in life is to increase the population of this once lovely community. Take a look to see what they have to offer. Oh, by the way, under state law any siting inquiries from businesses to state or local government is SECRET.

Ada County Assessor Bob McQuade plans to mail the dreaded notices on May 27. If you want to sell, it’s great to take the profit and run. If you want to live here and be part of the community, you have to pony up more money to keep businesses coming along with the employes, their cars, and their kids.

That means more traffic, schools, police, fire, sewers, and pollution, but what a deal we have for you! If you can lose money two years in a row Idaho will let your business take State income tax credits off your LOCAL personal property tax bill. That way you can help struggling corporations to survive.

But wait, there’s more!! Micron qualifies for a property tax cap with a hint they MAY locate a $100 million plant in Boise. Reps. Mike Moyle and Delores Crow strongly supported the bill during the past legislative session.

Want to guess what company paid each of them $2000 and was the single highest contributor for each? Go search for their last names

Whatever happened to “natural growth” with strong companies who were good corporate citizens and able to make it on their own?

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