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It looks like the Boise City Council is telling the cops to keep the river dry–no booze this long hot summer when you float to cool off. It will be like a movie without popcorn.
Like so much in this community, it will be a contest to preserve “community standards and traditional values” versus accomodating a changing society of big city people, ethnic diversity, and a young crowd determined to live it up.

Some council people are calling for “selective enforcement” while the cops say they need to have a blanket enforcement. If everyone goes by the equal protection clause of the constitution, that means fishermen minding their own business SHOULD be subject to tickets and arrest if they have an open beer under a tree or on an island.

The answer to all our problems seems to be more laws, more cops, more jails, more rehab, more signs, more police equipment. Remember the 55 mph speed limit? We had radar, radar detectors, CD radios, special traffic patrols etc. etc. When the limit went up, it went all the way to 75 mph and the net effect was fewer tickets and the same idiots who drove 90 still drove 90!

No doubt about it, booze and conservative family activities don’t mix. Perhaps the city can get a grant to carve a new channel for parents and children. They can call it THE FAMILY CHANNEL!

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