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With former mayor candidate Chuck Winder still crabbing about dirty tricks in the last city race we hear former cop Jim Tibbs is already gearing up for a run at the council in the next election.

Tibbs had lots of popular support for the job of police chief which he held as a temp for about a year after Mayor Dave Bieter sacked former Chief Don Pierce. Even though Tibbs was a home grown boy, Bieter went with a committee choice and hired Mike Masterson from Madison.

Tibbs will probably go after Jerome Mapp, a long time councilman with his own broad support. It should be fun if they take the gloves off because Mapp carries baggage as an appointee of former Mayor Brent Coles who resigned in shame and did jail time for his crimes against the citizens. Mapp has been elected on his own several times since the initial appointment.


Tibbs was a police lieutenant who will sell himself as a former chief (interim as it was). He will have to be careful not to look revengeful at losing out to Masterson as top cop. Ironically if Tibbs wins, “Chief Masterson” will have to report to “Councilman Tibbs.”

Here’s where it gets really fun. Tibbs will undoubtedly have the support and advice of his former police supervisor, Vern Bisterfeldt, who is an incumbent councilman. Boiseans could wind up with two former cops on the city council representing one third of that body.

Of lesser import, but still a significant factor in terms of political sympathies is Council President Mary Ann Jordan, who makes a living selling police toys at her retail Cop Shop Etc.

More when everyone comes out of the closet.

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