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Comment from reader Robert Booth

“I would like to see some comments on traffic control. Seems it is so out of control. Where are the police and why aren’t they out controling some of those monster SUVs and Pickups that are speeding and tailgating. Mother’s on cell phone’s with children strapped in doing 10 MPH over the speed limit and running red lights. Where is the traffic control?”

The GUARDIAN couldn’t agree more with Mr. Booth’s frustration. However, more cops and more tickets will only mean more judges, more fines, more lawyers, and more courts. Gosh, the cops themselves drive down the street reading their computer screens! Big difference there is Bob isn’t about to honk at a cop.

Minnesota has a campaign called “Minnesota Nice” which gets lots of laughs from folks, but it sure beats being “Minnesota Mean.” Other states have similar campaign slogans.auto_accident5.jpg

If Bob and other GUARDIAN readers talk to the State Police, Department of Transporation, and Idaho Tourism folks–maybe, just maybe–we can get a mindset going through ads for something like, “Drive Idaho Friendly.” Sure beats being “Business friendly” and may even save some lives. What a novel concept–courtesy and tolerance.

Cars insulate people from human contact and drivers do things they would never do face-to-face with anyone. Consider the supermarket:
–Would you ever flip the bird, give the finger to an old man who cut you off with his cart?
–Would you scream and honk at the teen who ran down the aisle?
–Would you ask the manager to “control” people who aimlessly browse the dairy section without regard for your cart?

If we can be civil in person, we can “Drive Idaho Friendly”.

The recent tragic death of an entire family on Highway 55 points to the dangers of road rage and inconsiderate driving. Use that cell phone to report the drunks and truly idiot drivers. Cops love to go after bad guys who have been clearly identified by concerned citizens–insures guilty verdicts in court.

Meanwhile, enjoy the drive and share the road.

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  1. I recently moved from Boise to the East. Whoo! Had to get used to the crazy unfriendly pace of autos out here. It’s really no good and Boiseans should retain their truly friendly nature on the roads. People here have road raged at me when I was in a crosswalk! Keep Idaho Friendly I say too.

  2. Robert Booth
    Jun 8, 2005, 4:11 am

    Yes and your point about more judges and lawyers and fines? If a average ticket is $100 and a cop can give out about 4 a hr. Hummmm isn’t that about $400 a hr. Wouldn’t that wake up some of these bad drivers. No even mentioning the higher cost of insurances.

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