Hooked on English

Boise Schools English teachers Bret Bishop and Pete Erickson are licensed fishing guides who have managed to combine their vocation with their avocation.
Bishop is at Capital High (it should be “ol”) and Erickson teaches at East Jr. High. Along with East Biology teacher Ron Scott, the avid fly fishermen offer a new definition to homework–they take their students fishing on weekends.

The GUARDIAN ran across the teachers and students along the Owyhee River in Eastern Oregon where they were having pretty fair luck convincing brown trout that feathers and deer hair would be good to eat.

Erickson says the kids get a taste of the great outdoors and escape some of the stresses of city life. We suspect the teachers are actually trying to create future flyfisherpersons who will contribute to the outdoor economy. The fishing classes are non-credit.

With all due respect to the English teachers, “It don’t get no better than that.”

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