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The GUARDIAN has it on good authority that Boise City is so strapped for money they tried to get the tuber shuttle bus fare raised a buck to pay off river patrol cops.

Ada County Parks owns the bus and in defference to the citizen-riders they said, “no thanks” to the fare hike. BPD continues to claim jurisdiction of the river they don’t own and want to pay $30 an hour cops instead of $8 lifeguard/river rangers to keep things cool during the hot summer floating season.

Stay tuned.

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  1. I find this very interesting that Boise City wants to put a ban on alcohol on the river and then use Boise City Officers to enforce it. I am a retired Deputy Sheriff and I can tell you that in my 26 years with the Sheriff’s Office we,(ACSO)were always instructed that the Sheriff’s Office had jurisdiction from high water mark to high water mark on the Boise river. Any crime that happen on the river back above the high water mark within the city limits was BPD’s otherwise the ACSO investigated the crime. Now I know there were exceptions to this but our training was our jurisdiction was from high water mark to high water mark. Sound like Mayor Beiter is trying to pull another one of his little stunts.

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