Loved To Death

The grassy knolls around Herrick Reservoir (Skunk Lake to some) were covered with various trailers, motor homes, and tents as the trout opener and Memorial Day weekend signaled the start of another summer in outdoor Idaho.

Folks love the outdoors, but more than a few are loving it to death. The area just east of Highway 55 in Valley County is scarred and tattooed from overuse and downright disregard for Mother Nature on the part of all terrain four wheeler vehicles.

The ATVs have torn up the hills so badly the forest service has been forced to place plastic ribbons across every trail. Lotta good that will do. The GUARDIAN has seen 8 inch posts winched out of the ground in other locations.

The Bureau of Reclammation has built a fence along the entire Crown Point area on the east side of Cascade Lake–just to keep the ATV riders from tearing up the public land.boise_nat_l_forest.jpg

Parents bent on post-pregnancy family planning put their 8-year-olds on these powerful hill climbers and all too often eliminate the need for college savings accounts or new shoes.

The pucker factor for pick-up drivers reaches a level 10 when they meet a little girl with golden locks of hair peeking out from an oversized crash helmet coming at you on a dirt road at 30 mph, searching for a break pedal, lever, or gear shift in shear panic!

These little kids love to ride, can’t get a license until they are 16, and their parents would be much more civilized if they would just put ‘em up for adoption instead of trying to create smaller families through attrition. They must just love them to death.

Here is a link to some folks who appear to be more sane than average.

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