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Dirt on the City Farm

The GUARDIAN has received a tip about management problems on the Boise City “Twenty Mile South Farm” near Kuna. Apparently more than what they dump from the city sewage plant is beginning to cause a stink out there.

One city official said part of the investigation is a “personnel matter” and not subject to public scrutiny. We also understand the city attorney’s office is launching an inquiry about management, ownership and sale of crops produced on the farm, leasing of equipment and other factors.hay_swather_1.jpg

Boise City has a poor record on land use, purchase, and speculation which needs some attention. City ownership of a farm to dump sewage byproducts may or may not be a wise move. Lack of oversight on the farm–and anywhere within city government is simply inexcusable.

These events are more complex than we can explain on a blog, but once the mainstream media catches up with this evolving story we expect action on the part of elected officials. Let’s see how the new auditor handles this one.

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