Poop on Hold For Audit

We got a message from the office of Mayor Dave Bieter with a copy of a memo from the Human Resources Director (old folks call that personnel) assuring the Mayor and City Council that a full and complete audit of the city owned Twenty Mile South Farm has been formally initiated.

The GUARDIAN applauds the move and we think it is about time. Scroll down on any headlines with “Poop” and you will have a pretty smelly picture of why it needs some financial attention. We had the first tip in May and so many sources have come forth it is impossible for reasonable minds to ignore the odor.

Our “Deepthroats” –and there are many–credit the GUARDIAN with forcing some action while the city contends they had it under control long before we went public. In this case, timing doesn’t matter as long as the financial chaos is corrected. A note to the adutior: look at why the system failed to catch those split invoices and where is the oversight?

Unless there is something earthshaking in the next month or two, we will stop piddling around with bits and pieces of information and pause for a final word from the auditors.

If the city makes public their findings and actions, we will all be the better for it.

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