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Ada County Commissioners Judy Peavey-Derr and Rick Yzaguirre along with Treasurer Lynda Fischer are planning on attending a county government conference in Honolulu July 15-19…at taxpayer expense. Peavey-Derr has said she will pay for much of the trip with personal funds.

Why is it all these government officials never go to conferences in places like Minneapolis, Des Moines, Amarillo, St. Louis, or Fargo…in February?

Last month Ada County officials and mayors joined the BOISE Chamber of Commerce in an “important planning conference” in… SUN VALLEY. Funny how they don’t end up in Lewiston, Pocatello or–godforbid–BOISE?

A tattletale journalism blog, along with local reporters across the nation, delight (as does the GUARDIAN) in creating discomfort for those spending public money for junkets. There is outrage everywhere repeated in hundreds of counties across America about this junket.

Some politicians will cave to the pressure of public scrutiny and others will be indignant about having their “integrity challenged” and defend the “value of the conference.”

Former Boise Mayor Brent Coles–and the city council–vehemently defended the city’s “leadership role” in the nation and even the world as Coles flitted about at taxpayer expense as head of the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Today Boise doesn’t even belong to the organization–which ultimately led to Coles’ resignation in shame and a jail sentence.

It would be refreshing to have an honest politician say, “This was a great way to get a free dream vacation to Hawaii with my spouse and an easy way to have the citizens subsidize our trip,” We could actually vote for that kind of honesty!

Ed note–
And with a little research we found a Chicago politician who could tell it like it is.

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  1. Ada County Taxpayer
    Jun 22, 2005, 10:22 pm

    These “elected” officials NEVER learn that it not their money they are spending!!!!!!!! I suggest that they get a speaker phone and “dail in” on the conference line from Boise and NOT spend my tax dollars on a trip they most likley would NOT go on if it were in Fargo ND!!!!!!! When election time comes around again please re-run this article – although I will not need to be reminded how Judy, Rick and Linda spent MY money on their misguided adventure.

  2. Voters have a very short attention span. This has already run its course in the media cycle; and will soon be forgotten.

  3. I have had a Belly-ful of this crap!! I can only hope the Taxpayer,would wake up and smell the coffee.Take a look at their tax bill comeon you people WAKE UP!! We need to band together and go after these people!!Who are stealing from US! And literally start putting more politicians in JAIL!

  4. Probably you are right.

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