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Bench-Depot Take Two

In what may be the “mother of all garage sales” the neighbors along Crescent Rim and the adjoining neighborhood have proclaimed Saturday July 9 as NEIGHBORHOOD GARAGE SALE DAY.train_depot1.jpg

Neighborhood Preservation Committee Chairman Martha Borchers says the group is banding together for the garage sale project because:

“– We all have stuff that needs to go! Pull your stuff out on your lawn and let’s pool our advertising efforts – it benefits everyone.
— We have a GREAT neighborhood and we want everyone else in Boise to know it!
–As a neighborhood we want to give everyone a chance to learn more about the Crescent Rim Condo Project and how it will not only forever change our neighborhood, but have big implications for everyone else in Boise. “

Complete with big advertisements, balloons, press releases, and “TOO DENSE MAKES NO SENSE” yard signs, the group hopes to persuade the City Council to disapprove a big condo/apartment complex proposed for the area behind the Depot .

If the group prevails, it could signal a new era in Neighborhood-City Council relations with the power coming from the citizens.

All the GUARDIAN asks in return if the Neighbors win is an “open street” policy during future balloon and similar events in Ann Morrison Park below Crescent Rim. We love you and your ideals to band together for strength, but remember it is OUR neighborhood too.

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