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Ambushed on The Rim

The Depot Bench Neighbors got bushwhacked by the Boise Planning Department Friday when the City canceled a public hearing set for July 13.

The MOTHER of ALL GARAGE SALES (MAGS) set for Saturday July 9 was planned to be the opening round in the battle for public support against a proposed apartment/condo complex near the Depot.train_depot1.jpg

Hal Simmons, of the City Planning Department said the meeting was canceled because, “We screwed up and didn’t comply with the appeals ordinance.” The ordinance requires the city to notify EACH PERSON who testified at the original hearing to be notified in writing of the appeal hearing time, date and place. The city failed to follow their own law.

Now the neighbors are really outraged at the city because folks scheduled vacations, purchased airline tickets etc. in August instead of July so they could fight the development at the hearing.

Wanna guess when the city would like to hold the hearing? August of course, when everyone will be out of town. Neighbors are asking to put off the confrontation until September or at least the end of August and it sounds like the City Council has the wisdom to honor the request of the neighborhood association…both sides are negotiating the exact date.

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  1. Hal Simmons admits he and his department screwed up….wow…If he would do the same regarding his personal (and departmental) support for Mr. Clark’s monolithic, Walmart size condo project – then we would really be impressed.

    This shows that the Planning Staff really do not know the very ordinances they are supposed to follow. Surprise! Funny that they seem to be experts in the sections that help the developer get his project through regardless of the vast and overwelling facts presented by the citizens of this great City.

    Hal and some in City Hall will never admit that they could care less what the neighborhood thinks or what the facts are or how much the project really does not fit – they only want more tax revenue and to “urbanize” and triple the denisity of every neighborhood in town.

    Last we checked those that work in City Hall were supposed to work for the citizens…not against them. To add insult to injury those with the money backing the condo project don’t even live or vote in Boise!

    We are tired of Bill Clark (and all his realitor friends) telling people for months that the City will eventually approve whatever he proposes and that the neighbors are just a bunch of “zealots” who are just a temporary “speedbump” for his project.

    The neighborhood has (over the last 14 months) suggested several plans they would support – – all of them have been rejected by Mr. Clark only because they will not allow him to make as much money as this one and only design he has proposed.

    Whenever the hearing is held every citizen in Boise – in every neighborhood in town – will see which Council members really care more about neighbors than developers. We will ensure that they all know.

    Just watch …if the City approves the Crescent Rim project then we will see Catherdral Place back in lightspeed. Then other massive, high density projects will be approved in virtually every other neighborhood in town….just watch.

  2. A HUGE thanks to all those who took the time to prepare their garage sales! We had over 25 homes with sales – everything from Old English furnishings to old wheelchairs.

    More importantly we we had over 2000 people come and visit our great neighborhood. They were all very impressed with the “neighborhood spirit” that we have. They were also very complementary and supportive of our efforts to maintain the character of our neighborhood. It is something very unique.

    In addition virtually every person that heard about the massive condo project could not understand how the City would ever allow any like the project proposed. Virtually every voter (from every part of Boise) indicated that they would never support this kind of massive infill or those that think it is appropriate.

    Almost all of our visitors have also signed up to become a part of our “TOO DENSE MAKES NO SENSE” program. We can now say that we have true City wide opposition to the proposed plan. And we are just getting started.

    Again a BIG “Thanks” for all who participated and to all those who came to visit our great neighborhood. We cannot be more proud of all the efforts and support!

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