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Cops, $$, and Numbers

The mainstream media–using official crime stats–tells us “CRIME DROPS in ADA MORE THAN IN REST OF STATE”. NOT! Same and even more crime than ever before. Just more people to to be victims of crime and a larger inventory of stuff to steal.fingerprinting3.jpg

If you victimize 100 citizens with 10 crimes the crime rate is 10%. Grow the city to bring in more good guys than bad guys and you can victimize 1,000 citizens with 90 crimes and the crime RATE is down 1% even though you have 80 MORE crimes. Crooks love it because they have more people to rob.

For example in 2003 there were 684 vehicles were stolen and in 2004 it was 746 stolen–a 10% increase in stolen cars. However the population increased even faster to hide the increase–unless it was YOUR car.

They do the same thing with your taxes. The tax RATE remains the same, but the VALUE of your house goes up resulting in higher taxes, but “no tax rate increase.” Cute huh?

Then they tell us Mayor Bieter is asking for six new cops in his budget proposal to the city council to protect the 6,000 folks in southwest Boise who were annexed against their will…at an up front cost of $700,000.

Deputy Police Chief Steve Pyle said the new cops won’t necessarily be assigned to the SW area that got annexed. Let’s get this straight, they need more cops to protect the new residents, but the new cops won’t be assigned to protect the new area. Did we miss something here?

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