Power to The People

All the rampant growth being encouraged by local government officials has created a need for more unsightly power lines to provide electricity to new residents. power_substation3.jpg

The existing residents don’t like their views of the foothills blocked–apparently they can’t see the ridges being flattened as easily.

They protested to the Idaho Power monopoly and the company has agreed to reroute the lines and file an application with the city for a permit to build in 2008…now we wait for the protests from those along the new proposed route–less affluent folks no doubt.

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  1. Don Hamilton
    Jul 16, 2005, 2:39 pm

    Ah, a fellow traveler who can see the diabolical falacy of the “Growth is Good” (at any cost) mantra that hollywood Dirk (Kempthorne), (Dolores) Crowe and their ilk, have been using our taxes to help pimp Idaho. Ever since “Gimme three cents to save our schools” (Bob) Smiley blew in from the east these philandering pimps have been selling us down the river (overwhelmed sewer?)
    For too many years the (outsiders) have mistaken the real Idahoans inate politness for welcome friendliness. Brother are they wrong!
    Keep up the good work. Best Regards Don, (An Idahoan since birth in 1950)

    Ed Note: This comment was edited to elminate crude name calling.

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