(For you non-library users that means a stew, mix of flower petals and spices, or a medley)

When we have a whole bunch of items we don’t want to elaborate upon, we offer up a potpourri because it sounds cool:

–Meridian has joined the suicidal ranks of cities bent on self destruction with a MONEY Magazine ranking as #74 on the list of best places to live. No mention of whether it was the crowded schools, traffic, new highway construction, tight budgets, or gobbling up farmland got them the “honor.”court.jpg

–In yet another budget expansion, Boise’s Mayor Bieter is asking for a pair of new city attorneys to handle the increase in criminal cases…at a time when published reports tell us the crime rate is headed down. Maybe they will handle the cases from the 6 new cops he also wants.

–As the city and county budget deadlines draw near, look for lots of questions and answers on funding, spending and the “business of government. We need some computer nerds to spot the little things hidden away in budget requests.

–Ada Sheriff Gary Raney will be making a good case for a county-wide police force when Garden City officials re-examine their police department funding. Raney claims he can save them 20% by selling services from the ACSO and eliminating the PD…just like he does in Kuna and Eagle. Could Boise be next when the current (newly signed) union contract expires next April?

–Canyon County Commissioner Robert Vasquez is rattling his saber with threats of civil lawsuits against employers who hire illegal aliens. He plans to use the federal racketeering law. This could be a publicity move for his run at a congressional seat or just what is needed to get the feds to stem the flow of illegals. You can bet the race card will be played in this card game, regardless of the outcome.

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