She Said, They Said

Looks like former Ada Commissioner Sharon Ullman touched some raw nerves when she went after the current county commissioners and their budget in a recent STATESMAN op-ed piece. Her information was mostly correct with a few minor errors and slants–her conclusions are based mostly on raw public budget figures which don’t necessarily explain FACTS or REASONS for increases. However, an increase is an increase.

Not a group to take critics lightly, the commissioners came back with their own opinion piece written by their paid contract mouthpiece. Former commissioner Ullman becomes “Sharon” and they accuse her of costing taxpayers $8.9 million on a frivolous lawsuit over the construction of the courthouse. Ullman claims she was not a party to the suit in any manner whatsoever, but did sympathize with those who brought it.

The courthouse ownership and financing are still difficult to understand, but the lawsuit was far from frivolous and the connections to the entire University Place development are too close for comfort. Meanwhile, look for more arrows to slings to fly.

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  1. Just a note about the “wonderful” new court house and the surrounding buildings with all the space for rent – weren’t we told that the space was going to be rented and save us money?

    All that space sits empty because no one wants to rent space in a building with low (or no) foot traffic and goffy parking. Sorta sounds like……BODO?

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