Tibbs for Mayor?

The mainstream media got the announcement this week–only 6 weeks after the GUARDIAN reported former Boise cop Jim Tibbs would take aim at Jerome Mapp’s council seat in the November election.

If Tibbs unseats the veteran councilor–and he has a good chance–Mayor Dave Bieter could have an incumbent councilor (Tibbs) gunning for his own BIG chair at the city hall. We think Tibbs will take a long hard look at running for mayor two years down the road if he can stay awake during all those exciting meetings and hearings.

The mayor’s race is two years off, but it looks like there are going to be plenty of tryouts for the junior varsity before that big game in 2007. We hear the poster girl for the Ten Commandments group, Brandi Swindell, is poised to go for a council seat–probably Maryanne Jordan’s.

The Depot-Bench neighborhood folks also claim to have candidates “ready and waiting” to run if the council goes against them at a hearing which will be set in September. They had a “successful” garage sale publicity stunt and seem to have grabbed some support for the fight against a large apartment/condo complex near the depot.

That group is working at potentially expanding its “TOO DENSE MAKES NO SENSE” campaign…there are some double entendres in that phrase which will make for some fun stories. (“double meaning” for you non-library users)

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  1. It would be wise for those contemplating support for Tibbs to review his pay records while with the City, particularly his overtime pay while serving in management positions which were exempt from overtime payment. His role as a Union president and regurgitation of that role while in a command positionleave one much to ponder. Surely, there are better and brighter than Mr. Mapp, I’m just not certain Tibbs is the person. He certainly is no fiscal conservative.

    Ed note: Personnel and pay records are nearly impossible for the public to access. Tam’s views are her own.

  2. Haha, too late! I was there – HES RUNNING! I believe Jim would be a great canidate for mayor. He stays in tune with the public (yes, us little peoples) so well, he seems like a relative Ive never had. He is also up with the new problems and arising conflicts going about in the city.

    Tibbs for Mayor!


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