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Faux Fly Fisherman Fans Floaters

When the GUARDIAN stopped by the Boise River pedestrian bridge behind the Albertson Corp. HQ Sunday we noticed a fly fisherman among the float tubes and rafts._MG_5847.jpg

What kind of an idiot would stand there flipping flies amongst those hundreds of passing inner tubes?

When we noticed our fly fisherman talking to his lumpy vest we knew exactly what kind of idiot would stand there while a Boise bike cop perched on the bridge above him.

What a bad image for respectable fly fishermen to be impersonated by someone more interested in the contents of the rafts and tubes than the insect hatch! We were curious if he had some treble hook rigs to snag rafts with beer, but thought better of asking so we wouldn’t blow his cover.

With this latest GUARDIAN discovery floaters tempted to test the no booze ordinance on the river will have to watch themselves around ALL fly fishermen on the river…you never know who is behind those $120 Orvis glasses or sporting that hat which reads, “Fish Pimp.” Crude cap even for an undercover dude!

We can only hope the taxpayers don’t get billed for “rental” of all that gear let alone be forced to purchase it.

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  1. Hey now,

    Can you blame an officer for wanting the beat of law enforcement on the Boise River? I’m certainly excited for the officers 3.5% raise to hang in the river and call out the law breaking criminals on our pristine waterways in Idaho. Have you seen their fleet of inflatable enforcement kayaks? Quite intimidating…. If this enforcement doesn’t go through next year where can a guy buy those kayaks….

    All of this enforcement is a joke. Get a grip and real gripe….

  2. This really is kind of “crappie”. Forget the equipment, which would be a hard sell for even BPD as far as purchases go…what about just paying the wage (LIKELY Overtime rate) for the officer? No BPD officer on the force actually went without an increase in salary over the last two years of no Union contract. Listen to the media and you’d think the poor beleaguered cops had been without…not so. Between the infamous boondoggle Dual Career Ladder, automatic pay raises for tenure, and certificate increases, I’d wager they made out better than most of the taxpayers. Add to that, overtime for anything and everything (waiting in airports for connecting flights), call out pay, court penalty pay, etc, etc., ad nauseum, and the general public should be and would be outraged, if only they knew. Enforcment duty related to standing in the river when it’s 103 watching bikini after bikini float by, and hanging out at strip clubs during sketch night, is not likely the most undesirable to pull. They must do it for the “halibut”.

  3. As I look at your picture of the “Flyfishing Cop” it almost looks like he has a CAN HOLDER attached to his upper left vest pocket- – I wonder if he has Coors or Bud and a straw?

  4. You people are idiots!!! Police wouldn’t have to be on the river if you morons could float the river in a “grown up” manner. People like you ruined the experience for the rest of us. I think our police force has better things to do than to babysit the likes of you guys. So grow up and act as responsible adults like you say you are. Here’s an idea …next time you have an emergency and need help, please don’t call the people you criticize. But because you are the hypocrits you are, I know you will. And you know what? The police will come to your aid and help you regardless of your stupid ideals.

  5. I floated the river once about 10 years ago, maybe longer. No alcohol was involved. I don’t drink alcohol, not that it makes me “special”, but just so “a” knows. Methinks thou dost protest too much (for you non-library types, that’s Shakespeare). Methinks that also resembles a Lt. in the fishing gear…hmmmmm…wonder if he got paid Lt. wage for that. Lose the big words like idiot and moron and perhaps we can have a healthy banter on this blog.

  6. Wow, “a”, why so defensive. Not one of the responses above deserves such aggression. Try to repond with logic and wit, not emotion and false analogies. Enjoy the blog and refrain from showing your intelligence with your eclectic vocabulary. Some of us simply feel that tax payer money should go to a more worthy cause. Like education???

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