Slow Police Response

For those who complain about lack of police response, we know how you feel.
A thoughtful reader sent this suggestion more than a week ago and 9 days later still no police response despite a follow up from the GUARDIAN.TRAFFIC

“How about an article on the Boise city police patrolling the freeways. I-84 looks like a police convention in the morning and afternoons. They write lots of speeding tickets and cause numerous traffic delays. Why not escort
the speeders to an off ramp and ticket them away from traffic?”

We don’t pretend to know if the situation described in the letter is accurate, if moving to an off ramp is practical, if the cops have thought of it, if they even write tickets during rush hour.

For an answer we called the police spokesperson and forwarded the writer’s comments. She was polite for the entire conversation and first suggested he call the mayor’s placebo hotline. Then she said if he wrote to the PD on THEIR web site he would get a response. Finally she offered her e-mail address and the GUARDIAN sent the following note with the reader’s question: “Lynn–Here is the message from my reader…I will be happy to run a short answer.”

If the answer ever arrives, we will share it with you. Let’s hope we don’t get a “Something’s wrong with our computer response.”

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  1. Robert Booth
    Dec 27, 2005, 6:08 am

    One has to think. If we see them writing tickets maybe we will become more resposible drivers. I for one say. Write more tickets! I’m tried of the speeders and the ones not driving acording to the law. Please lets see more police writing tickets.

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